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Hi, I am totally frustrated because mostly none of the fantastic intro/cracktro-remakes do work on my system.
So I decided to compile them from the sources on my machine.
I sent an email to the purebasic-guys to sell me a version that IS working on a P3/1400 with Win98se (the current demo does not).
I also asked for a native MacPPC Version for my 1,5Ghz MacMini. It would be a big deal if I can compile them on the mac too. I think none has done that before.

I'll keep you updated!


Blitz / Win95-Version of BB+ required
« on: November 05, 2017 »
Does anyone have a win95 friendly version of BB2D or BB+.
I have 1.47 but this needs win98(se).
I would love to do some test with the code snipps shown here.


Freebasic / DIY possible?
« on: February 05, 2016 »
Hi, I am a big fan of oldskool Demos/Intros with oldskool effects.
I do not know anything about programming.

My development-system is a Celeron433 Win98se DX6.1 Voodoo3 machine.
In this forum there are some "code-snipps" for "freebasic" shown.
My first idea is to install freebasic to that machine und try out some codes that are already proven to be working.

The latest version of freebasic comes with some dx9-basic-demos, but I have DX6.1.
Is it a good idea to use that latest version of freebasic or should I go for a very old one for my dx6.1 machine?

Is it possible to generate something under these circumstances?

Please let me know what you think.


Hi, I found some very nice looking Intros/Crackstros that should perhaps run on my RetroPC (DX6.1a, Voodoo3, Celeron 433)
But all the stuff is not downloadable. I have searched for a longer time, but I can't get in contact to him/them.
I wish I could download these Demos/Cracktros anywhere because I am collecting oldshool-stuff for my oldschool-machine :)

- "Drunken Nanomites" is perhaps a Crew and "C3lt1c" is a (former?) member of it ?
- "C3lt1c" has coded for this site too (Dark Bit ​​Factory) see comment1
- "C3lt1c" knows/knew "zerofl4g"
- I tried to get in contact with him over this thread, but it does not seem to work

Perhaps someone knows him :)

Please ask him to upload his cool retro-stuff again. That would be very nice!!!


Hi, I love old retro-style demos. Stutterfree-Scrolling, rasterbars, e.g.
My retro-PC has a P2-celeron and dx6.1 and a voodoo3.
Perhaps someone has some old stuff (before 2000) that will work
with my machine.


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