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Purebasic / Star Wars Scroller / Crawler
« on: December 21, 2017 »
Has anyone ever managed to do a decent Star Wars scroller/crawler in PB without using the 3D engine or any other 3rd party 3D libraries like MP3D or Epyx?
I tried ages ago and failed but having been inspired by the latest movie release i've tried again and think I may have cracked it this time.  It's still early but it's working very smoothly and without and 3D libraries, just standard PB calls.  I'll make it into library and add a piece of test code when I have a bit more time as it's just an initialization call with the text address, width and height of the screen then a call from within the main loop to keep it going.
Quick screenshot of work in progress.

Projects / The Fingerbobs - Ripped Off 87 remake
« on: August 26, 2017 »
Here's a quick remake i've just discovered by The Fingerbobs from 1991.  Watched the little man for ages on this animation and still cant's figure out where it starts !

Projects /'s been a while...
« on: April 28, 2017 »
Long time since a I coded anything so I turned on the laptop this week and found another remake to do just to keep my brain firing.
It's a relatively simple one from Lightnings consisting of the following:

3 different size scrolltexts
Info text in the top raster controllable by UP/DOWN arrows.
Raster VU bars
Rasterblinds changing main logo.

Tested on Win32/64

General chat / Merry Christmas 2016
« on: December 24, 2016 »
I'd like to wish everyone here a very Merry Christmas for 2016.  :xmas:  And in the true spirit of giving, here's a little Christmassy intro I knocked up in the past couple of days.  Have a great time ....and remember, never eat yellow snow !

There have been a few other tutorials in here over the years so I thought I would add my own but this one is purely designed for remaking Atari ST cracktros in PureBasic.  Like the other ST ones there are a few tools which I have provided in the zip along with the PDF I have put together recently.
This tut rips apart D-Bug cracktro and puts it neatly together with all the relevant parts with the code included.
More complex tuts will follow if anyone finds it handy.   :-\

Projects / Back once again...
« on: November 09, 2016 »
...with yet more ST remakes.

This time with 3 from the Replicants and one from a group called Impact.

Here goes:
Replicants - Vroom multiplayer cracktro:
This screen has a simple parallax star/blob field, a typed 16x16 message text, 2 x sinus lines and a nice slow bouncing scrolltext.

Replicants - Shadow of the beast cracktro:
Start with a 64x64 scrolltext then goes into a 3D vector line RPL text with a 3D 'Replicants' logo along with a red star board behind.  Easy to rip the font and music but the vectorline and logo took the most time to work out.

Replicants - Elvira cracktro:
Lots and lots going on in this one and it took 3 days to do in total to complete.
8 moving rasterbars, 2 x 3 channel VU meters, 3 large raster VU meters, 2 x 32 pixel vertical scrolltexts, 2 x 64 pixel scrolltexts, multiple 16 pixel rasterised scrolltexts, large moving logo that goes behind the main face image every other time it goes off the bottom of the screen and 2 x MAXI logo distortions.  Phew!

Impact 96 - Zool cracktro:
Ripped and converted this one in only a few hours. It consists of a 128x64 pixel sine distorted scrolltext, a starfield, a static changing message (same as scrolltext), 2 x sinus lines and a 3D vector line pyramid flying around the screen.

All attached here.

I'm currently working on a tutorial on how to rip a cracktro from start to finish using STeem and coding it in this space.

Here's my contribution to this years comp.
You will need DX9 installed for this to work otherwise you will receive a missing dll error.
Luckily though I have included it for you in the dll folder so just copy it to the exe folder to work properly - cos i'm good like that.   :)

General chat / Beer and coding....coming to
« on: April 08, 2016 »
Now that I have your attention.   I will be travelling across Europe very soon for the next few months as I have been given time off from my job for good behaviour!.  ;D
I thought it would be nice to actually meet some of the people I have been in contact with on this forum in the past few years and actually put a face to a name/alias.
I will be starting my travels in my campervan from the UK into the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, and hopefully Spain if it doesn't get too hot for my pale skin and I thought it would be nice to meet someone for a beer or two if I happen to be in your vicinity.

So, with that in mind PM me if you are in Europe and would like to share a beer..........

Purebasic / Lexicos intro source
« on: March 29, 2016 »
Hello again all. 
Here's a bit more Purebasic code (v5.42) for my Lexicos intro.
It's as close as I could get to the original and is commented so you should be able to follow it and play about with it.
It uses my custom Vectorlines library (x86 built) so please try it out as I'd like to know if it works on other systems.
Please feel free to butcher/edit it as much as you want and play about with the 3D files.  Even create your own and upload your efforts here again.
Copy the UserLibraries folder to your PB PureLibraries folder and restart PB.

