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Title: New 6502 based machine possibly.
Post by: Stonemonkey on September 13, 2019
Hi all, how's everyone doing? Not been around for a long time so probably don't know many here. Hi Nick.
Something came up on YouTube, actually, I'd downloaded an emulator of my first computer and I've been attempting to do something on it so after looking some things up this guy came up as recommended and he's working on something I thought might be of interest here. He's designing a 6502 based machine and using currently available off the shelf chips for sound and graphics. It's still very much in the design phase and nothing is finalised but he goes into a fair bit of detail about it's current standing and his plans in part 2.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Title: Re: New 6502 based machine possibly.
Post by: aNdy on September 13, 2019
Thanks for the links. Interesting stuff!
Title: Re: New 6502 based machine possibly.
Post by: ninogenio on September 26, 2019
hey fryer!!

you watch the 8 bit guy too  :cheers: i love homebrew computers its where most of my time has been spent over the past years ive invested lots of time into understanding schematics .. z80 and 6502 architechture and how to interface with s/dram understand hardware timing and propagation delays clock cycles and all the old school peripherals uarts custom built ttl logic port latches etc its been a very fun side venture.

i built a few machines the most comprehensive being a z80 machine clocked at 20mhz with a teensy 3.5 at its heart the teensy would dynamically load my hand rolled rom at boot up and could pause the z80 and go off and address my bolted on v9958 vdp graphics card. i really need to get stuck into this again as it was coming along really nicely. i got side tracked building ben hecks portable zx spectrum lol.

if the 8 bit guy pulls his project of it looks like it could be very powerful. although im kind of on the fence as to if anyone will put the effort into exctracting the extra power out of such a machine. based on my experience with my own machine i know its own architechture inside out so can make it do things easily but wouldn't expect others to spend any real time with it, i am hopeful though as i would love for things to go back to a simpler time when programers could make a difference and on a single machine we could all share our experiments/ideas( like our ps2 days ) again.
Title: Re: New 6502 based machine possibly.
Post by: Stonemonkey on October 26, 2019
Hi Nino, not sure if I'd come across the 8 bit guy before, as I just found him while I'm working on some 6502 stuff just now but he has some interesting videos and I like the look of the machine he's working on. I'm not too up on the intricacies of timing between parts of the systems but interesting to see some of it, I came across some vids of someone building their own CPU and display hardware too but can't remember what the channel was.
Title: Re: New 6502 based machine possibly.
Post by: Yaloopy on December 11, 2019
Hey Fryer, good to see you still about!
Title: Re: New 6502 based machine possibly.
Post by: Stonemonkey on December 27, 2019
Hey Loopy, how's it going?