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Game Coding / Re: Online Chess Project (I'm Back!)
« Last post by Kirl on Yesterday at 08:16 PM »
Awesome ck, looks really cool! played it on ipad.  :clap:
Maybe automatically select the king on check.
General chat / Re: DBF Challenge theme
« Last post by Kirl on April 24, 2018 »
Love all of those ideas!

Liked most of the pixel daily themes I saw. Is there a more tidy list of themes to go over?

Also love the idea of a title/intro/credits screen. And k+ for linking the metroid intro, amazing music and atmosphere.

Ecosystem simulation is a personal fascination, longstanding item on my own todo list. Might be a bit complex.

And another suggestion: open dbf theme, anything dbf goes.
Yabasic / Another Colour Select/Randomizer
« Last post by bikemadness on April 24, 2018 »
D-Pad to select, Page Up to Randomize.

Instead of a 1+1/1-1 count, data has been used for chosen numbers.
In this program, there is 32, 16 and 8 counts, changed by the line - restore value*. * is 1, 2 or 3.

Code: [Select]
restore RGB
read sets
dim Rset$(sets)
dim Rnos(sets)
for a=1 to sets
read Rset$(a)
read Rnos(a)
next a

restore values3
read cols
dim Rv(cols)
dim R(cols)
for a=1 to cols
read Rv(a)
next a


for a=1 to sel
next a

open window 640,512
setdispbuf vm
setdrawbuf vm
clear window

if and(c,128)<>0 left=1
if left=1 L=L+1
if L>2 L=2
if L=2 left=0
if and(c,128)=0 L=0

if and(c,32)<>0 right=1
if right=1 R=R+1
if R>2 R=2
if R=2 right=0
if and(c,32)=0 R=0

if left=1 sel=sel-1
if right=1 sel=sel+1
if sel<1 sel=1
if sel>sets sel=sets

if and(c,16)<>0 up=1
if up=1 U=U+1
if U>2 U=2
if U=2 up=0
if and(c,16)=0 U=0

if and(c,64)<>0 down=1
if down=1 D=D+1
if D>2 D=2
if D=2 down=0
if and(c,64)=0 D=0

if and(c,1)<>0 slide=1
if slide=1 S=S+1
if S>2 S=2
if S=2 slide=0
if and(c,1)=0 S=0

for a=1 to sets

if sel=a then
setrgb 1,256,128,0
fill rectangle 75*a+150,138 to 75*a+(len(Rset$(a))*10)+150,156

if sel=a then
setrgb 1,0,128,0
setrgb 1,256,256,256
text 75*a+150,150,Rset$(a)
next a

for a=1 to sets rem sel
if sel=a and up=1 R(a)=R(a)+1
if sel=a and down=1 R(a)=R(a)-1
if R(a)<1 R(a)=1
if R(a)>cols R(a)=cols

for b=1 to cols
if R(a)=b Rnos(a)=Rv(b)
next b

setrgb 1,256,256,256
text 75*a+150,165,str$(Rnos(a))
next a

if slide=1 then
for a=1 to sel
next a

for a=1 to sel
setrgb 1,Rnos(1),Rnos(2),Rnos(3)
fill rectangle 200,200 to 450,450
next a

until (1=0)

label RGB
data 3
data "RED",0
data "GREEN",0
data "BLUE",0

label values1
data 9
data 0,32,64,96,128,160,192,224,256

label values2
data 16
data 0,16,32,48,80,96,112,128,144
data 160,176,192,208,224,240,256

label values3
data 31
data 0,8,16,24,32,40,48,56,80,88
data 96,104,112,120,128,136,144
data 152,160,168,176,184,192,200
data 208,216,224,232,240,248,256
General chat / Re: The Welcoming Committee
« Last post by combatking0 on April 21, 2018 »
Welcome, Therektafire,

I hope you have fun around here. There's plenty of examples of graphical effects in tons of languages in the depths of the DBF forums, so I'm sure you'll find the perfect inspiration.
General chat / Re: The Welcoming Committee
« Last post by therektafire on April 20, 2018 »
Hey everyone

Recently I have become pretty interested in demo stuff, especially music and cool shader stuff :) In fact the reason I joined is because I wanted to download a precompiled binary of Bonzomatic that @emook posted but this is one of those dumb sites where you have to register to download files, and during the registration it said that you have to make a post in 24 hours or your account will be deleted which is even dumber, so I figured I would just get that out of the way now lol

I'm not particularly sure what I could offer to people here demo related, I am OK at writing music but not fantastic (though I am practicing and getting better), my daws of choice are reaper, famitracker, deflemask, and milkytracker, when I was younger I made a few short beats on LGPT and PSPSeq but those files are lost :( I have dabbled with protracker but I doubt I will use it often unless I am making music for a retro 4 channel compo or something like that.  I only really know the basics of programming so I wouldn't be very helpful on the coding side of things since demo centric code is way out of my league atm  :D I know how to do really basic stuff in C/C++ and Lua, I do know a little about 6502 and m68k asm which were surprisingly easy for me to grasp given my general lack of programming experience. But unfortunately since I don't have much time for coding I have never really written any full interesting programs. Maybe I could give people some cool art ideas. Maybe  :D
Game Coding / Re: Online Chess Project (I'm Back!)
« Last post by combatking0 on April 19, 2018 »
Because it's shared hosting, I've set the ajax calls to 10 second intervals. There's nothing stopping me switching to a shorter interval I guess, especially while the site isn't very popular.

If you click and drag the 3D view horizontally, you can rotate the board. Although I have yet to get this working with touch screens.

Picking the field in 3D would be a major step, but definitely one to consider.
Game Coding / Re: Online Chess Project (I'm Back!)
« Last post by hellfire on April 19, 2018 »
Major update! Online Guest Mode is now working!
Of course, it only works if someone else is online at the same time as you are.
I can create a second guest in another browser.
But there's quite a bit of delay between two moves.
Can you have different angles for the 3d view?
Maybe you can also pick the field in 3d.
C / C++ /C# / Re: stb libraries
« Last post by Rbz on April 16, 2018 »
I also scratched my head on the first time I was using it, but in the end it is very simple.

Just all you need to do is to include this lines on your texture ".CPP"  file:
Code: [Select]
#include "stb_image.h"

It includes those functions on your source code and no other file or library is necessary, besides of course it uses the standard C runtime, needed for open file, memory allocation and etc.

Ps. I've only tested the image loader, but the other libs should be also simple to use, just take a look on the header file for example usage.

C / C++ /C# / Re: stb libraries
« Last post by flightcrank on April 16, 2018 »
looks like it can do allot more than just images.

how do you actually compile and include it ? there are no .c files ! its all in the header files ? ive never seen something like that before
Purebasic / Re: Psygnosis Agony MinIntro
« Last post by aNdy on April 16, 2018 »
I feel an small demo coming on... ;)
Had a similar idea... :D
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