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Other languages / Introductions and Greetings
« on: January 06, 2014 »
Firstly my respect to the mods and admins of this forum, thank you for your efforts. Salutations to all. Currently I am a point of sale software/hardware technician. I hail from South Africa and I'm proud of my country, I know recently our nation has been in the spotlight since the passing of our Madiba and in his words, "...we are a nation full of potential..." it is my hope to someday teach under privileged kids the joys of programming and building things with their imaginations. For a child who can barely survive through the day, to put a pixel on the screen and make it move 10 steps then right... And eventually spell out initials, is an awesome sense of achievement to them.

I have always been fascinated by demos. My first introduction was in the early 90's, I remember names like future crew, razor911, asphyxia(who is also South African, I wonder where he is?) it was amazing to see the visuals, the story, the journey, the music, it was a total out of this world experience for a nerdy teen. Obviously I started to ask, how was that done.

I alta vistaD? Read some tutorials, tried assembly coding but ultimately gave up. Due to some hectic recent events I am making a serious attempt into getting into programming. I want to start with demo coding for android, hopefully I chose the correct sub forum, forgive me if I did not, I'm also a newbie to forums. I Have not come across any documentation or tutorials for  demo coding for android, help in this regard will be highly appreciated but I am looking into a game development engine called libgdx

I also understand and respect that this is an art and takes years to master, I am prepared, disciplined and focused to make that journey. I look forward to being part of this community and sharing my adventures or misadventures.

General chat / greetings all
« on: June 11, 2012 »
Hi. I am from south africa. Find demo coding amazing. How do I get started? Also want to involve teens. Programming knowledge is limited but working on improving that. Tried to start a local computer club here read for yourselves

And here id my business that makes no money,

Does anybody provide mentor ship?

Guess got to show something of value first.

Keep well every1

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