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Hey guys,
we've pretty much all heard about HTML5 and CSS3. Being a web developer, I've been interested on the topic and actually started using it in some projects. Yesterday I found this website made by Adobe and was thinking that it could be used to create interesting browser demos :
Do you have opinions on this? Do you think interesting things could be done with it or it's too soon?

C / C++ /C# / lachose1's road to @party 2011
« on: October 14, 2011 »
Hey everybody, what's up?
Here is the topic explaining pretty much the main reason I joined dbf forums. I've been looking at demos for about two years now, but I only thought about participating to a demoparty about 2 months ago. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot in Montreal. About two days ago, I learned that on the 26th of November, a mini-compo would take place in Montreal called the @party so I decided to jump on this occasion to participate in my first ever compo. I joined with a friend who's more familiar with the demoscene and another with who I usually program projects. I've been a web developer for about 7 years and I've started developing games for fun about 2 years ago in different languages such as BlitzMax and C++. I know a lot about programming, but I've never tried to make a demo so here I am!

My goal with this topic is to prepare myself for the competition which takes place on the 26th of November. I created this topic to post any interrogations I'll encounter during the preparation and to post some progress I make (snippets of code to get feedback etc.). I will use C++ as a programming language and probably OpenGL to handle the graphics. I never worked with OpenGL so that's pretty much what I will need to learn. Here are my current goals for the competition :
  • Learn to code a plasma effect
  • Learn to code a dot matrix
  • Learn to create procedural stuff
  • Learn to code and use a spectrum analyzer

I will post my progress on those goals and I hope to get some great feedback from you guys ;) I will mostly concentrate on creating great 2D effects with maybe some 3D integration for the compo, but for a first prod, I think this would be the most appropriate goal. I'll keep you updated!
Peace! :D

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