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General chat / Re: Emulators for smartphone OS?
« on: September 28, 2015 »
To the best of my knowledge there are no ios emulators for windows.

Android you can use something like Geanymotion which allows you to set up emulation of phone or tablets and works reasonably well, it does require an account but is free, the account just gives access to downloads for different emulator setups like samsung galaxy phones or tablets etc.

I have no idea about windows phone emulation but having used my dads win8 phone its pretty much like windows 8 tiles.

General chat / Re: App Game Kit Sales
« on: July 07, 2015 »
AGK2 is in the latest Humble Bundle along  with alot of other stuff for $12, thats about 8 !!!!!

I got it off them awhile back, think hotshot did post here about it, might have been in the blitz forum here.

To be honest its well worth grabing a free copy if your a windows user, I mean whats not to like, its free  ;D

Some cool stuff here :)

Been an age since I have really done any sort of coding but for some reason over the last few days I have been wanting to make a game, but wasnt sure what, started trawling my unfinished stuff and came across my giana sisters clone, never finished it and it is some horrible code but it got me thinking, so I dug in had a mess around and got it running at 720p just for the hell of it then fiddled round with the graphics, borrowing some from a certain plumbers newer games to see how a hd platformer on pc might look. Turns out, pretty good so I am probably going to build a new engine from the ground up and make a platformer.

Anyway here's a screenie of the test I did just so its not a wall of text  ;)

Nice looking gem, any hints on the type of game :D

I havent had much free time today, but made myself a new desktop background using blender, nothing to fancy just some dice. Was getting bored of the dwarf i had there before :P

might as well attach it as a pic  :)

** Slightly off topic bit **

Not sure I followed your 1st post correctly but it reads to me like your c# GUI is using a c++.dll to access the c++.dll with the synth in? Or do you mean you have a c++.dll with the synth in which also contains a seperate group of c++ functions to expose the synth functions to c#? 

Either way it sounds overly complex, wouldnt it be easier to have the synth functions in the dll directly exposed to c# since the dll is by the sound of it only really for use with the editor and you will static link the synth .lib for actual production?  Not having done much in c# I assume you added the wrapper as c# needs the funcions called slightly differently than c/c++ would, but your I would assume compiling 2 different versions of the lib for static and dynamic linking by the sound of it so why not make the dll version more c# friendly to start with :)

**On Topic Bit**

On your current memory leak issue, I would hazard a guess that the main c# code is ok but the calls made by/to the dll for the synth are not and windows is for whatever reason assigning VS as the original calling exe, hence why it clears when you close it. Your synth dll is probably allocating memory thats not done in a managed way somewhere so isnt being GC'd by the c# side, if your wrapper functions are actually to work round that then perhaps look into them? I have seen posted about this sort of issue with using dll's with c#, tho not exactly how you'ved discribed, and its always to do with the managed vs unmanaged memory so its probably something to do with that here as well.

Probably all stuff you know how to do, certainly better than me in c#, but sometimes when were staring at are own code we miss simple things so checking the basic's from a friendly nudge never hurts :)

Not the most helpful post I have ever written but my c# skills are abit crap  :-[

Projects / Re: HLSL Tunnel
« on: June 26, 2012 »
Hmm, would have to be a very very old ati, I think any radeon hd is sm3+, mines only a hd4890 so its 2 or 3 generations old now itself, sure you have the dx dll I listed in the 1st post? If your not a big PC gamer you might not have an upto date dx install.


Projects / Re: HLSL Tunnel Bump Attempt
« on: June 26, 2012 »
Well I had a go at using a normal map in this tunnel, while it adds a slightly different look it doesn't feel right to me, probably due to the actual tunnel lighting being faked in the shader code and needing to work out how to us it with the normals from the map. Pretty sure I am not doing that right but I am pretty happy to actually get the shader using 2 textures. Still this is keeping me opening the ide for a few hours having some fun and that's what its all about in the end  ;)

Attached a zip with the original and the attempted bump mapping so you can see the difference, haven't packed the exe's as a few friends had there av software claim it was infected when upx'd :-\ 


Projects / Re: HLSL Tunnel
« on: June 26, 2012 »
Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated.

Not sure about the blackscreen in fullscreen mode, i get that for a fraction of a second while it deals with the shader and texture loading but it runs fine, could it be the backbuffer format, I dont specify it in widowed mode but use D3DFMT_A8R8G8B8 for fullscreen? cant think of anything else that's different.


