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Challenges & Competitions / [LIQUID] H2Optimal
« on: April 10, 2010 »
Hello again. Here's my second entry.:inspired:

Im Friken sick of sinewaves now. :whack:

Freebasic / Bobfresh's - Demo Source Code
« on: March 12, 2010 »
- THIS PAGE IS BEING UPDATED BY BOB RIGHT NOW - Errors may occur call back in 5 Mins  ;)

Hi peeps, I've decided to release the Freebasic source from my entry's into any DBF Competitions here.
I'll keep my source code to this thread only because I don't want to spam lots of learners stuff.

DBZ has taught me so much and I continue to learn. Thanks Guys.


Liquidize Retro (Filterbase.rar)- Win32, FBGfx, fmod (4 votes)
A wireframe cube spinning and bouncing over a watery ripple effect.
Functions   : RippleEffect - Fire'n'Ice type sine-wave ripples. Inspired by MissingLink extension for Atari ST S.T.O.S Basic.
Bugs:Issue rendering the cube. Render code doesn't correct for the cubes repositioning further away from the camera.
Additional Credits: The fantastic chip tune is by MAF and was used without permission. In my rush I forgot to research its source and ask if i could use it. I'm so SORRY  for that maf if you're reading this. More tunes by maf here

H2Opitimal (H2Opitimal .rar ??? )- Win32, FBGfx, fmod (2 votes)
2-Tone demo was supposed to be the end-credits of the Liquidized above.However time was against me and this became a small lesser entry.
Functions   :A reasonably realistic bubble sim object draws different sized bubbles with size relative move speed.Bubbles also appear to vary due to water resistance on parts of the bg.(Boblogo+Main text).

SineWavesInWater (???.rar)- Win32, FBGfx, fmod (not entered)
Another 2-Tone cracktro-like demo that was supposed to be the intro of Liquidized. Time was short so this was unused.
Functions   :Droplet Splash object for drawing semi-realistic water on the main screen section.

Thats all folks...
Release Name( RarFile.rar ) - Api's used
InspiredBy - Ideas - Functions of interest to you.
Additional Credits (besides me )

TA - DA!!!  :carrot:


CPU: Approx 1.5 Ghz min w/mmx support. (Any P2+ or Athlon should do fine.)
GFX:Pure Software so any..

Heres my first entry in any compo ever .. so be nice.
I went retro because im still learning gl. and it hurts my brain.
maybe next time ill strain your gfx card instead of your cpu  ;) :D

Ive now fixed the issues with Intel processors. Just Drop the Intel version in the same folder as the AMD only version. Amd users can try both.

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