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Just released 256boss v0.1: a USB-bootable operating system for running 256byte intros on real hardware (as opposed to dosbox) without having to install DOS. Just install onto a USB stick, copy 256b intros into it, and reboot.


Comes with instructions on how to install to a USB stick for windows and GNU/Linux, and the disk image includes a bunch of 256byte intros to try out.

This is still release 0.1, and some 256byte intros fail to run properly for a number of reasons, including calling un-implemented DOS calls, so there is more that need to be done. I just wanted to get this first version out of the door. It runs a good number of 256b intros you throw at it, and wanted to gauge if there's interest from the community to continue improving it.

If you find something that fails to run on 256boss, even if it's not strictly a 256byte intro (but COM executables only for now), please open an issue on github, and I'll try to make it work as free time allows. Also patches/pull-requests are certainly appreciated.

I wrote a classic-style tetris for the GBA:

It's as close as I could make it to the original gameboy tetris, because I never liked the modern tetris variants.

The game is free software, released under the GPLv3 (or later). Source code on github:

If you don't have a GBA and don't care to install an emulator, here's a video of me playing it on the real thing:

If you try it, let me know what you think.


Hello! Here's my entry for the halloween compo :) It's just a simple effect with acompanying music. I've only compiled it on GNU/Linux for now, but I'm going to port it to windows asap and post a youtube video later tonight.

Consider this a party-version, releasing it now just to catch the deadline. I'll post a proper v1.1 archive after I'm finished with the multiplatform versions, which will include build instructions, dependencies, proper license info etc.

Edit: OK! releasing the final version!
Includes full source code and compiled binaries for linux (64bit) macosx (64bit) and windows (32bit vista+):

Download links:

Youtube video capture:

Let me know if you have any issue running this.

Challenges & Competitions / [UDG] Printblobs
« on: February 20, 2013 »
Hey everyone!

I hacked something together for this compo. It's a bunch of metaballs (and metafloor :) rendered with a halftone dithering technique (implemented as a pixel shader).

The full source code is included, released under the terms of the GNU GPLv3 (or later), see README and COPYING for details.
The code is cross-platform and should work everywhere, linux (32 & 64bit) and windows (32bit) binaries are included in the archives printblobs.tar.gz and respectively. Apart from the different binaries (and the fact that the windows package contains some dlls), both archives are identical (same source code).

My last blog post seems like a good fit in this section, here it goes:

It describes methods of generating multiple sub-pixel sample positions within the area of a pixel, for doing anti-aliasing, and monte-carlo rendering techniques in ray tracers.

I've written a few more tutorial-ish articles in the past, I'll post more of them here if there is interest.

Projects / A game project I'm working on
« on: November 12, 2012 »
Hey people!
I wanted to post something here, and I thought I'd post a video capture of a game project I'm working on. It has a long way to go yet, this is just a prototype to try out a couple of things:
- Deferred shading for lots of dynamic light sources (notice the specular highlights on the walls from the torches and the separately flickering light sources). The idea is that all effects in the game (spells, magic crystals, fiery monsters, etc) will cast dynamic light.
- Positional audio and streaming music with OpenAL
- An idea for layered tile-based dungeons (so base tiles with detail tiles on top, etc).

The only thing I didn't like so far is the tile system. Even with detail tiles, the square grid is too restrictive. I'll implement a much more powerful tile-based system idea I had.

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