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Purebasic / Re: Beast Tribute
« on: March 25, 2019 »
This is so good and useful for purebasic learners.
The "grabsprite" for storing 'tiles' from a bitmap is very useful. In my sokoban game i was extracting the tiles in real time every frame... this is much better, thanks!

Purebasic / Re: [GAME] PureBasic SOKOBAN
« on: March 25, 2019 »
Thank you so much. I've cheked your 'old school' demos and are great!

Purebasic / [GAME] PureBasic SOKOBAN
« on: March 23, 2019 »
Hello! I want to share this sokoban i've coded for purebasic. Yep, it's just another sokoban, nothing special.!QKAFzYTA!avOYfPsetUDxmBJ2CdA7TFS9WgJUAZpLA80Ma86OnYs

* Over 2 thousand levels in 12 collections.
* Nice engine with zooming to fit the screen and scrolling if the level is too large.
* Several graphic skins with static or animated backgrounds.
* Records auto-saved to file.

-I haven't created the levels nor skins. Info about levels and credits are included.
-Game music and SFX is OFF. Use [M] and [X] to turn ON

And not much... the game is no more under development because i've lost the main project source. I still have the "include file" sources if any wants to chek i'll share but any changes on the sources has no effect since game it's already compiled.

Hope it works and have fun! Sokoban is a very addictive game and some levels are great, the microban collections by David W. Skinner are superfun and many others.

Yabasic / Re: scrolling title display
« on: March 20, 2019 »
Still coding for yabasic, nice work!

Purebasic / Re: PLATOO! A tiro skeet game (Demo)
« on: March 28, 2018 »
It works fine. Fun game. A bit of lag with High Dpi Mouse to move the target (as usual in PB fulscreen with  that kind of mouse)..  :clap:

Ey, thanks for trying!

I've uploaded to purebasic official forum and everybody was so scared of an .exe... really piss me off and quit my wishes to coding for purebasic...  probably won't work on it anymore, just wanted to share and read some opinions so thanks again!

Game Showcase / Re: Andromeda Wing
« on: September 11, 2017 »
Amazing for a solo project! soo good!!

Purebasic / Re: PLATOO! A tiro skeet game (Demo)
« on: September 08, 2017 »
I've just downloaded and try it and it works ok.
Since it's an .exe not signed maybe windows don't let you run it depending on your config.
I got the message from smartscreen filter, needed to clik on more info then run it anyway.
it's just a purebasic compilation but RUN IT AT YOUR OWN RISK, of course.
It will start in fullscreen mode. If your screen resolution is not compatible (wich i doubt) it will
probably crash or don't run at all. Anyway if you have any problem or game crash or stuck remember to press
[CTRL]+[CAPS]+[ESC] and terminate it manually.
i've just tried it in an acer and hp notebooks
  and in my desktop medion pc, win 7 32 and win 10 64 and it was perfect 60 FPS
I've also tried in a friend's old notebook updated to win 8 64 bits and it worked at 13 fps... in that case i can't do nothing.
Hope everything be ok for all!

Purebasic / PLATOO! A tiro skeet game (Demo)
« on: September 07, 2017 »
Hello! This is my presentation to purebasic forum.
I've been coding for yabasic so many years and recently discovered purebasic and give it a try... and soon started to code demos and stuff... it's a good step from yabasic.
I will like to share this little demo of a game started to develop at the same time learning languaje so it's simple but works ok. It's called PLATOO! and it's about shooting skeet.

[DOWNLOAD LINK AT THE END OF TOPIC. Since .exe is 22mb and forum's attachments can't exceed 10mb i've uploaded to MEGA]

Unfortunately i've lost latest versions and source code so i decided to share the latest .exe i have from the game, before to start building levels and objectives and even before i got a clear idea of what to do with this game.
It basically consist in the main loop where you can shoot skeets until out of ammo in a few random escenaries.
No objetives nor game progression sadly, but you can beat the hi score for each escenary and records will be saved to file.

Controls are mouse/keyboard or gamepad. If default gamepad controls don't satisfy you can edit the joystick pressing [J] in game. (Changes will be saved to file and loaded automatically next time if gamepad plugged)

Let's go for the important INFO:

 * Languajes: You can choose SPANISH/ENGLISH at the very first screen of the game. Result will be saved to file.
 * Controls: You can use mouse/keyboard or a gamepad. If you want to use gamepad plugg it before game or
     change escenary to autodetect. Move analog sticks to all directions before play to detect the sticks's limits.
    Personalice joystick pressing [J]. Changes will be saved to file.

