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Title: ST Connexion screen remake
Post by: KrazyK on June 16, 2020
Working on a two ST remakes again after digging the laptop out after 6 months, one in particular by ST Connexion. The Lets Do The Twist Again screen from the Punish Your Machine demo.
Here's the link to the online Codef version that I'm busy converting to PureBasic.  Not long to go so when it's done i'll post the source if anyones interested?
The other is by the The Pendragons which just needs the screen selector added.

https://live.aldabase.com/2015/codef-st-connexion-twist/ (https://live.aldabase.com/2015/codef-st-connexion-twist/)
Title: Re: ST Connexion screen remake
Post by: vtlmks on June 25, 2020
Looking forward to seeing some new remakes :)
Title: Re: ST Connexion screen remake
Post by: KrazyK on June 25, 2020
Here are some new remakes.
These remakes have been converted from the COEF remakes by Dyno, Ayoros and Shazz.  Without their initial code and ripping it would have taken an awful lot longer to figure out how they these screen were done.  Many thanks to them for their excellent code.  ;)

ST Connextion - Lets Do Tthe Twist Again screen.  This was awesome when it first came out.  It's still pretty awesome now!
Pendragons  - Fullscreen & Other Shit screen from the Lightning Demo.
ULM Intro - This was a pre demo for another screen they were to use in in the the GEN 4 demo comp in 1990.
Equinox - Castle Warrior cracktro. 

And one more that i've always wanted to finish but could never work it out.
It was one of our groups cracktros, TCD, that I started writing in STOS because I was never any good at 68000 assembler.  i could crack and file games but the dark art of cracktros always eluded me.  ::)
Anyway, I found the original STOS code and decided to have a go at finishing it for Windows with most of the original feel and text.
A starfiled, a bendy scrollerIt's, twisted pillars, and a text writer that flies around the screen and spits out the letters as it flies around.  Looks very cool and i've finally worked out how to do it.  I'll create a PB library for it to make it easier to use soon.
Screenshot only for now as I need to add a nice selector for this one.

Title: Re: ST Connexion screen remake
Post by: aNdy on June 25, 2020
Nicely done as always!
Title: Re: ST Connexion screen PB source
Post by: KrazyK on June 28, 2020
Here's the full PB source for the ST Connexion Twist screen.
Have fun and make something cool with it.

Also the finished cracktro that I started with STOS many, many years ago.  :o