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General chat / What do your Family and Friends think?
« on: February 20, 2009 »
Do any of you tell your parents, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunties, cousins, Gran's and Gran Dad's, partners, wife, husband, dog, cat, gold fish, and hamster about what you get upto on the computer?

Do they share an interest in the end result of your productions, obviously they wont understand what goes into making one, unless they code them selves.

Blitz / 3D Object Building: Cube / Rectangle
« on: February 08, 2009 »
Hey Ho! :)

Ok, here's the question on my lips and a 3D one ta boot.

You know how a cube or a better definition a 3D rectangle shape is basically created with real and negative scaling on the vertecies for instance something like this: Vertex1=(-SizeX, SizeY, -SizeZ ) obviously with other verts, and based around the position of 0,0,0 ? And then you'd position it after it was created?

What I am attempting to do and which I cant think of the math to use for this ( it may be utterly simple :D )
And that is with Starting And Ending positions for the x,y,z's for all the verts to be used. Create the object at those positions plus also working out what the size / scaling of them would, so I can build and add segments to it.

All I am after is not the whole source for doing this just the workings out / maths to implement for successfully doing this. Unless the process of making the object ( minus 2 sides ; ) it is needed to show me how to do it properly

I am going to look for some public domain code on if people dont know what Im getting at. Im at my parents Today; and on a very low performance machine; so I havent brough any code of to post up.

Cheers and huge humble thanks,

General coding questions / Indexing
« on: February 03, 2009 »
I dont know if this is the correct terminology, but I refer to it as Indexing ( sometimes referencing ) which I use in conjuction with a pallete which has a range of 255. Anyhows, hopefully you'll get what im jibber jabbing about below.

Today, I tinkered in the IDE, and am now using a system of one dimensional arrays in the form of pointers.

What I have is a colour pallette which is [ 255*1 ]
And an ScreenBuffer of [ 640*480 ]

I accsess them by [ x+y*Width ]

For the method of pallette indexing I previously used, the screen info would be stored in a 2 dimensional arrays eg, Screen( 640,480 ) and the pallette as a single Pal( 256 ). Id then use the following to extract the corresponding colour out of the pallete with:

Colour=Pal( Screen(x,y) )

What I would like to know is how I would achieve this using the new method of one dimensional arrays?

I have tried this method but it is wrong someplace :(

Val=Screen[ x+y*ScreenWidth ]
Col=Pal[ Value ]

Freebasic / Wobble Wobble
« on: February 03, 2009 »
Hi there Folks,

Here's a new piece of code that needs some of your valuable assistance and fixing.

The Aim is to have an image ( for this example a solid filled box is used ) wobble in both directions. Based upon the method used in Blitz Basic, where you would use DrawImageRect which I have added, you'll see it in the listing as a sub called DrawBufferRect.

Individually do a sin / cos on the x and y's and using directly drawing from the box1 image buffer and screenbuffer works. For this Double Wobble I have used temporary buffers to deal with updating the shape changing.

I then found I was having crashes with doing this, and came up with the idea of having the temporary storage buffer bigger than the box's one, and then in the UpdateWobbleWobble, centering it all to avoid the problem with boundary checks. As you'lll see from the code below, the centering isnt quite right, everything to the left is wiggling, but to the right is a solid line down the side.

Code: [Select]
' eXpErImEnTaL
' Wobble Wobble V1.0
' (c) Clyde Radcliffe / Gravity 2009
Option explicit

Const As Single PI=3.14159265
Const As Single D2R=PI/180.0

#Include once ""

Type gfxbuffer
    wwidth as integer
    height as integer
    pixels as uinteger pointer
End Type

Declare Sub ClearBuffer ( ByVal buffer As gfxbuffer Pointer, ByVal col As UInteger=0)
Declare Sub ClearBuffers( ByVal buffer1 As gfxbuffer Pointer,_
                          ByVal buffer2 As gfxbuffer Pointer,_
                          ByVal Col As UInteger=0 )