PS.  I've tried to edit and test this whilst at work in between people walking past so if it doesn't work or if there are any spelling mistakes, then you can blame my colleagues!


Purebasic / Stax - Anarchy Intro Source
« on: March 14, 2016 »
As promised, here's the fully commented source for the Stax - Anarchy intro along with my OSME replay library adapted from Zippys original so it doesn't use any exernal dll.
Copy the contents of the UserLibraries folder into you own and restart PB before loading the code.


Projects / Stax conversion x 2 + Source
« on: March 11, 2016 »
Started another remake/conversion from Stax.  An Intro which is also a conversion of an Amiga intro by Anarchy.  My first double conversion  ;D
Almost finished it as I just need to tidy up the palette swapping of the Stax logo.  When it's done i'll release the source for it too in the Purebasic section after I comment it.  .... It's good to share  ;)

Projects / Stax menu remake - Projekt Prometheus
« on: February 28, 2016 »
Another remake from Stax this time with a nice twisty scroller that winds around a static bar.  Took a while to figure how this effect was created but finally sussed it in a Eureka moment.  Also a simple starfield, and big bouncing logo and menu text changing colours.  Cool music from Jess of the Overlanders too.

Projects / BBC Menu 46
« on: January 30, 2016 »
Been busy lately and finished another remake from the Bad Brew Crew.  A nice intro with lots of 3D vector objects with a nice reflection.
it looked straight forward to do but involved lots of timers and syncing and re-creating the objects from scratch.  Looks neat though.  :kewl:

Projects / Labyrinthe de Lexicos Intro remake
« on: January 26, 2016 »
Ok, another one from Atari Legend as I think their intros were really cool.  Still a few more to do too  ;)
This is the STe version with a nice mod this time by maktone rather than the STFM Big Alec chiptune.

Started on another remake a few days ago and at first sight it looked a bit daunting with 10 3D wireframe objects to rip or re-create as data points.  It also has a 64x64 bouncing raster font scroller created using data points,a 3D rotating starfield and a full screen flashing logo.  A LOT of work.
Here's a screen from the original intro and what I have so far......hopefully i'll be finished soon.........  ???

DemoZoo link:

Here's my late entry for this years Halloween comp. This time in 3D !!!
3D pumpkin, samples (lots of hence the large file size), and images all takes from various online sites.  The  eyeballs are my own though  ;D
Just use the selector for windowed or fullscreen - or just quit   ;)
I'm off out now to a Halloween party, so enjoy - if you dare !!


Here's my entry for the Amiga compo after just changing some of the music in it, hence the larger size this time. I didn't have loads of time but put together some effects I was thinking of using in other intros.  Probably still a few bugs but can't spot them just yet  ;D
Now back to work.....

Projects / New D-Bug remake
« on: August 29, 2015 »
Just spotted that D-Bug /Aggression had another new intro on  I really like this one with the floating bubbles and nice tune.
I quickly took it apart and have remade it as I was having withdrawl symptoms being away from my laptop  ;D
Almost screwed it up by installing Windows 10 on it though when it disabled the Administrator account! - but that's another story.  :o

Projects / Lots more remakes
« on: August 14, 2015 »
I've finished a pile of cracktro remakes recently as i've had a month off before I start a new job.  I doubt i'll have much time once I start on Monday to do more in the near future. So, here goes:

Atari legend - Spirit of Adventure.           Nice  3D filled cube.  Starts off black so be patient!
Blue Software CD 107.                            Starfiled with a nice (complicated to code) font writer
Cobra CD 27.                                          Starfield with vectorball numbers + reflection.
Lemmings 25.                                         Fullscreen rasters, scrolltext, moving VU boxes, bouncing sprites
Lemmings 26.                                         Scrolltext and lots of coloured 3d boxes. No sprites were used in the making of this remake!
Pure Energy 36.                                      Multicoloured vectorball waving square + reflection.

Here's the dropbox link to the zips as I can't post more then 10 files.


Projects / NEXT 2nd Charts Intro
« on: July 29, 2015 »
Another remake using a modified version of my new vectorbobs library that I will be posting soon.  A new group this time for me and quite a nice little intro with vectorbobs, a starfield and a vertical message text and all reflected in the lower half 'water' of the screen and nice Mad Max tune. Tricky but worth doing as I think it looks really neat.

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