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bit late to this.. but what about monogame? :)

same here.. i pop by occasionally and hope to get back on my coding projects soon. just life, and work, and other things in the way sometimes!

funnily I created this post on pouet within a few weeks of this one being made.. maybe more hints there?

not quiet the same excuse here.. but i've now missed two or three in a row - missed the deadline for the symmetry challenge by about 9 months! did finish it though!

i'm still checking in, and once the bad weather kicks in will be working on stuff.. hopefully i'll be in a position to make an entry again sometime

wow that sounds like a lot of work but its awesome. love the music and the happy halloween easter egg (probably more if i get further?). just caught htis before heading off out. hopefully i 'll get some time to have a few more goes later

its bloody hard.. but thats how the old platforms (and schmups) really were!   ..g&g wasn't this tough!

General chat / Re: Windows is not genuine
« on: July 14, 2015 »
usually this is triggered by a hardware change, but once validated it shouldn't reoccur

Projects / Re: kode.pas
« on: January 29, 2015 »

lots of nice bits in there :)  you have a lot on the go!

Some great stuff being going on here!

I finally finished what would have been my entry for the Symmetry challenge a while back, and have just archived away my code base to refactor it all.

After a period of brainstorming/research/basic planning I am making a couple iOS/Windows store apps. They are partially heavy on the GL ES front, along with some other stuff :) They're not massively beyond what I've already done graphics wise. But learning from the previous issues I've had I'm throwing away the C only ideal, and going for a light smattering of C++. The other factor is, the debug builds and whole thing itself will optionally have a huge amount of logging/diags. I already have a read-only windows console window (see AllocConsole) showing my output auto positioning itself in the bottom left of the screen, or optionally auto sized full across the entire left hand side. This window also auto-shows hides shadowing the main gl window. Later plans for a full screen GL console for debugging purposes where the windows console isn't available. Console input there isn't critical now, but could be down the line.

I'm not going for full cross platform, just enough stuff to make the other platform specific parts minimal.

Plan. Get the prototype apps running on Desktop GL, get it running on a ANGLE project desktop build to iron out desktop GL vs GL ES differences then (basically the what webgl usesa). Then get that running on "Modern UI" (metro) version of ANGLE project as I have a cheap x86 tablet i picked up on black friday. I'll use that to get the usabilty with touch screens dialled in. After that, get it running in the iOS simulator (I have a VirtualBox VM running OSX) and once at that point this is definitely happening I'll allow myself to buy a Mac to finish it off and launch it on iOS, apps in both stores :)

Although i'm mainly a Windows dev, I've done a little iOS/objective-c dev at work, and am doing an android project in the near future.

C / C++ /C# / Re: [c++] Bug In 3d
« on: November 04, 2014 »
It didn't recompile? That's interesting.
noo! i didn't do it :)

C / C++ /C# / Re: [c++] Bug In 3d
« on: November 03, 2014 »
i tried it as well.. however didn't recompile.

the exe in the package was fine, and the main thing i noticed were the different colours from your screenshot?

the only thing i could see is that maybe you still don't quite get what was explained elsewhere about pointers to classes, but there isn't an issue with the way it was being done apart from a memory leak at the end of the function and a too large value being passed to the B component of an RGB macro.

is the only code you've changed within the main cpp file? i dont know from looking at the project what is yours, and what pre-existed in tinyptc

General chat / Re: The Welcoming Committee
« on: September 23, 2014 »
Hi!  :)

Challenges & Competitions / Re: Symmetry Competition 2014
« on: September 03, 2014 »
i've only just now found the time/inclination to sit back down coding again (schools are back, so the mrs is back at work..) and first thing on the list is to finish what i had started with this challenge. i guess i know theres little chance of more coding after this beyond mar/apr! :)

very cool... #11 broccoli is my fave

definitely not going to make it with an entry.. even pared down I hit a wall of zero time, good weather and more excuses...

I was going to reproduce (and possibly improve) a scene from this old demo a personal favourite of mine..  scene in question is at 4:47..

i've been super busy and off on hols to wales with the mrs all next week :(

gutted.. i might make it with something last min, but with or without the challenge i will have to finish the little project i started  :whack:

General chat / Re: Are there people like this here?
« on: March 19, 2014 »
think i found it, page 9 not page 6?

can barely read it.. but basically the guy has a big collection?

i guess most, if not all people here appreciate it, and with enough space/money its one of the things on my "evil villain lair" list of things to buy if i win the lotto :)

its not that expensive to pick up most old retro consoles here in the uk

General chat / Re: Are there people like this here?
« on: March 18, 2014 »
I see an article about cats?

just managed another hour or so.. got another smalll piece of progress done

getting less time than i thought, but i think i'm also off on hols the week or so before the deadline

a few of my best chances for coding days, sundays have been stolen by the mrs's mother moving hours

project created,
small amount of progress made (stuff was drawn)

ended up holding one of these up directly onto the screen, the first time i can ever remember doing it.
and the first time my 'helix' set has ever been used since i picked it up


As long as nothing gets in the way I'm going to make an actual start on code tonight :)

It is indeed.. after that I found and read this book, a less heavy, but still engaging companion to the glieck book

(actually just realised it should have been down in my 'man cave' with the glieck book)

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