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Let us pray for Japan that they get the disaster under control asap, before it ends in a super gau! I think money isnt so important and dont really help all this people atm! And i totally accept and like that people first try to get back in normal life instead thinking about the production of all the "electronic shit" like iPads, iPods, ports for Wii! What all this people really need very fast, is clean water, food and at least worldwide support to get rid of the earthquake and nuclear catastrophe! At least i think, most of this people can get some motivation back, when worldwide peoples on the net are posting their sympathy and support to look forward! I wish japans people and even the 50 guys trying to solve the reactor thing, really all my best wishes and i thumb up that they will manage it and can look soon into a better future without a to high radiation exposure!

General chat / Re: hi to all people
« on: March 18, 2011 »
10 PRINT "Hello rusty71"
20 PRINT "Welcome on board :)"
30 GOTO 10

General chat / Re: swapper-scene disk gallery
« on: March 17, 2011 »
I like that we can talk about what you feel and i have to agree with your arguments! So normaly i have to contact each of the old swappers to get his OK to scan the disk and put in a public online gallerie. However some disks are full with signs of more as just only one swapper and it would be hard to contact the ppl nowadays.

It least i hope it okay for everybody, when scanning and creating a online gallerie with scans (no watermarks) to the public! I know portals where even scans of disks and gameboxes are available and there are a lot!

Would be nice to know what you and all the others here think about just scanning and having a online gallerie without watermarks on the net. If there are some thoughts agains this project, i will just cancel it and save some sparetime ^^ Else i will spend my sparetime and will start this project soon. So its in your hand guys, and yes, let us dissucss ;)

General chat / Re: swapper-scene disk gallery
« on: March 17, 2011 »
I'm wondering how a photo of Clever's disc containing Essence's Rom#1 can be (c) by Mr. Vain ?

Why cant a photo be copyrighted, when i took it?
However final images will have no watermark, so ppl can use the photos in own prods! ;)

Congratulation! Very nice work! Works very smooth here!
There is just a small things i noticed:

When running in Fullscreen mode, i see the window titlebar (seems like Window==Maximized)! When clicking on the window titlebar, it jumps over to the normal (windowed mode).

Best regards and hope to see more nice stuff from you soon :)

General chat / Re: swapper-scene disk gallery
« on: March 16, 2011 »
quite a lot of work indeed!
looking at the photo I noticed that you have some originals here and there: those disks are not easy to dump due to copy protection methods that might be present (if you want to preserve in their original completness).

Yes, that will need some time ^^
Yes, i own a lot of original amiga software from very well known games like 'Shadow of the Beast I-III', 'Lotus I - III' and even Applications like 'Personal Paint', 'Deluxe Paint IV' and a lot more ^^ Btw, i dont want dump any original (comercial) software! Just only free stuff like a lot DemoScene stuff :)

General chat / Re: swapper-scene disk gallery
« on: March 15, 2011 »
...Amiga hardware became overpriced just after the CBM bankruptcy and nothing changed to present days...

Sorry but i dont really think so! I remember when CBM was not bankruptcy and i buyed for my A1200 the Prelude Soundcard connected on the clock-port (OMG)! Even at that time a simple and even better PC soundcard was a lot and i mean really a lot cheeper and had higher output quality! But you may be right, since all this CBM hardware will no longer produced and sold, all the old original hardware and today extension are for only a few amiga fans around there and so this things are really expensive! (its like apple ^^)

Since i told about my idea and the amount of disks, i have tried to scan two disks and taked a photo where you see only one big part (not all) of my amiga disks! What i would like to know from you guys... Is the pixel resoltution and quality of the scanned disks ok, or do you prefer to have all images in PNG instead JPG?

As you can see form my photos, i have really a lot of work to check all the disks, creating ADFs of some disks and to scan some signed SwapperDisks and original SceneDiskCovers.

