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With OSX Tiger 10.4 and up there is a very nice tool included with xcode. it's called "quartz-composer".
I am currently checking this thing...
Interesting. I can convert the audio to a movie and play it while composing the video.
Now I have to figue out how to get oldshool-2d stuff (Starfield, Scrollers, Copperbars) out of quartz-composer.

First! working code in OSX :)

I modified the code "swinging copperbars" and now I do not get any error-message.
It works and I can produce a working binary :)

Now I will do some experiments with that code.

Purebasic / Re: Cracktro code
« on: March 11, 2019 »
Thx for that beautiful stuff. Any chance of getting that KK_OSMELibraryX86 to Mac/G4-PPC
so that I can compile this beautiful stuff on my G4-Mini/PPC 10.1 Xcode 2.5 PureBasic 4.61 environment?

That would be cool.

Purebasic / Re: Purebasic... on OSX!
« on: March 08, 2019 »
Nope I stopped activities last 5 years...  :-[

can you please sent me the old stuff  (sources) that you have done for osx/ppc ?


Yesterday I did manage to get my G4 MacMini updated to Tiger (10.4.11) with every update that is available.
Now I can start safari and browase to Interestingly enough the website loads and generates 100%
cpu load just for that small "wobbeling" Logo at the top. Btw. it's very slow too and far from beeing smooth.

That's what I mean, You need LOTS of performance for cool, oldskool 2D smooth and fast effects, that's totally stupid, because a 7,14Mhz machine can do that ten times faster and butterly-smooth.

Btw. i found a dev-kit on pouet from sponzt...perhaps I can generate some colorful-2d-oldskool stuff for my PPC myself.

We will see...

Purebasic / Re: Purebasic... on OSX!
« on: June 29, 2018 »
and I stopped using pB to compile retro-remakes on previously unsupported platforms like: OSX/win9x.

CODEF2EXE produziert doch keine MacBinaries oder? Ein G4-Mini kann ja leider kein Windows ausführen.
Oder meinst Du direkt im Webbrowser mit Java die Dinger anzusehen ( Muss ich da noch mal nachlesen.

War eigentlich dieses INC-Logo mit dem Punkt also (INC.) für PC/CGA anno 1987? auch von Dir?
Hab das gestern erst am EuroPC mit 1084 gesehen :) dat hier =>

Zu blöd dass die keine Ahnung vom coden habe, das hätte mir bei PureBasic sicher geholfen...
so fische ich halt im Trüben...

Purebasic / Re: Beast Tribute
« on: May 22, 2018 »
Looks fantastic! Scrolling is very nice! (Tested on iMac27" Wine)

Sorry for Off-Toppic
@INC => Ist das CODEF2EXE von Dir?
Die EXE's gehen vermutlich aber nicht of einem Lowend-PC der P4 Klasse mit Win2kDX9?
Hast Du da ein paar Specs zu den Anforderungen der CODEF2EXE (CPU/RAM/GPU/DX/OS).

I am currently checking out how to fix the last issue. Seems to be a bit problematic.
Perhaps it has reason why no one ever did old-school-effects, remade cracktros/intros on an old mac with an old os.


Next thing to fix (after fixing 1-3)...I am already searching the web.
If your packages doesn"t experience a problem linking C and C++ code  together, then you don"t have to worry about this. On the other hand,   if it does, you"ll see this:
 ld: Undefined symbols:
In that case, you need to add -lSystemStubs to the compilation command.

How can this be done with purebasic?

Thx! updating with "runlib" is the next thing to do. I upgreaded to XCODE 1.5 just recently.
Hopefully I get the "superuser" up on Panther and then the runlib-command. Let's see what is next.

I am sure that I will get something to run on my machine. Thx for the help from you guys!

Panther (OSX 10.3) macht bei der Tastaturkombination für Screenshots komischerweise PDF's spätere OS machen JPEG's warum auch immer.
Ich habe mal parallel bei Macuser im Entwicklerbereich einen Thread aufgemacht.

Mal sehen wie ich weiter komme.


Here we go. I got the copperbar-example and I loaded it in my pb-setup.

First run: see Problem1.pdf
I googled and found out that "GetAsyncKeyState" is not usable on a mac, so I went for "KeyboardPushed..."
Result: problem seems to be solved

Second run: see Problem2.pdf
I googled and found out that "can't locate -lcrt1.o" indicates that the CLT are not installed.
I found out, that on OS 10.3 through 10.6 they are on the Install DVD and that's true. I installed them.
Result: problem seems to be solved

Third run: see Problem3.pdf
I have no Idea what to do?
EDIT: Seems to be my problem, but how do I fix this:
Because you need to re-run ranlib whenever the modification date of a .a file changes.


My "latest" Windows is Win2k. I switched to the mac YEARS ago, before there was a short period of Linux.
I can tell you that it's not the same watching these stuff on a 27" iMac widescreen-display. (either with wine / or native booting win which I currently have not installed anymore)

For me it's all about RETRO! I have all the old machines (Amiga, Archimedes, C64, Mac's, PC's XT/AT/386/486/P1-4 etc.) But I would like to "do" some cool stuff that is not done before.
I would like to use my MacMini G4 because it's a powerful tiny silent machine with 30 watt's. MacOS9 is now usable, MacOSX PPC for sure and MorphOS (AmigaOS 4.x should work too).

It would be a hell of a thing to port some of the great stuff to OSX/PPC.


I wish me luck too.

I contacted some other guys that have already some experience in mac-coding.
But a native soundplayer or a library is not funktional within purebasic.
So there will be lot's of work to transform that stuff in a purebasic library.

I think my approch of beginning with some oldschool-effekts is the best way
of getting anything working on my environment.

That sounds pretty bad :(

But I have choosen that platform and are willing to do some coding on that. There are none oldschool-demos/intros/cracktros existant on the mac, especially PPC!
It would be a cool thing, creating some stuff on my little silent and powerful retro-mac.

First I will try to do some old-effects like starfield and rasterbars. I found some sources and do some experimenting. Perhaps I can learn some basics with that.

I already recognized that is not that easy to download cracktro sources for PB and compiling a runable OSX-PPC-Binary.
I tested nearly all the stuff that is available for download here. None worked.

So I will do another approach. First checkout how effects are done and then trying to find workarounds for the sources that are released here.

Btw. this seems to be an alternative for some of the soundformats

OSX/PPC MX Userlib 1.01 (OSX)
An older version with less commands that has ppc support can be downloaded at

Purebasic / Re: Purebasic... on OSX!
« on: May 15, 2018 »
Now I have to convert OSME to OSX...

Did you do that ?
Seems to be essential for getting oldschool-music working on OSX.

Purebasic / Re: Cracktro Sources
« on: May 15, 2018 »
"OSME library" not available for OSX/PPC

Any "alternatives" known?

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