     -[C]=Continue (to next random escenary)
     -[W]=Watch instant replay (after play)
     -[R]=Repeat current escenary
     -[1],[2]=Select spanish/english in real time
      You can delete a record after beated it [H], also you can delete the records.dat file and all records will be

 * Windows 32 bit (it may work on 64 bit or maybe not i dunno)

 * Game intended to run at 60 FPS. You can chek FPS by pressing [RIGHT CAPS]+[F]
 * Resolution: It works in 600*400. If your screen doesn't support will auto switch to standard 640*480

 * Give it a try!! I think it's nice game, simple and effective.
 * Included some awesome .wav tunes from movies and shows probably well knowed.
 * Any changes on config, controls or records will be saved to same folder attached to .exe so i suggest to keep
     PLATOO.exe in a folder.

 * WARNING! Suspend pc or exit fullscreen mode may cause game crash or stucked. If you can't return to
     fullscreen mode you probably need to terminate .exe [CTRL]+[CAPS]+[ESC] I've tryed to follow instructions of
     purebasic about this but at the moment i don't know how to do it.

THAT'S ALL FOLKS! Hope enjoy this little game... and comments are welcome!


Graet work fixing those ASC values and string frormats MrD!
I've also readed and replyed your another 2 post related to me.
In this times when everybody is sayin' not too much is happenning here, i hope nobody will care if i'm posting too much...
The MJS is a good project for a good languaje that many people love, but not too many people is using it right now...due to very important limitations and no languaje development. I'ts a shame for a languaje that many of us have been using end like this.
I first learned locomotive BASIC (for AMSTRAD CPC) at the 8 bit era...  when i saw "ps2 yabasic" in a playstation 2 demo disc and try it... i thought it was really a powerfull BASIC then start learn yabasic.
As the time pass by... i realiced that by the time i started to code some interesting stuff... languaje  was already totally dead.. so sad.
The MJS keeps illusion for yabasic alive!
Made it in a browser is a tough work i guess!
Controls for MJS are really a problem... when u press ARROW and, instead of move a character, you SCROLL THE PAGE! :D or... pressing [BACKSPACE] to do some action in the game, then the browser switches BACK to previous WEB PAGE! wow! So many troubles...

But i said so many times i love yabasic. As you work for mjs yabasic, i'll still do.
See ya!

« on: February 25, 2016 »
MrD great work fixing those bugs!
Does really this game works for you?
For me it runs but soon or later got the error msg:
undefined:error:EQUALS with bad arguments...
That error also appears in some of my other codes and also error: GREATER OR LESS THAN with bad arguments...
I've downloaded your html source, then disabled those subs just for try and it works  :P but i guess that is not the way...
I really want to catch the error and will try.
Another thing is... back to unicodes and stuff... when opening a file, seems to load wrong. Some characters e.g. spanish characters like "" are missing, this causes again routines based on characters fail. But files loaded in database are OK.
At the moment seems that MJS is very improved since last time, and probably most of the yabasic sources will run now. GREAT WORK!

Yabasic / Re: YA-GOLF MINI Super challengue
« on: February 25, 2016 »
HI! and thanks for some feedback after so many time i haven't posted replays here.
First say that ive worked so much in this game and latest version includes:New graphic engine with zooming and scrooling and tvcam routines to follow ball. New putter stick club vector animation (pretty interesting since it's created with an interpolation of only 2 frames) betters graphics, colors and textures. Dualshock compatible. New RANDOM mode, that creates a camp with fully randomiced holes and terrains. New 'auto-aiming' mode, wich allow to move a pointer across screen (like a FPS SHOOTER game) and putter stick club will follow trajectory and lots of stuff, but... i'm really frustrated because collision detection are bad and still gives some bugs that are reallyu a shame... anyway, i may update version some day.
For mrd, that is really working hard for made not only this game but any others compatible with his online JS emulator, answer that this message you comment is part of the MESS i have in the code in a try to FORCE FLUSH RATE.
Game supposed to run at 60 FPS. Jimshaw emulator's allow to force flush rate to 50,60 or not force at all, but im including my own built-in force flush rate routines.
This consists, basically, in drawing (hidded) thousands of circles until FPS fits the FPS desired.
The more FPS, the more circles will be drawed until a certain amount of circles allows to have an stable FPS. IF FPS runs low of desired FPS, the amount of circles will be decreasing until reaches ZERO.
Also is working a background textures effect similar, when FPS runs low than 60 fps, number of textures decrease to zero. (Really ugly effect cos' you can see them real time dissapearing )
This have several consecuences:
First, i guess cpu is been FORCED to the limit... i dunno
Second, when a graphic event happens, such as suddenly appear or dissappear a text, or a bitmap or anything, fps decreaseases inmediately, and the FORCE FLUSH RUTINE takes some time to COMPENSATE it decreasing number of circles..
Ive been trying for a long some ideas such as make a count  of all graphic events per frame then substract to the number of force flush rate circles to be drawed... anyway it's really hard to have a game running at 60 fps smoothed..
Well, im saying all this for you understand the context of those messages.
I really don't know exacxtly right know values and other stuff, but i remember this:
When FPS runs under 60 fps, some routines are working for trying to fix.
The textures decreseases, the quality of text decreases, bitmaps and even the whole display info may be FORCED to dissapear...
If FPS really runs low (maybe under 30), a message is displayed in a window to show user
that game is running low and some tips to TRY fix it. (First try is disable emulator force flush rate and let the game control FFR)
After a countdown, if FPS still runs low, a var called 'slow_cpu' is activated, then it affects to several parts of the source, causing most of graphical effects to be disabled or quality reduced.
As a say.. all this is a MESS, and on later versions i've tried lots of different things...
I just want to tell...sorry for the boring! :D
Im reading your progress with the JS and will post replys, cheers!

