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Projects / Re: 1st Intro/Demo!
« on: January 30, 2014 »
Congratulations on the final product. I really love, when people write about having had trouble, that they had to overcome, and seeing the final result of their hard work. That's what learning and development (personal as well as technical) is all about, and I'm sure you must have felt a massive rush of joy, once it finally worked :)

The effects are of course a bit basic in isolation, but they're all very well executed and the overall design brings back memories of cracktros from the late 80's and early 90's, and it's pretty cool you managed to pull it off pretty much from scratch. Huge respect for that! What you actually achieved (imo) is exactly what the very first sceners achieved. I'll look forward to follow the progression as you take on new challenges and venture into new, unknown worlds of coding.

Music is perhaps a bit simple with regards to composition, but I actually find the instrumentation interesting. How did you create the song? Is it a .mod/xm or something or is it actually generated?

Cheers, and once again congratulation on a great achievement.

Purebasic / Re: Worms Intro by emook
« on: January 10, 2014 »
Excellent work with this release! Impressive amounts of details you've managed to squeeze together :) Very well done.

I'm terribly honored by the nice gesture by rbz - who did all the hard work for the winning prod. And since I already won 1st prize at TRSAC with that song, I'd much rather the prize to be donated to the community in general. There's usually some domain/hosting expenses to cover, and I think it'd only be fair to the other entrants, who really did an amazing job (and I agree with the hardware/diode prod-comment!!) that the prize can be shared somehow.

Now, if one day - the entire dbf-forum actually met up at some demoparty, we could spend it all on booze and hookers, but since that's unlikely to happen, donating to the community is my second choice :)

I really hope it's possible to do this, somehow.

Cheers, and once again thank you very much for all the fantastic entries, that really added to the christmas-mood this year. And a very happy new year, too!


Woohooo! Can't help feeling a bit happy about how this turned out  :updance:

Thanks a million to rbz and of course Raizor, for using my music and thanks a million to everyone that voted for those entries and c :cheers:ongratulations to all participants and voters.

It truly was a  great display of technical skills and sense of design on all entries..

Cheers, every one and happy 2014.

General chat / Re: 4klang for newbies
« on: December 30, 2013 »
When running the "build.bat" from with a demo-song from Renoise 2.8.1 -> Songs

If you try to magically convert a demosong that is made by using samples/wavefiles and not a song made using only Clinkster instruments, I'm pretty sure that's the problem. But Clinkster comes with a nice collection of example songs (I know, since I've made some of them) so you might want to try those instead of Renoise's demo-songs.

Woohooo - excellent prod! Snow globe looks fantastic, and I'm totally with the others on the ribbon scroller. Really great work, and I'm honored you found the track to be of any use. When I hear it in this context, it actually does have a bit of Christmas to it with the bell-like instrument. I originally entered it in the 32k executable music compo at TRSAC but I actually think you managed to lift it to new heights with this fantastic prod :-D

Thanks, mate, and a very merry Christmas to you ;-)

I'm really a sucker for these type of prods! Excellent work! Would perhaps have benefitted from some proper 8-bit music :-p

It's amazing what you've managed to pull off for this compo! Really awesome work! :D

Marvelous little prod you've made there! Fantastic funky tune - really love the groovy feel and the improvisation over the old classic. I'm not into the tech stuff, but from a purely entertainment point of view, it rocks! Congratulations :)

General chat / Re: 4klang for newbies
« on: December 21, 2013 »
And if you're fine with a little, quick track that doesn't have to be too long and doesn't require all kind of specific parts, I could probably help out. I'm a bit tight for spare time due to work these days, but let me know a week or so in advance, and I'm sure I'll at least be able to find an evening somewhere, to make something you can use :)

General chat / Re: 4klang for newbies
« on: December 20, 2013 »
Sorry to kick in with a post, not really answering your main question about integration. But from a musician's point of view, Clinkster is WAY easier to use for non-coders. I'd prefer Clinkster over 4klang anytime.

There's some noteworthy differences between Clinkster and 4klang, though. The main ones are:
1: 4klang supports LFO-control of any given part of the signal-chain, Clinkster doesn't. (resulting in more complex/interesting instruments)
2: 4klang features reverb, Clinkster doesn't (resulting in more complex/interesting instruments)
3: 4klang features filters, Clinkster doesn't (resulting in more complex/interesting instruments)
4: Clinkster doesn't require knowledge of signal processing, 4klang does
5: Clinkster doesn't require knowledge stack based operations, 4klang does
6: Clinkster requires all audio to be precalced, resulting in waiting time before intro starts
7: 4klang is extremely CPU-heavy, making it impossible to compose complex tunes, that require more than 4-5 instruments simultanously
8: Clinkster has a really nice analyzing script, that allows the coder to leave the size-optimizations to the musician.
9: Clinkster usually ends up 2-300 bytes smaller than an equally complex 4klang tunes.

As far as I'm aware, both are somewhat manageble to integrate into your intro, so my suggestion would be to always ask the musician you're cooperating with, which synth he/she prefers, if at all possible. My guess is, that it's easier to find musicians willing to compose using Clinkster than finding someone willing to compose using 4klang.

Hope the above is usefull to somebody :)


I'm a sucker for everything christmas related :) This is just a wonderful addition. Excellent work and great idea!

If people can't get enough of this, there's a windows screensaver-thingie, that allows you to show a webpage for screensaver.

Cheers, and merry X-mas :)

General chat / Re: The Welcoming Committee
« on: December 03, 2013 »
Thanks a lot, everyone! What a wonderful welcome you guys provided! :)

@rbz: Thanks a lot. I'm glad you like my music. It's fun when people I haven't had a chance to share a beer with, know my creations :)

Very cute and fitting theme for december. I'm a sucker for everything christmas related! :)

Nice touch with the calendar-approach too

General chat / Re: The Welcoming Committee
« on: December 01, 2013 »
Hi there :)

Really can't say why I didn't sign up here before now, but better late than never, as they say.

Well - a bit about me, who I am and what I do.
Name's Casper, I'm 36 years old (at the time of writing this)
I'm from Copenhagen, Denmark and goes by the name Punqtured. I'm member of the groups Eventide and Fnuque.
I specialize in size-restricted music, and I've done quite a few executable music competition-entries as well as music for 4k, 16k and 64k. Some of you might actually have seen some of them :)

My preferred synths are Clinkster for 4k and Quiver for 64k, but I've also used a number of other scene-synths such as 4klang, V2 and 64klang.

I've seen some of the work you guys do in here, and I'm really amazed at how helpfull people are - especially to newcomers. I've been in the demoscene since late 80's and attended my first demoparty in 1992 (The Party in Denmark) and still enjoy visiting parties (managed to go to 9 this year)

I always release the source-files of the music I do (I use Renoise) and hope it will help others to get inspired or learn from it, remix it, play around with it or whatever they like.

Having made music for a substantial number of years (never professionally, though) I'm fairly experienced, and whenever there's time, I'd probably be able to help some of you guys out if you need a piece of music, even if you're in a hurry. There's no guarantee it'll be good, but at least you'll have a nice little tune for your prods ;)

Well - If anyone has questions or simply want to say hi, do feel free do drop me a note.

And yes - I'll have to get myself a nice, suitable avatar of some sort :)

Punqtured / Eventide ^ Fnuque

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