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Purebasic / Old School Style Demo
« on: April 08, 2018 »
Cosine, the group I'm part of, has just released a very simple old-school style demo that was coded using PureBasic.

It was coded to learn a few things about screen, sprite and sound handling in PureBasic.  Although I have coded a few applications in PureBasic, this was a bit of a departure and was done to get a few routines under my belt to be used in a couple of upcoming games, basically PC based conversions of some of our 8-bit games.

A thanks must go to various people on various forums who are always kind enough to share their source and which gave me inspiration on how to achieve various effects.

The demo looks a little like this...

The release zip file also includes the source which has been commented to the max in the hope that others just starting their PureBasic adventure may learn something.  Having said that, I'm no professional coder and my 'style' of code may poke more seasoned users in the eye... ;)

The demo called (rather unimaginatively) 'Old School Demo 1', can be downloaded from this page on the Cosine website:

Purebasic / UltrafontPC
« on: February 24, 2017 »
UltrafontPC V0.9b by Arkanix Labs

UltrafontPC is an application coded in PureBasic to assist in designing hires character sets for the Commodore 64. This Windows application is inspired by the C64 native Ultrafont program by Charles Brannon.

UltrafontPC serves as a companion piece to our CartographPC, an editor used to create maps from hires character sets.

Adapted from VICZen 0.6a by Mark Thomas Ross (AuMTRoN)
Fixes, changes, and additional code by Andrew Vaisey (aNdy)
Suggestions and Testing: Jon Mines (Moloch), Ray Lejuez (Warlock)

Arkanix Labs
Commodore Scene Database

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