mrD, well, i guess i'm just giving you headaches...
I have to say that i've started to code for another languajes like PUREBASIC, so i'm not using yabasic too much at this point, but still have lots of great stuff: A point and click game that looks amazing for yabasic (needs translation to english) an adictive hovercraft racer game with IA, a sokoban with thousands levels... and everything with a nice zooming and scrolling graphic engine... yeahh.. great stuff... and it will be so good if it can be played someday in the MJS!
And if it can't be done, don't worry, it's so hard to do that in a browser, where most of the controls of the game can cause brower to perform some unwanted action... not to talk about all that unicode mess... yeah! once more,thanks for your work, i appreciate so much and will keep an eye to MJS from time to time. :cheers:

« on: January 27, 2016 »
Mrd glad you liked the game!
The array fdata is part of my latest library for personaliced fonts.
Font data is really long, so it was encoded and compressed into a single DATA line
DIM fdata() MUST cover safely that line LENGHT.
Currently a compressed font in a line has a lenght less than 2000 characters
You can REDIM over 9000 of couse.

I've tried to run this game in the MJS and there are several errors. Most of them related to the
bugged ascii characters table.
I've just posted a replay in your MJS topic about it, then see this.
Im using characters from the yabasic ascii tileset to encode bitmaps and fonts, but, when decoding, extracting the values of the character gives wrong ASC() values. Some of thouse values are over 8000... that's why redim to 9000 may skip wrong DIMmed error, but error is not fixed, and bitmaps/fonts are corrupted and some pixels/letters are drawed with wrong colors or values.

You know, it's really sad this game don't work in MJS
Hope you can do it

The original yabasic ascii table is needed for any of my games that includes bitmaps or fonts.
Any other errors may be debugged with patience.
See ya!

Hi mrd! I'm glad you fixed that 'if'
I've seen the yabasic docu and that "if" without "endif" is called 'The one-line-form' wich basically means that conditions will be executed JUST IN THAT LINE, so, any code placed later will be executed normally out of previus condition.

The line input is kinda weird..
in a sentence such as 'input "Name?"name$', if you type a single word, everything will be ok, and your input will be assigned to name$, BUT writing words separated by spaces will cause name$ be cutted at the first space character, so if you type "my name is fool" name$ will be :"my"
and this is the most surpresive... where are the other words you typed?... well..
on subscuents calls to input, remaining words (separated by spaces) will be automatically assigned to name$
Thats why line input is needed to pass a whole line to a var via input.

I've catched another few errors... maybe you like to know about it.
a format string such as"%02.2f" gets an error. This is legal and even more very useful
to text numbers like scores or clocks in a format.
The standard format "##.##" causes values of ZERO to be NONPRINTED, and its ugly if you have a digital clock or a score you want to be fixed lenght and ZEROS displaying like:
SCORE: 0000198
You need the "%02.2f" format. You can find format strings at the docu. Sorry again cos' i can explain it very well.

Another error is related to ascii character set. I'm using several ascii characters for  bitmaps compression, and unfortunately, most of the characters are missing or bugged.
The worst it that not only are missing, but also when you try to get the ASC value of those characters, you get wrong values moreover 255

This code prints the ASC values of characters in var 'asciiLine$', that are chars from 128 to 255
If you run it in the emu, you'll see it work properly, But in the MJS gives strange values such as 402 or 8364..?
Since im using this characters to represent an encoded bitmap palette of 128 colors, when trying to decode, ASC(byteDecoded$)-128 causes a CRASH because exceeding the DIMmed palette of 128
asciiLine$=" "

FOR chekChr=1 TO LEN(asciiLine$)
 PRINT "CHR(",CHR$(chek),") IS ASC(",chek,")"
Well, that's really tough work...


