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C / C++ /C# / Help on WinForms UserControls
« on: November 29, 2012 »
Hi all,

I'm starting to build more advanced WinForms programs and one of them is an image viewer that I hope to maintain a lighter interface than Windows Photo Viewer.

I have animations for UI elements done, and have plans set out for the rest of the application's features.

I am stuck, though, on the actual image display portion. I could not find any useful code snippets on the web for adding a zooming functionality that can easily be programatically controlled, so I decided to write one from scratch.

I don't have much experience with matrices as that seems to be the obvious solution, so I've come up with a nasty hack where the image fills up the control's client space and resizes the control by a zoom factor controlled by a property all based on the image's size.

I guess what I'm looking for are some tips on more effective ways of getting a zooming functionality. If need be I can post screenshots of the application and/or bits of code.

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