Author Topic: PLATOO! A tiro skeet game (Demo)  (Read 514 times)

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PLATOO! A tiro skeet game (Demo)
« on: September 07, 2017 »
Hello! This is my presentation to purebasic forum.
I've been coding for yabasic so many years and recently discovered purebasic and give it a try... and soon started to code demos and stuff... it's a good step from yabasic.
I will like to share this little demo of a game started to develop at the same time learning languaje so it's simple but works ok. It's called PLATOO! and it's about shooting skeet.

[DOWNLOAD LINK AT THE END OF TOPIC. Since .exe is 22mb and forum's attachments can't exceed 10mb i've uploaded to MEGA]

Unfortunately i've lost latest versions and source code so i decided to share the latest .exe i have from the game, before to start building levels and objectives and even before i got a clear idea of what to do with this game.
It basically consist in the main loop where you can shoot skeets until out of ammo in a few random escenaries.
No objetives nor game progression sadly, but you can beat the hi score for each escenary and records will be saved to file.

Controls are mouse/keyboard or gamepad. If default gamepad controls don't satisfy you can edit the joystick pressing [J] in game. (Changes will be saved to file and loaded automatically next time if gamepad plugged)

Let's go for the important INFO:

 * Languajes: You can choose SPANISH/ENGLISH at the very first screen of the game. Result will be saved to file.
 * Controls: You can use mouse/keyboard or a gamepad. If you want to use gamepad plugg it before game or
     change escenary to autodetect. Move analog sticks to all directions before play to detect the sticks's limits.
    Personalice joystick pressing [J]. Changes will be saved to file.

     -[C]=Continue (to next random escenary)
     -[W]=Watch instant replay (after play)
     -[R]=Repeat current escenary
     -[1],[2]=Select spanish/english in real time
      You can delete a record after beated it [H], also you can delete the records.dat file and all records will be

 * Windows 32 bit (it may work on 64 bit or maybe not i dunno)

 * Game intended to run at 60 FPS. You can chek FPS by pressing [RIGHT CAPS]+[F]
 * Resolution: It works in 600*400. If your screen doesn't support will auto switch to standard 640*480

 * Give it a try!! I think it's nice game, simple and effective.
 * Included some awesome .wav tunes from movies and shows probably well knowed.
 * Any changes on config, controls or records will be saved to same folder attached to .exe so i suggest to keep
     PLATOO.exe in a folder.

 * WARNING! Suspend pc or exit fullscreen mode may cause game crash or stucked. If you can't return to
     fullscreen mode you probably need to terminate .exe [CTRL]+[CAPS]+[ESC] I've tryed to follow instructions of
     purebasic about this but at the moment i don't know how to do it.

THAT'S ALL FOLKS! Hope enjoy this little game... and comments are welcome!


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Re: PLATOO! A tiro skeet game (Demo)
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2017 »
I've just downloaded and try it and it works ok.
Since it's an .exe not signed maybe windows don't let you run it depending on your config.
I got the message from smartscreen filter, needed to clik on more info then run it anyway.
it's just a purebasic compilation but RUN IT AT YOUR OWN RISK, of course.
It will start in fullscreen mode. If your screen resolution is not compatible (wich i doubt) it will
probably crash or don't run at all. Anyway if you have any problem or game crash or stuck remember to press
[CTRL]+[CAPS]+[ESC] and terminate it manually.
i've just tried it in an acer and hp notebooks
  and in my desktop medion pc, win 7 32 and win 10 64 and it was perfect 60 FPS
I've also tried in a friend's old notebook updated to win 8 64 bits and it worked at 13 fps... in that case i can't do nothing.
Hope everything be ok for all!

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Re: PLATOO! A tiro skeet game (Demo)
« Reply #2 on: February 12, 2018 »
It works fine. Fun game. A bit of lag with High Dpi Mouse to move the target (as usual in PB fulscreen with  that kind of mouse)..  :clap:
~ Ar-S ~