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Freebasic / CooperMaster [Source-Compilation]
« on: April 30, 2018 »
Dear Sirs,

i found the CopperMaster source on your great site and i was very happy  :|| because this is a very amazing remake and it is in FB!
I downloaded the source and the nzo_funcs from here:

In addition i downloaded the TinyPTC_EXT++ from the fixed thread. I added all to the source but i'm not able to compile it.
I got some errors like duplicate variables and then the FB-Compiler breaks down  :'(.

I can't decrunch the CopperMaster.exe because of the VirusKiller. But that's not important, i only want to compile the source.

I'm not a FreeBasic pro, i'm coming from C++ and Java but i'm learning FB now for about 5 days and i want to learn from the demo source how to code these fantastic oldschool effects.
I want recode Amiga and C64 cracktos/ demos too.

It would be very great of you if you could provide infos, step-by-step descriptions on how to compile the sources and perhaps new working source files .

I hope my question is not too stupid and you have not a lot of work if you help but we can really learn a lot from it!

My system:
Windows 10 Pro
FreeBASIC 1.05.0 for Windows (ickl. Setup)
TinyPTC_Ext++ from the fixed thread on your site
nzo_funcs from the link above

This is the first error-output:

C:\PROGRAMMIERUNG\FreeBasic\fbc -lang deprecated -s gui "CopperMaster.bas"
D:\PROGRAMMIERUNG\FREE_BASIC\000 ZIP'S 000\nzo_funcs.bas(8) error 4: Duplicated definition, PI
  Const AS DOUBLE PI=3.1415926535897932
D:\PROGRAMMIERUNG\FREE_BASIC\000 ZIP'S 000\nzo_funcs.bas(84) warning 18(1): The length of the parameters list is too large, consider passing UDT's BYREF, BlitImage
D:\PROGRAMMIERUNG\FREE_BASIC\000 ZIP'S 000\nzo_funcs.bas(142) warning 18(1): The length of the parameters list is too large, consider passing UDT's BYREF, BlitImage

When I comment the Const PI the compiler breaks down

Best regards and many thanks for your help and advice,

General coding questions / 3D rendering with 2D Objects
« on: February 20, 2016 »
Dear Sirs,

first of all a big :cheers: for this great Forum.
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away I watched some Demos of DBF and The Tin Dragons.
In these Demos (B3D) the groups used only the 2D commands of B3D to render 3D Objects such as cubes (Glenz-Vectors), vector-scrolls etc.!

I coded my 3D Stuff with the 3D objects of DX, OpenGl, B3D etc, till now. I searched the net for some simle and useful tutorials and/ or code snippets which describe how I have to use projecton-, transformation-, rotation matrices and/ or quaternions to render 3D stuff (first primitives like Cubes, spheres). But sadly I couldn't find any good stuff :skint:.
Every language B3D ,BB ,FB, VB6, VB DotNet, C# etc. perhaps with the help of GDI+ but no DX, Opengl or any 3D library!

Are you able to help me out? ;)

Thanx a lot,

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