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I dont know the original version.
However, really nice remake you did! K+

What language is it coded it?
Is this pure software rendering?

i have some more photos, but sadly the upload folder seems to be full so i cant update more photos (if you re interested)













Hi guys,

A good old contact and a big Amiga fan asked me a long time ago if I would like to spend time with him at the end of the year in Neuss for the "Amiga 34".

And then today the time has come! At 08:00 o'clock I was picked up at home and then we left for about an hour with his car to Neuss.

There, in the "Rheinisches Landestheater" with several exhibitors and previously (I think) 500 pre-sold and limited tickets the Amiga Event of the Year took place.

I was very surprised how many users and exhibitors actually existed - I really would not have expected that.

In particular, I was very impressed and surprised by how many people / companies showed special Amiga hardware and new developments (also FPGAs) or open source designs.

In addition to well-known greats like "Chris Hülsbeck, there were of course" Petro Tyschtschenko "," David John Pleasance "on site, and there were also people from the DemoScene, such as the Haujobb group ;-)

The atmosphere I found throughout the day as very pleasant and I have seen in my view, an incredible amount of new developments and also to see old treasures.

On the large event area there were also various lectures, new (partly not yet finished) Amiga games were shown and could be played.

There was absolutely no lack of catering. So here was very small money for wickedly well-being of the people (food and drink = coffee, cake, sausage, meatballs, kale, etc.) provided! This and the event itself was just great and had fun on more!

Below I will try to upload some spontaneous snapshots (photos) here ...

Have fun and best regards to all ...
Thorsten - aka va! N

PS: Text was translated using google due fact of some health and concentration problems.

Hey benny,
thanks for your reply and nice to see you here. okay, i understand about normal life.
Nice to hear, you are connected to Shockwave via facebook and according to his posts, he is hopefully fine.

seeing what happens to this forum and its great community (seems to be "death") makes me really sad.
i would like to know if there is a way to backup all this postings (forum), before it may be offline one day.

can you tell something, what happens to this forum and its great old community, that this place seems to be death?

However, i am really glad to hear from you and i hope you are still fine (even if normal life took over).
best regards

hmm.... has nobody any info?  ???

It made me really sad, to see this forum seems to be "death". What happens to Shockwave and how is doing the admin part of this site?
Btw, in the past i had nicks email- and private post adress. sadly i lost them. Is someone still in contact with him, or has any contact infos for me?
Thanks for PM.

Purebasic / Re: DemoCoding - Tunnel Effect
« on: April 25, 2019 »
Thanks for your reply to this really old topic and nice you liked the tutorial ;-)
Due fact of health and time problems, i cant do a tutorial for a dot tunnel atm and probaly for the next 12 month.
There are another two very old projects i would still like to continue from time to time.

I continue to fight and wish that someday there will be a few small steps forward in terms of my health.
Then I would like to create more tutorials.

Thanks for the PB v5.70 compatible modification

General chat / Amiga and C64 Music Albums
« on: March 30, 2019 »
Hi guys,,

beginning 2016 i created my own little mediabox based on the raspberry pi 3 ...  i added my private music section with all my favourite music albums, esp. amiga and c64 relatex (remix/rearanged) albums... So, are here any ppl collecting amiga/c64 related music albums too? Wanna show us your collection?

Btw, i think next i may buy the amiga immortal collection...

Here is my actuall collection...

The blue/unmarked albums are no scene/electro/synth genre... so i just marked out...

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