Declare Sub DrawBuffer( ByVal PosX      As Integer,_
                        ByVal PosY      As Integer,_
                        ByVal Buffer    As gfxbuffer Pointer )

Declare Sub DrawBufferRect( ByVal PosX          As Integer,_
                            ByVal PosY          As Integer,_
                            ByVal RectX         As Integer,_
                            ByVal RectY         As Integer,_
                            ByVal RectWWidth    As Integer,_
                            ByVal RectHeight    As Integer,_
                            ByVal Buffer        As gfxbuffer Pointer,_
                            ByVal Dest          As gfxbuffer Pointer )

Declare Sub RunWobbleWobble()

Declare Sub UpdateWobbleWobble( ByVal PosX As Integer,_
                                ByVal PosY As Integer,_
                                ByVal Mult As Integer,_
                                ByVal Size As Integer,_
                                ByVal Angle As Integer,_
                                ByVal Source As gfxbuffer Pointer,_
                                ByVal Buffer1 As gfxbuffer Pointer,_
                                ByVal Buffer2 As gfxbuffer Pointer )

Declare Function CreateBox( ByVal WWidth As Integer,_
                            ByVal Height As Integer,_
                            ByVal Col As UInteger=0 ) As gfxbuffer pointer

Declare Function CreateBuffer( ByVal WWidth As Integer,_
                               ByVal Height As Integer) As gfxbuffer pointer
Declare Function graphics( ByVal Title As String,_
                           ByVal WWidth As Integer,_
                           byval Height As Integer ) As gfxbuffer pointer

Dim Shared As gfxbuffer Pointer ScreenBuffer, Box1, BoxTemp1, BoxTemp2

ScreenBuffer=Graphics("Wobble Wobble",640,480)

Box1    =CreateBox   ( 64, 64, &HFFFFFF )
BoxTemp1=CreateBuffer( 64*4, 64*4 )
BoxTemp2=CreateBuffer( 64*4, 64*4 )


Sub RunWobbleWobble()

    Dim As Integer WobAng

    Dim Key As String

    While Key<>Chr(27)
        UpdateWobbleWobble( 0, 0, 1, 32, WobAng, Box1, BoxTemp1, BoxTemp2 )
        DrawBuffer( 120, 120, BoxTemp2 )
        PTC_Update @ScreenBuffer->Pixels[0]
        WobAng+=2 : if WobAng>360 then WobAng=WobAng-360
        ClearBuffer( ScreenBuffer )
        ClearBuffers( BoxTemp1,_
                      BoxTemp2 )

End Sub

Sub clearbuffer( Byval buffer As gfxbuffer Pointer,_
                 ByVal Col As UInteger=0 )
    Dim As UInteger Pointer pixel=buffer->pixels
    Dim As UInteger Pointer last=pixel+(buffer->WWidth*buffer->Height)
    while pixel<last

End Sub

Sub clearbuffers( Byval buffer1 As gfxbuffer Pointer,_
                  ByVal buffer2 As gfxbuffer Pointer,_
                  ByVal Col As UInteger=0 )
    Dim As UInteger Pointer pixel1=buffer1->Pixels, pixel2=buffer2->Pixels
    Dim As UInteger Pointer last=pixel1+(buffer1->WWidth*buffer1->Height)
    while pixel1<last

End Sub

Sub UpdateWobbleWobble( ByVal PosX As Integer,_
                        ByVal PosY As Integer,_
                        ByVal Mult As Integer,_
                        ByVal Size As Integer,_
                        ByVal Angle As Integer,_
                        ByVal Source As gfxbuffer Pointer,_ )
                        ByVal Buffer1 As gfxbuffer Pointer,_)
                        ByVal Buffer2 As gfxbuffer Pointer )
    Dim As Integer x,y
    Dim As Integer CX, CY
    ' This works fine.
    For y=0 to Source->Height-1
        CX=( Source->Height\2 ) - (PosX+Cos(( Angle+y*Mult ) * ( D2R )) * ( Size-y*Size\Source->Height )  )'/ 2 )
        DrawBufferRect( cx+PosX,_'+Cos( ( Angle+y*Mult ) * (PI/180) )*( Size-y*Size\Source->Height ),_
    ' This is whats up??
    For x=0 To Source->WWidth-1
        CY=( Source->WWidth\2 ) - (PosY+Cos(( Angle+x*Mult ) * ( D2R )) * ( Size-x*Size\Source->WWidth )  )'/ 2 )

