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Title: more ST remakes
Post by: KrazyK on September 17, 2019
So I finally decided to dig out the laptop and rip another intro from the ST for the first time in about 7 months. So i've nearly finished this one by Scum Of The Earth. It just needs a bit of tidying up with the moving backgrounds and it will be done.
I'll post the code once it's done too.  ;)
Title: Re: more ST remakes
Post by: aNdy on September 17, 2019
Looking forward to it!
Title: Re: more ST remakes
Post by: KrazyK on September 18, 2019
Here's the final version (so far!) along withe commented PB code.
You will need the OSME x86 library installed for this to work, never fear though, i've included it here too. ;)
Title: Re: more ST remakes
Post by: aNdy on September 19, 2019
Good stuff KrazyK, as always!

I love a good VU Meter and your implementation here is easy to read code wise and quite effective.

Thanks for the code share!
Title: Re: more ST remakes
Post by: Bobo220673 on September 20, 2019
Nice work.

KrazyK, i know you lost many Sources of your Libs, so i update the Source to a no Lib Version.
Your lib was build with the very old "pbosl", this Source use Memdll. Its very fast and easy to use...
I hope this help to rebuild your lib Sources.
Title: Re: more ST remakes
Post by: KrazyK on September 20, 2019
Many thanks for the no lib version Bobo220673  :cheers:
I'll be using this in future.
I'm slowly getting back into it with this quick screen. It took a couple of days to do from ripping to compiling.
I have a few more already in the pipeline.
Title: one more from TCB
Post by: KrazyK on September 23, 2019
Here's another quick one from TCB.  I adapted this code for PureBasic from the excellent codef remake by NewCore.
This is a screen from the SoWatt Demo by The CareBears way, way back in 1989. :o
Full source code available here for you to play with too.  ;)

If anyone doesn't have my transparent image drawing library then add the following somewhere at the top of the code:

Code: [Select]
Import "msimg32.lib"
TransparentBlt( hdcDest, nXOriginDest, nYOriginDest, nWidthDest, hHeightDest, hdcSrc, nXOriginSrc, nYOriginSrc, nWidthSrc, nHeightSrc, crTransparent )

ProcedureDLL KK_DrawTransparentImage(DestImage,SourceImage,xdest,ydest,transcol)
hdcSrc2 = CreateCompatibleDC_(DestImage)
SelectObject_(hdcSrc2, ImageID(SourceImage))

Title: Re: one from C.I.D
Post by: KrazyK on October 16, 2019
First ever remake of a Criminals In Disguise menu after I stumbled across them recently.
A simple 2D stafield, faded bouncing raster bars, a 64x32 sine scroller and a big VU meter and of course excellent music by Mad Max from Rings of Medusa.
All ripped and coded in about 8 hours in total.  All Purebasic code etc here for you in the zip file.

Changed the order of the scrolelr so it is now on top of the vu bars and behind the logo.
Title: Re: more ST remakes
Post by: aNdy on October 17, 2019