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Challenges & Competitions / [LED] 1.22% Led by God
« on: December 21, 2008 »
This intro was coded and the music composed actually in just 2 days (I began yesterday) because of this busy christmas time, so you could almost call it a party place-prod :) ... it is kinda misbehaving to even release it but I don't care.

Don't judge it like you would our better prods!! :P

Anyways good xmas all sceners out there! Next year is gonna be hopefully as cool as this was.

Tested on ati cards+Vista (sorry so hurry) (xmas sucks when it comes to coding demos!)


// UPDATE : Updated version coming soon!! It's raped right now.

42k demo, some dungeon stuff and some giana stuff.
Combines 2d and 3d.

Renders everything in 128x64.

Credits to Stormbringer for his cool .sid lib. I love it.

It wasn't easy to get things look good at this resolution!

Had to draw pixels always very close to the view in each scene.

Should work on xp, vista.


Shocky suggested it might help, if I would use the nearest filtering instead, so I did.

The version 2 with nearest gfx is below the original one to download.

Hope that makes it more legal/acceptable to the kompo.

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