        DrawBufferRect( PosX+x,_
                        cy+POsY,_'PosY+Sin( ( Angle+x*Mult ) * (PI/180) )*( Size-x*Size\Source->WWidth ),_

End Sub

Function CreateBox( ByVal WWidth As Integer,_
                    ByVal Height As Integer,_
                    ByVal Col As UInteger=0 ) As gfxbuffer Pointer

    Dim buffer As gfxbuffer Pointer=CreateBuffer(WWidth,Height)

    Dim As Integer x,y
    For y=0 To Height-1
        For x=0 To WWidth-1
            Buffer->Pixels[ x+y*WWidth ]=Col
    Return Buffer

End Function

Sub DrawBuffer( ByVal PosX As Integer, ByVal PosY As Integer, ByVal Buffer As gfxbuffer Pointer )
    Dim As Integer x,y
    For y=0 To Buffer->Height-1
        For x=0 To Buffer->WWidth-1
            ScreenBuffer->Pixels[ (x+PosX)+(y+PosY) * ScreenBuffer->WWidth ]=Buffer->Pixels[ x+y*Buffer->WWidth ]
End Sub

Sub DrawBufferRect( ByVal PosX As Integer,_
                    ByVal PosY As Integer,_
                    ByVal RectX As Integer,_
                    ByVal RectY As Integer,_
                    ByVal RectWWidth As Integer,_
                    ByVal RectHeight As Integer,_
                    ByVal Buffer As gfxBuffer Pointer,_
                    ByVal Dest   As gfxBuffer Pointer )

    Dim As Integer x,y
    For y=0 to rectheight-1
        For x=0 To rectwwidth-1
           Dest->Pixels[ ( x+PosX ) + ( y+PosY ) * Dest->WWidth ]=Buffer->Pixels[ ( x+RectX ) + ( y+RectY ) * Buffer->WWidth ]
End Sub

Function CreateBuffer( ByVal WWidth As Integer, ByVal Height As Integer) As gfxbuffer pointer
    Dim As gfxbuffer Pointer Buffer=Callocate( Len(gfxbuffer)+Len(UInteger)*WWidth*Height)
    Buffer->Pixels=Cast( UInteger Pointer, Cast( Byte Pointer, buffer )+Len( gfxbuffer ))
    Return Buffer

End function

Function graphics( Byval Title As String, ByVal WWidth As Integer, ByVal Height As Integer ) As gfxbuffer Pointer

    ptc_open( Title, WWidth, Height )
    Return createbuffer(WWidth,Height)

End Function

Big thanks for you help in correcting it and cheers,

Useful links / Clyde's Blogg
« on: February 02, 2009 »
Felt a bit on the bored side tonight and fancied a dabble with an online journal, or blogg for those fancy naming types.

Here you can find my blogg. Which will include stuff now and again about what Im upto, and also some Gravity business.


General chat / Stereo Types: Chavs
« on: January 30, 2009 »
When I was at secondary school in the early part of the 1990's, I was aware of the name chav. And it was given to people who picked up small change thrown by others onto the school yard.

So I dont know why it's taken till recently, for it to become the in thing to be, and also declared as a 21st century term, and with a completly different meaning.

My question is this, what do you class / picture a person to be as a Chav?
If this proves popular, I could start a series of other Stereo type topics, eg Stereo Types: Computer Programmer.

