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Title: [Halloween 2018] Old School Demo III
Post by: aNdy on October 31, 2018
Following on from both Old School Demos 1 & 2 comes 'Old School Demo III', released by Cosine.


The demo can be downloaded from the Cosine website...

http://www.cosine.org.uk/products.php?prod=old_school_demo_3&4mat=pc (http://www.cosine.org.uk/products.php?prod=old_school_demo_3&4mat=pc)

The demo is 'interactive'.  At the start, all sprites are switched off and certain keypresses will switch sprites on. Also, there is a hidden part activated with a certain other keypress...

All code, graphics and music is by me.  The moon image came from a little organisation called NASA ;)

Included in the download archive is the PureBasic source and all the graphic and music files in their original formats.  What's new for me coding wise?  A vertical scroller, extensive use of transparencies, keyboard control, scanline emulation and further refinement of my design and coding techniques.  More info is in the scroller.

Tools used for this demo: PureBasic 5.60, Photoshop 7.0, MS Paint, Promotion 4.5, Crimson Editor, OpenMPT 1.27, Amiga ST-XX sample disk images.
Title: Re: [Halloween 2018] Old School Demo III
Post by: flightcrank on October 31, 2018
good job ! looks cool
Title: Re: [Halloween 2018] Old School Demo III
Post by: Rbz on November 01, 2018
Really welldone @aNdy, liked it alot!

I've found all the hidden parts except for the last and most cool one, but I had to cheat just a little bit by looking at the source code  ::)

Really glad to see such a cool entry, welldone again!
Title: Re: [Halloween 2018] Old School Demo III
Post by: aNdy on November 01, 2018
Day after Halloween, here are the keypresses to get everything activated...

b - bats sprite on/off
z - zombie sprite on/off
w - witch sprite on/off
s - animate spider on/off
h - animate grave hand on/off
o - owl sprite on/off
g - ghost sprite on/off
L - window lights glow on/off

del - switches on/off all above sprites simultaneously

tab - toggles scanlines emulation

right shift & enter - start hidden demo part

Title: Re: [Halloween 2018] Old School Demo III
Post by: Kirl on November 01, 2018
Awesome work aNdy!  :clap:

I love that you inclded a hidden part, nice surprise. K+