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Other languages / Re: Democoding with Java?
« on: January 10, 2021 »
I use OpenGL with java, work fine and it just as fast as anything else. Not to mention you get portability to all operating systems for free !
File size can be a little on the fatter side as these days in java you bundle in a copy of the javaVM to run it on.

Game Showcase / Asteroids Java/OpenGL
« on: January 10, 2021 »
Simple little asteroids clone made in Java using OpenGL.

Projects / mode 7 in OpenGL
« on: April 29, 2019 »
Recreated the SNES's mode 7 in OpenGL. just thought id share as there are some good people on these forums and might help encourage others.

it still needs work. for example to do rotation i rotate the texture UV co-ords. not the texture its self. which creates the effect of having the whole screen rotate rather than just the texture when viewed with the scanline scaling enabled. Its my first OpenGL program.

I also implemented it on the CPU in C/SDL and was dropping many frames, doing everything per pixel with for loops for anything high res. Or even low res for that matter.

thats so funny KrazyK, i didnt enter the compo, but i had the idea to do the exact same kinda think you did here !! fire effect inside of a pumpkin !

good job ! looks cool

ill be sitting this one out, as im taking up java again and am still finding my feet using it. I will enter a Christmas one if you guy want to set one up at the end of this compo

C / C++ /C# / Re: stb libraries
« on: April 16, 2018 »
looks like it can do allot more than just images.

how do you actually compile and include it ? there are no .c files ! its all in the header files ? ive never seen something like that before

C / C++ /C# / Re: stb libraries
« on: April 16, 2018 »
nice, i might use this as i use sdl, and that only works with bmp files

General chat / Re: DBF Challenge theme
« on: April 13, 2018 »
I cool with you're idea rbz.

but my suggestion would be to do a simple animated menu screen or a title/credits screen. for example ..
matrix rain intro to the matrix movie.
or a game menu screen like
megaman on the NES or
metroid prime for the game cube

should be easy to bang one out in a months time.

Hey guys heres a cool metaball tutorial by daniel shiffman who also has other cool tutorials relevant to demoscene coding.
As metaballs are popular in the demoscene i thought id post this one. i hope it helps out people (like me) who has trouble
in written tutorials when they throw to much math at you with not enough explanation behind it.

well you can leave out perspective projection all and just plot the X and Y of a 3d point for orthogonal projection.
or you can just divide the X and Y by the Z component for perspective projection. its that easy. It will give a 90 degree field of view.

This video by BennyTheBox explains it fairly well.

as for transformation matrices i reccomend your try it out in 2D first, try kahn acadamy videos on the subject.

Freebasic / Re: DIY possible?
« on: February 08, 2016 »
I think your artificially limiting your self, making the process of learning harder for you. If you have a modern Mac machine i would look into the processing programming language environment to begin learning. Its basicly java which is a C style language. The programs you write will work on the big 3. Apple, windows and linux. so when you upgrade your old computer all your programs will just work with 0 changes.

After you learn the basics with that then i think you can go back and do the harder stuff. Coding fast stutter free routines for older hardware is harder than on a modern machine. and requires lots of difficult to understand tricks that beginner programmers can sometime find hard and give up before they produce anything.

Freebasic / Re: DIY possible?
« on: February 05, 2016 »
personally i recommend you update your dev machine. and leave your decade+ old machine for running legacy applications/demos ect. That way you can use modern dev tools like everyone else and run code they give you to help you along. that should make learning easier for you.

having said that, your old machine should still be fine to code with. just focus on the basics first. like ploting a pixel, then  line drawing algorithm ect.

General chat / Re: Mircosoft Surface 3
« on: January 20, 2016 »
well because its new it might be under warranty. ive never used a surface so i dont know if its common. maybe check some computer enthusiast forums and see if anyone else has had the same issues

I heard about processing which can do python and Java plus there more to come(I think it can do opengl too). It more of graphics programming which can be good things.

Yeah. processing programs can also be saved without modification to javascript to be embedded in webpages. which could be good for showing people animations running in realtime.

perhaps for more advanced stuff like shaders, shadertoy would be a better option however.

Im just not sure if its a good idea to post tutorials in the forum or to submit a tutorial to the admins so they can put it in dedicated webpage where youtube videos or a processing program can be embedded into the page. as im not sure thats possible in a forum post.

but yeah there will always be one post wonders who come and go. That can't really be avoided. But im sure the people that show enough interest will stick around.

I dont know i think people are just busy with life and all that stuff . To make things more active i think people should put forward some simple tutorials. Wouldn’t it be good if we all started to create a resource that catalogues all the classic demo effects. from scrollers, to star fields and tunnels to twisters. Information on some effects i find lacking on the web, for example classic  the lens effect. If we build up a database of effects DBF could be a resource that lots of people will follow. I think we should put a heavy emphasis on newbies and not assume everyone is a maths genius.

Due to the variety of languages i think we should stick to pseudo code. or pick one common language to code examples in. My vote would be for processing. Its C style, modern. and dose away with all boilerplate code, and works on all 3 major platforms. I'm happy to contribute effects that I know, in the tutorials section. we could think about setting up a Github containing the finished products.

Having once resource will help more people join and that means more people to contribute more effects and techniques that others in DBF can benefit from. Having people like hellfire here is a real win as he seems to know allot.

I implemented the HugoElias tutorial and came away with some really cool looking fire ! its the cooling map addition that really makes this effect look good.

it's retroish, it sounds good, it looks good... win-win for me! soooooooo many effects in a single prod make me cry as I can't code a single rotating cube or even a rotozoomer!!

i figured how to do a rotozoomer just a week or so ago, there not to difficult. I may do a tutorial once i have some spare time.

Challenges & Competitions / Re: CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE?
« on: December 22, 2015 »
Heres my christmas intro. 3d starfield, sine snowfall, and rotozoomer. enjoy ! (executable is for windows, I have a linux one for those who want it)

damn if only i had more time !! i have to go to my stupid job !

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