Best regards

SceneMag Essence ROM #1 - Swapper: Clever^TFD

One of my original 'ThePartyDK III' disks:

Here you see some of my amiga disks (boxes are full stacked with disks too)

Freebasic / Re: Sound Samples + Song
« on: March 15, 2011 »
Another idea, that could work but you need to figure out some minifmod things. So what about to add to your module some more (empty/unused) channels? So there are unused channels you can use to play your own samples (waves) when ever you want. Maybe there are two ways from now to realise it: You can add your own samples to the module too or you need to point to your own samples (includes or like your own generated waves). I am sure this would be the best way and you have all sound output by DX ;)

Since i never used minifmod i dont know its API nor SDK and if there are any easy ways available to realize. At least this would be much better and cleaner instead using DX and API for playing wave sounds; but it more work.

[Edit - Added:]
Another thing could be waveOutOpen() and all the API for this, mixing channels by yourself.

Freebasic / Re: Sound Samples + Song
« on: March 14, 2011 »
What about Win32 API PlaySound or DX routines to play wave?

Sorry to spam with another question. I have an very old amiga datafile with a lot of images in it. This datafile is a shapefile that was created with the AcidShapeLib of the amiga BlitzBasic version in the 90th.

On amiga i wrote in blitz an own small tool to unpack/decode such shapefiles and convert the shapes back to the original iff format. Since i have no information about the shape fileformat created with AcidShapeLib.

Any idea, how to convert the shape datafile back to its original iff images on windows? Or any info about the fileformat? Thanks

Thanks for the very fast help and many thanks, i works really great! =) K++

I found a very old amiga project , where i packed all datafiles (iff, mod...) with imploder! Most people may know Imploder just only as executeable packer but with BlitzBasic-Amiga it was possible to pack any datafile too! The packed file has 'IMP!' as heaeder (also the first 4 bytes).

Since i dont have WinUAE nor any other working amiga system here atm, is there any windows tool to unpack IMP! packed datafiles? Many thanks in advance!

General chat / Re: swapper-scene disk gallery
« on: March 13, 2011 »
Yes i think the PCMCIA solution is at least the best way! I am really not ready to pay 90 to 105 euro (without shipping costs) for Kyroflux just to create images of disks! (Thats again the amiga world as i know from the past... special hardware just overpriced.

General chat / Re: swapper-scene disk gallery
« on: March 13, 2011 »
Yes i have heared too, that there is a way to read amiga disks when having an very old PC with two 3,5" PC disk drives inbuild. But the way to transfer a disk is a) very complicated b) very time consuming and c) at least who has such an old PC that supports two disk drives? ^^ I am not really sure if catweasel would be a good solution... Even i dont really want to spend to much money in something i will complete give off (selling away or at least giving it probaly away for free)

I think before spending money in catweasel, it would make more sence to buy a PCMCIA compatible SD adapter for the A1200, with FileMaster and a Tool to read AmigaDisks to SD card. At least i am sure its even a lot sheeper as the catweasel thing. I will see what i can do! Because i am really very happy when all my amiga stuff is away and having some more money and even some more space here for my future plans.

But as i was a really great and still a tiny amiga fan too, i dont want put all the stuff into the trashcan, before saving probaly some very old and rar stuff, even not available at pouet yet. So my goal will be to find a way to create images and upload to pouet for amiga fans out there ;)

Maybe i will make a photo of all my disks i have to check ^^

General chat / Re: swapper-scene disk gallery
« on: March 13, 2011 »
Atm i have the big problem that i dont know how to move the amiga disks over to my PC! I have some old amigas here and i have to check if they are still working. Sadly i dont have any amiga monitor anymore to connect with the amiga to get a screen.