Projects / HLSL Tunnel
« on: June 25, 2012 »
Having managed to get ps_3_0 shaders going I decided to try and make something moving, based the code off a glsl example from iq's shadertoy. Would probably have taken far less time if I actually new any hlsl before hand but I figured it out as I went along and got texture loading going by hacking into my bmax code a way to use the D3DX9_43.dll, this means you need the latest dx install for this to work but why wouldnt a windows user have that anyway :P

Also needs a shader model 3 card, it will likely crash on anything lower.

If you feel like letting me know if it works and what your windows version and gfx card is feel free, would be useful to see how it runs on nvidia as I only have ati :)

I know this could  be done in 1k or less in c/c++ but doing it in bmax is kinda cool, I dont really see anyone else doing it, and this is more an off shoot from me learning directx.


General coding questions / Re: HLSL ps_3_0 issue
« on: June 24, 2012 »
WooT got a mandelbrot working in a shader :) Yeah its got an orbit trap on it which I dont like.
Gives me 60fps with vsync on, will see if i can pass in values so it can be zoomed in and moved about, could be fun.

General coding questions / Re: HLSL ps_3_0 issue
« on: June 24, 2012 »
Thanks for taking a look rbz, I have also discovered that using a vertex shader fixed the issue and had just come on to post it incase anyone else had this issue.

I came across a similiar question to mine by someone using xna and the response they got was about ps_3_0 needing a vertex shader or it used some fallback that effectively makes it not render anything. So I tried it out and got the simple shader working. However a few others I have tried are not giving the results they should but at least getting something going is a start. Not really sure were I am going with this it just seemed like something cool to try and get working using bmax :)

I need to actually learn abit more about HLSL syntax and what it can and cant do to write something more interesting but now i atleast have a nice testbed to try stuff out.


General coding questions / HLSL ps_3_0 issue
« on: June 22, 2012 »
Hi all, I have been trying to get a HLSL shader working in bmax, its the simple setup, render a fullscreen quad then use a pixelshader, the code is based off an dx9 example from rbz for c++ and iq's frameworks. I can get it to use the simple ps_2_0 shader that iq has in that framework fine, but any attempt I make at doing a ps_3_0 shader results in nothing being rendered but the background cls colour. Having not really done much HLSL stuff I am not sure if its something I am doing wrong or not.

This is the ps_2_0 shader code that works with ps_2_0 as the target.
Code: [Select]
float4 ps_main(float2 u:TEXCOORD):color
return float4(u.x,u.y,0.4,1);

If i change the shader target to ps_3_0 should this still compile and display?
I am not getting a compile error and the exe runs, I just dont get anything on screen. I have tried a few different shaders that are ment to be ps_3_0 ones but all give me the same blank screen so I am thinking there's something else i need to do for ps_3_0, probably in how the quad is rendered or some dx transform setting I am missing? but I havent found a simple example that uses this level shader.

Hopefully someone on here can point me in the right direction  :)


Projects / Re: Abandoned projects
« on: June 04, 2012 »
Screenie looks cool Padman, but the file in the zip doesnt seem to work i get a black lowres screen and had to manually close it for not responding.

General chat / Re: klystrack!
« on: June 02, 2012 »
For the Bmax users, if you dont feel like copying the libksndstatic.a into your bmax lib folder and would rather have it in the projects folder (I know some people prefer this) then you can do so, just change the import line from
Code: [Select]
Import "-lksndstatic"to
Code: [Select]
Import "libksndstatic.a"
Nice job on wrapping this player guys, now lets seem some of you creative types make some tunes in it :D

There's one of my old GDI based filled vector engines in the C forum, its fairly well commented and does the 3d in 2d transform. I wouldnt say its the best method of drawing the vector shapes but the transformation code is fairly simple to follow.  I used a version of it in Blitz for years :)

The attachment doesnt work, but the codes in the thread should, just needs an object I think.

Thread revival  :carrot:

Had an hour to spare so I had a go at modelling and texturing a object, settled on a sword. Texture needs some work but it's better than it started out :)

General chat / Re: First boot of Raspberry Pi!
« on: May 28, 2012 »
Its cool seeing people this interested in such a cheap piece of kit. Probably cost more for all the extra bits to plug into it than the unit itself, excluding the TV ofc which is bound to be more :D

General chat / Re: Raspberry PI
« on: May 26, 2012 »
Looking forward to seeing were you guys go with these. Wonder how many demo coders have purchased them.

Long time since I posted anything new, hadnt really done much but I recently picked up the ide after chatting with a few people. Dived into my old 3d engine I was making to see if I could get a working normalmap shader going to display there models. While it kinda works I cheated the light/tangent calcs so it can appear to flip the normals at certain light positions but it atleast did what I set out to do and got me back inside an ide :D

Pic and exe attached. Badly painted and modelled shoulder pad are also by me  ;D

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