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Hello everyone, I did some tests when I started to learn PB 5 months ago and here an interesting one that could help other PB beginners. Sorry for the French comments, few words are in english. Should be easy to figure out what I'm doing.
(I didn't put credits, but everybody should know SOTB ;P)

Challenges & Competitions / [CHRISTMAS] Willy xmas
« on: December 20, 2007 »
I made some dirty job/messy code but did my best to make things works. I'm also happy to show something for the first time to demo sceners. In my heart everything stayed like in 1987 when I saw a Replicants intro on my Atari 520 STf. (I wish I was a demo scenerâ„¢ feeling since so many years. Maybe one day...)
I was planning to work on this even being like this :crutches: hehe, until the limit but I had a problem today which had ruined my desire of competition. (a bug on a game that put me in a very sucky situation)

But hey it's J-1, christmas compo!! :xmas:
Have fun with my little Willy (he's my man, since I'd an Amstrad CPC in 1986 ;p)

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