So i have really to think and find a way how to check most or maybe even any of my old amiga disks! Maybe something like an PCMCIA extension with SD card would be a way! But then i need a ready to use system on the card, to read track 0-79 or maybe even up to track 81, a tiny filecommander (i was very familar with FileMaster and DosControl). So i could read the disks as ADF images and save on the SD card and then i can drive to a friend with a notbook (sadly i dont own myself a notebook) and transfer stuff from SD to my USB stick! Then back at home i could upload all the stuff to the web (pouet)! It all would really take a lot of time but atm i still have some time, due fact i have some health problems and i am ill since beginning of this year. But that isnt so important here...

I must see if i get a working A1200 with a SD-Card and Monitor and the needed Tools (FileManager and Tool or AsmOne to read full disk and save as ADF. A good friend of me who is living in Münster/Germany is still an old amiga fan and i hope i can meet with him very soon and maybe he would help me if his wife agree :)

I think you heared it in the tv or internet news... Sadly after the extreme earthquake the nuclear power station exploded. I am really shocked about this and even that nobody knows what happens inside the atom station, because radioactive rods should be over 2000 degree celsius and could melt into the earth.

I remember when i was a child and when the warning come that in russia tschernobyl exploded and a lot of radioactivty set free. I hope that it does not ends in a total disaster like tschernobyl in 1985!

I am really no friend of atom energy! Politics and industry are telling us its clean and safe! Ohoh... Tschernobyl, Japan == are also safe? So what about the disposal sites like gorleben in germany? Its absolutly not safe! Why the hell humans are using such a riscant technology when they are not the master about it and when it can kill humans and complete towns/countries in worst case.

Now news on TV about japan, seems a radioactive cloud is available now and moved over to the sea. And in the news they are talking that it ranks the same amount of danger radioactivity like tchernobyl in 85 *i am really shocked*

Recognising handwriting like that is really cool!

I dont have really an idea how such a handwriting recognising works and even in such a fast speed at a few Mhz they had at that time!

I havent watched the full second video too. Just jumped around and watched parts of it, like the webcam thing and some other very interesting technologies they did/tried!

Just check out some of the amazing stuff in the second video and the CPU Mhz the stuff worked at - i really cant believe how they did it with only a few KB memory and only a few Mhz CPU. (seems we are living in a wrong world where is no real innovation in todays PC technology - just only more RAM and fast CPU/GPUs - its a shame in comparision to what this gusy did with the hardware about 40 years ago!)

I have added a timeline for the second video:

~ 0:13:00  == start with Alan Kay
~ 0:16:25 == The 50s
~ 0:17:20 == Semi Automated Ground Env Air Defence System (early 50s into 60)
~ 0:24:30 == The 60s
~ 0:29:05 == Early 60s - JOSS - First great end-user system
~ 0:30:19 == 1961-62: The B5000 - First great higher-level computer
~ 0:31:05 == 1962 (vain: amazing)
~ 0:33:25 == 1962 - LINC - The first true personal computer
~ 0:35:47  == 1962-1969 a research center for augmenting human intellect (vain: amazing == @ 1 Mhz and 192k Ram?)
~ 0:48:30  == ca 1968 - Flat Screen Displays (vain: in 1968? wtf?)

i will stop here, becaus i think its really worth to check out the video and the shown technologies!

Projects / Re: Distance field based font render
« on: March 07, 2011 »
Really nice demonstration with a nice result @ 60/61 fps!
Btw, how to change the 'Scale' operator?

Would be nice to have the hotkeys as helppage under the info output ^^
Did i understand you right, that your version is based on XNA?

I found an very impressive video about a GRail (graphical input language) done by the computer pionier named 'Alan Kay' who seems to be the father of OOP too! His work is very interesting and its really hard to believe, that we had such an impressive technology end of the 60th! But just take yourself a look to the video and his project around 1968:

Another very interesting video:

General chat / Re: New look
« on: March 06, 2011 »
do you want use an existing theme or do you want/plane a new/own design/theme?

If you want use an existing theme, a link to available themes would be nice, so ppl can take a look and choose / vote ;)

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