Cheers for listening,

Freebasic / Bass Compact
« on: January 28, 2009 »
If this is a no no, then I'll have to stick to using a varly big dll. I am a fan of using Bass as a few things outlined below.

Heres the question:

I wonder if anybody with the know how would be willing or able to create a non dll needed stripped down version of Bass, for Freebasic as an include?

I would attempt this but I have no knowledge of such stuff, and I think this would be ideal for alot of people in our community as it caters for a lot of tracker formats for one, plus it's very own mo3. And I love the syncing stuff.

I know there is a lot of unneccassary stuff in the current bass.dll, stuff like enviromental audio ( eax ), and things like reverb and panning. It would be so cool for an include, and as we use it for non profit making material, should be ok to do so.

Yours faithfully,
Clyde Radcliffe of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Clan.

General chat / Video Editting Software
« on: January 27, 2009 »
Hello there, it's Clyde Spielberg here on the quest for knowledge from any fellow video dabblers.

Im in the search for some good and easy to use and Navigate Video Editting Software; to be able to do most of the following features.

Cut a desired length of video and edit / or save for editting seperatly later ron.
Edit ( eg with special effects, shorten )
Clean up parts.
Remove unneccassary frames.
Able to convert to different formats.
No farting or fannying around swapping packages, if possible.

How I used to edit small animations was with Jasc Animation Shop which I liked as you could add effects and remove / alter the individual frames, also with this approach you'd be able to save as a single image and edit in Paint Shop Pro. But a lengthy video file of 40 minutes ( A VHS converted to DVD, then converted to a recognizable PC Vid file ) will break it. So, I'd really love to hear about good editting software.

Cheers and big thanks,
Clyde Spielberg.

General chat / Merry Christmas 2008
« on: December 23, 2008 »
Ok I know it's a few days premature, but like many, there is a big possibility I wont be around onlin over Christmas Eve and the big day it's self.

So from myself, have a terrific time, and dont get up too early, also try not too eat and drink too much :D

Merry Christmas and have a prosperous New Years, and all the very best,

General chat / In The Headlines.
« on: December 12, 2008 »
Simple topic to respond to, I gather many of you read newspapers or catch snippets of the News. If somethings caught your eye, maybe you'd like to let us know on it, or even air your views.

I am dissappoined at 2 things, number one, the demize of Woolworths due to the credit crunch. What I dont understand is why the banks wont lend out money, they are very good at collecting money from the tax payer to get them out of big pooh; some ridiculous amount is being given to them. Or that some rich git, wont help them out. Woolies, has been going for near on a century.

My other shock, well not too much of a shock to be honest and Frank. I always knew that pubs would suffer from this stupid law concerning smokers. But thats not only the main reason, they keep putting up duty on beer. Politicians have yet again got it wrong big time. Let the public vote on wever we socialize and smoke inside or not, or we go to the off license and smoke at home.

Just airing some fews, and getting them off my chest.
Clyde aka Frank. - ( see if you get the little Clyde Joke ;) )

General chat / Pre-Built PC's
« on: November 04, 2008 »
Hi there,

I am looking for links to companies that offer building of Desktop PC's, and allow for customizing different areas of the PC. A bonus would be if they offer a monthly payment scheme. And they need to have a UK outlet.

So far I have tried Dell, as I am pretty happy with them in the past, how ever they now seem a little pricey they quoted me £800+ for a dual core 2.66ghz @1333hz system; I don't know if that is a reasonable price in todays standards, as my current PC is about 4/5 years old now. And a reason I want to look into buying a new one, and compare prices with different places.

Btw, I'm not interested in High Street Retailers, Currys Digital or PC World.

Any links would be fab and thankyou,

Hiya Forum Friends,

I have a problem with running games on Vista, that worked on XP with regards to the Sound. At the moment when I play them the sound is distorted, echoy, unrecognizable and all messed up. The games ( playable demos) in particular are adventure games from Tell Tale Games ( Sam And Max, CSI ) I have reported this problem at TellTales website, but has been a while since a reply.

