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General coding questions / Re: Introduction
« on: February 19, 2019 »
Welcome bit7!

Make sure to check  our Purebasic forum section, there's a lot info/source code for you to learn.

General chat / Re: Merry Christmas 2018
« on: January 01, 2019 »
I hope you had a great one!

Happy New Year!

Your opengl framework is working smoothly here, keep it up!

General chat / Re: The Welcoming Committee
« on: November 06, 2018 »
 :hi: TomCat

20 Karma points awarded for everyone who entered the challenge :cheers:

One day I would like to do a demo using 2D animation like those used on a PS3 game called "Puppeteer" (of course not on the scale of awesomeness of this game :)  ), I think they used  this method you've said, it looks really nice and I loved that game.

I'll for sure code more things using js/canvas/webgl in the near future and hope to get more people here interested on this, because now on browsers you can do any kind of hightech demo you can imagine, there's also the new webgl2 that use opengl glsl es3, but you still can do alot with webgl1 too, and of course people can do all sorts of oldschool intros with it . 8)

The end part really surprised me, I though my screen had broken  ;D

I hope one day you meet Mr. Shockwave there in UK, he also like bike adventures  8)

Really welldone @aNdy, liked it alot!

I've found all the hidden parts except for the last and most cool one, but I had to cheat just a little bit by looking at the source code  ::)

Really glad to see such a cool entry, welldone again!

Hehe welldone, I would prefer to shoot some fire on those damn ghosts   :D


@Kirl: 2.5D matte painting looks really interesting, never heard of it before.
I found JS really easy to get, it helps that I've been coding on other languages for some time of course.
WebGL is Opengl ES 2.0 and I've done some of it on my experiments on Android, it was also really nice to code.

@boogop: I've checked webgl before (some years ago), but didn't have enough experience on opengl to fully understand it, also never liked html, always thought it was slow and incompatibly.
Now seems to be a standard that those browsers companies agree to follow (IMHO).


Here is my entry for the challenge!

My first idea was to just make a painting of a scarecrow for practicing, but since I was learning some webgl/javascript I thought I could do something and here it's my first try on web browser coding, there isn't much here, just a particle effect + music player and of course my scarecrow painting.  ;)

I'm really impressed on how much you can do now on browsers these days, very fast and smoothly effects using webgl or even on html5 canvas 2D, pretty cool stuff.

The ScareCrow

Click on the button "Start WebGL Demo" or on canvas to start playing.

Code & Graphics: Rbz
Music: "Blown Away" -
Some webgl code/matrix initialization from developer mozilla tutorial

Nice to see you are using FASM, like it a lot!

I like that fire, but how about use some more bytes to add more colors and make it more shaded?

I think it would be a good coding exercise for you  ;)



Very nice javascript/html5 tutorial!

It's nice to see  all those nice effects done on a browser and running smoothly.

Right now, I'm learning some webgl/javascript myself and I'm really happy with it!  :kewl:

Hi Ampli,

Unfortunately I don't have purebasic nor linux installed, but here some ideas for you to research about it.

Using Energy's example, you will need to remove "wimm.lib" and "kernel32.lib" they are windows specific, on linux you will use SDL.

Use something like this:
Code: [Select]
ImportC "-lSDL2"
Here is a "C" code used to setup sdl audio, I think it should be easy to convert to purebasic:

Code: [Select]
static void synthCallback(void *udata, Uint8 *stream, int len) {
/* the music is stereo - use 32 bit for left and right channel */
static int32_t* sample = (int32_t*)synthBuffer;
int32_t* ptr = (int32_t*) stream;

udata += 0;
int i;
for (i = len / (SYNTH_OUTPUT_SAMPLE_SIZE * SYNTH_CHANNELS); i > 0 ; i--) {
/* loop the track */
if (samplePosition >= MAX_SAMPLES) {
samplePosition = 0;
sample = udata;
/* copy left and right channel at the same time */
*ptr++ = *sample++;

Code: [Select]
/* audio specification */
SDL_AudioSpec audioSpec;
audioSpec.freq = SAMPLE_RATE;
audioSpec.format = AUDIO_S16SYS;
audioSpec.channels = SYNTH_CHANNELS;
audioSpec.silence = 0;
audioSpec.samples = SYNTH_PLAY_BUFFER;
audioSpec.size = 0;
audioSpec.callback = synthCallback;
audioSpec.userdata = synthBuffer;

/* setup audio */
if (SDL_OpenAudio(&audioSpec, NULL)) {
fprintf(stderr, "SDL_OpenAudio() failed\n");

/* no multicore - precalculate the music */

/* start the music */

Another thing to check is how to allocate memory for "synthBuffer", I believe it should be:
Code: [Select]
synthBuffer = AllocateMemory(#MAX_SAMPLES*#SAMPLE_TYPE*2)

General chat / Re: The Welcoming Committee
« on: October 17, 2018 »
 :hi: @ablablablablabla and @js

@aNdy: That's exactly what I was suspecting about the compos here.

This is also what happen on demoparties in general, in my point of view, it's not fair when you have to compete with guys/groups like for eg: Fairlightfarbrausch which coders are all professional, and I don't really know what compo organizers should do, eventually they will find a way to make things fair for newcomers on the demoscene.

But don't get me wrong, I know the value of a competition, it's part of our life, every day we are competing some how, but if we have a chance to make a fair compo - that's what we should do.

Glad to hear you already learned something new by just participating in this challenge.

Simple because for the last competitions we weren't getting much entries and not even people for voting.

Now my idea is to changing it to a "challenge" only, and maybe get more people entering without being stressed out by a competition, as you know we have super experienced demo coders and newbies here. It's just a test challenge and I want to see how it will be received.

@Tetra: mission accomplished :)

@Knurz: oh nooooooo...

@aNdy: just remember it's a challenge for YOU and I believe you can do it :)

But really, those challenges are meant for you to try new things and be creative, no need to do mega productions, just something you never did before, and last but not the least to make this forum alive again which already is worth it.


Challenges & Competitions / Halloween Challenge 2018
« on: September 30, 2018 »

:hanging: DBF Halloween Challenge 2018  :hanging:

  • The theme is "Halloween"
  • You can use any platform that is compatible with: Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and Linux!
  • You may write something for web browsers as long as it works in IE / Chrome / FireFox (or all!)
  • The following emulators are welcome: Vice, Winuae, Saint, PS2 Yabasic
  • Please give credit if you use ripped sound/gfx, or even better credit the original artist.
  • Please write something new for the challenge, no previously released stuff.
  • Do not use ripped routines. (dlls, libs, fmod, sdl, frameworks etc are fine but say what you used please!).
  • Entries to be posted in this forum please with the title [Halloween 2018] entry name
  • Entries may be posted between NOW and until October 31 2018 23:59 GMT [31th October 2018 - 23:59 GMT]
  • Please include a screenshot of your entry in your post.
  • There won't be a voting/poll this time, everyone entering will receive a "good karma" boost, so have some fun!

:rip: Have fun!  :rip:

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