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Projects / The Papillons Remake
« on: May 25, 2018 »

I loved this intro back in the days - fast scroller, raster effects and catchy chiptune.
Excuse the bad quality of the logo, I'm such a fail at GIMP/PS..  :crutches:

Source included, only unpacked version attached..

Have fun guys =)

Projects / Something small...
« on: March 04, 2018 »

I played around with GL3 a little bit the last two weeks and want to show what the result of my journey is =).
Nothing big, just a one-screener Amiga-like intro.

As always, source included. In the is a file called wobjbin.c, which is an importer for 3D-Formats based on assimp ( It's written on linux, using gcc-32, so you may run into troubles compiling it on win.

Have fun!

C / C++ /C# / Vulkan is here!
« on: February 18, 2016 »
Hi Guys!

Two days ago Vulkan was released by Khronos with its first final version (1.0.31).

Do you consider to switch from your favorite API to Vulkan or do you stay with DX/GL ?

(I'm posting this in C Forum, because there is only a C/C++ Wrapper available by now).

Have a nice day! =)

General coding questions / HARLAN
« on: July 05, 2013 »
There seems to be a new player in GPU Programming, HARLAN.

Has anybody tried out this new Language ?

Have a nice day!

Projects / 2nd Intro
« on: July 02, 2013 »

After I got a little more free time, I coded my 2nd Intro and I need feedback what you like and what you don't like :).

I hope it works on non-Nvidia Cards because I had no test-person to test it out on non-nv cards.
I call it "Shining" - I hope Kubrick Fans will recognize the carpet pattern ;).
It's not very long, just some functions I glued together.

Its packed with Bero's Exe Packer - maybe your virus scanner will give you alarm (mine did..).

Source included in seperate zip.

Bye and have a nice day.

Edit: To be 100% fair, not 100% of the GLSL Code is from me.. I combined several GLSL stuff I found on the net.

Hi Guys!

I'm starting to get to know GLSL a little bit better and I tried a simple Copper/Rasterbars Shader to get more familiar with the language.
The Shader uses a for-loop to determine if some bar are in distance of the current normalized position...

Code: [Select]
for (int c=RASTERS; c > 0; c--) {
float jd = sin(time+(ANG2RAD*float(c)))*0.2;
yd = 1. - (1./maxRast* abs( jd+YBASE - p.y));
if (yd > 0.) {

I'm a little bit curious about the for-loop initialization and the scope of it's variable "c". If I declare the variable outside of the loop, it works but the value in c is not correct AFTER the for loop has finished - as you can see if no hit occures c should be 0, or should have the "bar"-counter. If I don't declare the variable outside the compiler mocks me that c is not declared (which is a C-like-scope behaviour).

So for now I took a 2nd variable, and if a bar is in distance I copy c to the 2nd variable..

The Scope-behaviour seems different from C.. or I didn't get it right. It seems that this behaviour of scope is only with for-loops...

Have I done something wrong with GLSL or is this the normal behaviour (which would be very curious!) ?

Have a nice day and greets :)

General chat / Mathematics on youtube [GERMAN]
« on: June 07, 2012 »

Wer sich mit Mathematik genauso schwer tut wie ich, das eine recht anschauliche Version des ganzen Vektorenkrams und mit der Rumrechnerei desselben. Wenn man auf den Channel des Users geht sind da noch etliche andere Mathevorlesungen aufgezeichnet, aber da ich eher noch bei den Basics bin, poste ich mal das. :)


Challenges & Competitions / [CUBES] HTTSC
« on: May 04, 2012 »

I considered long if this is worth an entry here. But I'm in a learning process and want to hear your opinions to this :).
So this is my first real OpenGL Stuff done. I played a little around with blending and OpenGL so it's more a "What I have learned while writing this" :).

Please tell me what you like and what you didn't like, I want to learn from my design/program mistakes I've done with this one :).

Projects / First oGL Intro - VROOM Remake
« on: March 20, 2012 »
Hi Guys!

I finished my first openGL Intro - a remake of Vision Factory's "VROOM" Intro which I liked back then in the old days :).

Hope you like it, your opinion would be nice.. I tested it on Systems from my friends ("U want to install a virus!!!") and it worked on several resolutions/Windows Versions. As "source" I took this video: .

I included the sourcecode, maybe its helpful - some debug stuff is still in there.. :).



I'm new to OpenGL and to intro coding and I tried to do a simple scroll effect... which drives me a little crazy :P

To set the vsync setting in the GL I'm using:
Code: [Select]
wglSwapIntervalEXT = wglGetProcAddress("wglSwapIntervalEXT");

if (wglSwapIntervalEXT)

But this is useless if someone has forced his vsync setting to off using his driver. My next thought was to calculate the framerate by myself ( where I found this forum with google... ) and I followed some threads where the guys are talking about a delta-timer which guarantees a solid FPS. So my next thought was about taking a highprecision timer, store the last taken time in a var and sub/compare it with a time taken right now:

Code: [Select]
GetSystemTimeAsFileTime (&ftCurrent);
liconvert.LowPart = ftCurrent.dwLowDateTime;
liconvert.HighPart = ftCurrent.dwHighDateTime;
liCurrent = (double)liconvert.QuadPart/10000;
if (liCurrent - li_oldTime > 16) {
                                        ..... do stuff .....
glClear(GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT | GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT); // Clear Screen And Depth Buffer
li_oldTime = liCurrent;

The situation right now is that the scrolltext flickers .... a little less if vsync is on, a little more if vsync is off. I've tried comparing the "100-nanosecond intervals" from GettSystemTimeAsFileTime but it still flickers.

It seems that my problem is that the program renders sometimes more, sometimes less frames than the Adapter is displaying. Is there any way how I can fix that ? I've checked the dependencies of several intros to see if they are based on OpenGL too, and played around with vsync settings and I never noticed a flicker on effects. So..what am I doing wrong ?

Thanks for your help :).


PS.: I've attached the executable, so you can see my problem. If you are unsure to run it, it's packed with UPX, so just unpack it and you can inspect/check it for safety.

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