And I was subsequently told to change ( lower ) the sound acceleration levels in DxDiag (Direct X Diagnostics ), but due to Microsoft changing the DXDiag on Vista, none of the familiar testing and level changing are present any anymore. So that rules out that.

Theres nothing in the Creative Audio Console for this, that I have seen or that is obvious. And I dont know if anything like the XP specific Power Toys / Power Tools, or any other software etc, exist for Vista that work with the sound department?

And so brings me to asking for anyones help in resolving this, or know allready ( some how need to reduce the Sound Acceleration Levels ) I have the latest Vista 32-bit drivers for both my Sound Card, and DirectX.

I am tempted to do a dual install with both XP and Vista on, but a/ I dont know how to, and b/ Dont think I have the available disk space, and c/ shouldnt need to.

Thanks in advance,

Useful links / Strongbad Emails
« on: October 13, 2008 »
Just incase some of you havent discovered the humour of the world of Homestar Runner:

There's a cool character called Strongbad, who has a pretty witty way of answering his emails.

btw, in his text or during videos you can find hidden stuff ;)

Freebasic / Windows Experience.
« on: October 07, 2008 »
Hello out there,

I am fairly new to creating windows apps; know just about the basics, and have made a framework from looking at the Freebasic examples folder; and put in support for loading 8Bit images using Rbz's Bmp2Raw & Bin2Bas.

My aim for the future is to create a skinable application with button; these I beileve are drawn using 4 positions of a rectangles and a region. As discovered in an earlier topic about having some problems with running and compiling into the examples folders with windows vista 32-bit, from Jim.

First I'd like to know if im going about setting up the bmp / image correctly. Im not entirely sure where I should be putting my graphic loading stuff; I had thought of putting it into the WM_Create case statement, but I dont think thats right as the image will be created each loop of that function; unless I am mistaken and it only cycles that part once.

I want to keep the gfxbuffer pointer type as is thanks, and im fully aware that I may have to send it via the subs / functiuon calls,. as I have found that it can't be made Global ( Shared ). Also I may need to add other elements to the type.

I am not entirely sure if the drawgfxbuffer routine will work either and where that should go in the wndproc function, and at present it has no positioning. Also dont understand these settings:   .biXPelsPerMeter  = 75,
.biYPelsPerMeter  = 75

Another concern is how to get the HWnd and feed it to the sub for the SetDIBitsToDevice.

I know there's quite a few queries and bits i am stuck on, and any assistance and help fixing and pointing out the problems / solutions is very much appreciated.

Hope that I've made enough sense.

Please find attached win framework and image data,
Cheers and huge thanks,


General chat / Heroes
« on: October 02, 2008 »
Hi there, should of started this when the first season of Heroes was first introduced to British shores. As now they have just aired last night ( Wednesday ) on BBC2 @21:00 the third season called "Villains". Which I thought was very good for the first chapter. Better than the previous seasons. Season 2 I thought was ok, but was concentrating too much on the Patrelies.

I also saw the Heroes: Countdown show, which was for the American Premier of Season 3 and presented by cast members, and had behind the scenes talk, also a little bit on the story, and look backs on previous seasons. I didnt realize there were that many odes to Star Trek; obviously I knew that Ando and Hero talked about Spook and did the Vulcan Sign. but there were other interesting facts too.

I wondered if there's anybody else who's a fan or watches Heroes here?

I'm not a huge Heroes "Know it all" Fan, but I do like the show, and so it would be interesting to find out other info and tit-bits on it.

Cheers and save the cheer leader,

Freebasic / Windows Example Problems Under Vista.
« on: October 01, 2008 »
Hi there,

I want to look into Windows GUI / Skinable apps; but for some reason when I try to compile and run any of the Windows examples and with FBIDE, I get the following.

Code: [Select]
Unable To Open Output file "dir and filename.exe"
Permission Denied.

