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Title: Fashion - Fashionating (1988)
Post by: vtlmks on March 23, 2019
So, finally finished with the remake, took a bit longer than I expected :) Source is available in a separate archive here below. I included NASM, the assembler, and a PNG_to_RAW converter that I wrote specifically for this project to generate the raw image-data, palettes and other information used in the remake.

Also, who should I talk to about the possibility to get this remake on to the retro-remakes.net site?

If anyone has any questions about the sources, please send me a PM or write them as replies here, and I'll try to answer as soon as possible.

- Vtlmks
Title: Re: Fashion - Fashionating (1988)
Post by: Rbz on April 07, 2019
You did a great job here vtlmks, well done!  :clap:
Looking at source code download counter, people sure are very interested on this :D

I've uploaded your remake to retro-remakes.net, even though, as you can read in the BBS page, RR site is going to change it's administration, don't know what will happen in the end, hope for better future.
Title: Re: Fashion - Fashionating (1988)
Post by: vtlmks on April 07, 2019
Thank you Rbz!

Yes, I read that the retro-remakes site will change administration, however I just wanted to show that there are new remakes coming still, so that whoever takes over knows that there are things to look forward to, even if it's not like in the past.

I hope some more people get interested in making remakes, I will help if needed with C or assembly code, even if there is a need for resourcing amiga-code, my source that I released here isn't very readable unfortunately.