Just say thanks for your work!

I understand how difficult must be to fix all this, don't really worry about yabasic!

Cheers and see you!


I've catch a few errors running my codes, if you're interested:

1) You can write a condition 'IF' without ENDIF. This is legal and if condition matches,the rest of  the line is executed, but you can leave it blank or just add some remark.
This is perfectly legal in ps2 and jim's emu:

   IF condition=matches:REM ! TO DO SOME STUFF...LATER!

 In the js it's an error. Usually nobody writes a condition and leaves it blank... but in a
   crappy code of 10000 lines it may happen... of course, just deleting that line or comment it
will solve problem.
2) LINE not always spects x1,y1,x2,y2...  in fact, you can use command LINE INPUT to get user inputs...
Using INPUT will store user inputs CUTTED at the very first SPACE character, while LINE INPUT allows to input multiple words and store them. Again it's an unusual command, but i'm using it :D

The inkey$ command it's a little bit more complicated, i guess you know how it works:It stores in a buffer all keyboard strokes (only one key at same time) just as fast as your OS keyboard configuration goes. Keyboard delay and repetition are reflected. If the yabasic loop runs slower than your keyboard repetition, all the stored keystrokes will continue been returned by inkey$ just as much as they are stored. Sorry if i can explain it better.
Navigating slow menus may cause yabasic inkey$ doing some stuff seconds later you pressed keys, but this is how it works and when u get used to it, can take advantage of that, cos' no keypress is missing, while PEEK("port1") just stores keypress if detected at the momment it's called.
Also inkey$ allows to navigate menus... e.g. move UP/DOWN to select an option, since after your first keypress, there is a delay countdown before key repetition, and that gives you time to release key. inkey$ is very useful here.

Also i get errors in some of my codes with comparisons <>=  and calling arrays not yet dimmed... ? this will need a deep review of my code... I'm sure that with a good syntax and coding style those errors will dissapear...
Best to do is rewrite part by part and try it in your emu... the question is... does yabasic deserve so much work?
I love yabasic and still coding so much demos and games, most of them not yet published... that's why i'm happy somebody shows so much interest on yabasic to code a new emu... but thats it:lot of work for a languaje, sadly, almost dead.
Anyway... still havin fun! greets

Hi mrD! I've been looking at your source, it's a great job you've done! My game yagolf is certanly a big (and very crappy) source code. In fact, i think the best i can do is re-write all from the beginning. There are lots of errors not only in this game but also in most of my demos. Most of them because of my crappy code im afraid. I guess i could start coding short demos for your emu especifically (inkey$ conflicts with peek("port1") ) and see what happens. Anyway, thanks for your big job! See you around!

« on: January 04, 2016 »
Thanks galileo! Yabasic can do this and much more. Emulator is powerful :D Gracias amigo.

« on: November 24, 2015 »

Great! I'm glad to see people still interested in yabasic.
You have done a really good work!
I've read you want to make yabasic games get working, including my game' ya-golf'... hope you can do it!
I tried several of my demos and games and unfortunatelly, most of them don't work, specially the
newest ones, when i'm using some DATA lines containing bitmaps and personalized fonts compressed
using characters from the original Ps2 YABASIC ASCII CHARACTERS TABLE that are MISSING.
I guess is a tough work to do but hang on it!
If i can help you anyway don'd doubt write me.
I'll be around posting more yabasic games and demos and trying to make it run in your page.
Maybe source code games should have an option to use EMU controls or WEB controls
since may be a port/keyboard input strings conflict.
So excited, anybody could play a yabasic game from the web.
GRET WORK, keep on goin'!

« on: November 23, 2015 »
Hi everybody, YABASIC lovers!
I've been missing out of forum so long, but just read something about a ps2 yabasic implementation for javascript... that sounds like great news and i'll keep an eye on it.
Meanwhile, i would like to share a game wich supposed to be a clone of google chrome's easter egg dino game. (
It's a very simple game and i thought can be a good game to practice some coding...
After some days.. started to add some more stuff... new obstacles... new movements... and last added a nice zooming graphic engine... so, the result is a very nice game easy to play.
Gameplay is quite boring after a while, since there is no levels;just coin-op arcade style, more and more random obstacles until you crash...
STILL CODING FOR YABASIC IN 2015! Is there anybody more?

Note:Game is designed to run at 60FPS. Since emulator's default config is 50FPS you must
configure emu for smooth  graphics. (Details in source code)


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