Wondered if anyone else has been graced with this problem?


General chat / Slang and the Gang
« on: September 18, 2008 »
Hiya all!

I'll try my best to explain what this is all about. As Language is very varied; same applies to variants of programming languages, Basic, C and Assembler for instance.

As we deal with different languages. And meet lots of people via websites, ICQ and Messenger, from different countries, and have various dialects depending which part of their country they come from. And we use words that mean something else / shortend versions, for example saying "lets take a butchers ( or a gander )" means lets take a look.

The most well known form of slang from England and the boroughs of London, is Cockney Rhyming slang. Sounds bizzare to someone from a foreign country, but are rhyms of words. Most common ones are, Apples And Pears - Stairs, Current Bun - Sun, Dog And Bone - Phone, Pony And Cart - Fart.  There is a website funnyily enough,

Im pretty sure where ever you come from in the world there are expressions you use that mean the same as other words, but in a short way or sound the same, etc. Also in the states there are things that mean completely different things to us in the UK, like Pants are Trousers in the US, but are Underwear ( Boxer Shorts, Y Fronts ( for those that wear them) ) in the Uk.

You'll also notice I use dude alot for saying cool person. And Cheers, which is a form of saying Thankyou.

Let us know about your ways of communicating from your region. Could be very interesting and a right laugh to boot, also would help people from outside your country understand what the dickens your on about! :D

Cheers and all the very best,

General coding questions / 3D Twister - Sinus Methods
« on: September 10, 2008 »

Im posting this here, as this I imagine would apply to many different languages and librarys, like C/C+/C++ Ogl and DX, etc, etc.

Ive dug out B3D and been inspired by a few productions that feature twisting effects in. I notice that these are done in 2D. And I would really love to know and very much appreciate is, people ideas and approaches to making a 3D model twist by using Sin And Cos ( or any other math commands like atan, sqr etc ) on the vertecies of the object. The object that I have choosen to try this with, is a segmented cube as it has lots of verticies to play around with rather that just a scaled cube to be a rectangle.

All that I have managed thus far, is to make the object as a standard wave; with nothing to make it change its appearance / motion. Also maybe, I should rotate the verticies independantly in a routine.

Here is some pseudo code, that I'd like people to use to show me how to go about twisting it. It doesnt matter how elaborate it is, zany, its all good. I'd like it to actually twist about, and not a bog standard wave like in a 2D sinus scroller.

Anyhows here's the Psuedo code for use to update the vertex positons.

Code: [Select]
For a=0 To TotalVerts-1
   VertX= OriginalVertX( a )
   VertY= OriginalVertY( a )
   VertZ= OriginalVertZ( a )

   VertX+= Some_Kind_Of_Sin_Cos
   VertY+= Some_Sin_Cos
   VertZ+= More_Sin_Cos_Or_Even_Atan_Sqr


Also, B3D uses Degrees and not Radians, but it doesnt really matter too much.
And maybe I need stuff that goes outside of the loop too.

Many many thanks for your efforts and answering my post, the more methods the better. As I can learn alot from them.

Really very much appreciated and cheers,

General chat / Nectarine Radio - A Sad Shame
« on: September 09, 2008 »
For those of you that listen to or visit Nectarine - as I frequently do; some real sad news has been revealed and happened today. Read here to find out more:

Freebasic / Syncing With UFMod
« on: September 02, 2008 »
Hi all,

I've read from a few posts that syncing with UFmod is easy; I have used Bass in the past to sync effects with, and really would like to utilize UFmod; mostly as it's smaller. I have seen the few replies in the other UFmod topic.

How ever I am very stuck with this; and I'd love some help on achieving syncing with UFmod. And I have a small list of questions.

A/ Is it possible to sync to certain instruments / samples?
B/ Is getting Volume changes the only way of syncing?
C/ Can you get hold of the individual samples volumes for vu type effects, or is limited to just 2 over all volumes ( Left And Right ? )

Cheers and many thanks in advance,

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