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Okay... here is my Win32 UNICODE project for VS11... It compiles a simple Win32 unicode window to 2560 bytes as release version. However, trying to compile as debug version causes a lot of errors - i dont know why nor whats wrong. If you take a look inside the compiled release version, you will notice, there are three sections atm:  .text, .rdata, .reloc ... And behind the section where are the required dll and functions names are stored - also at 0x800 there is a 512 byte section with 20 bytes of something i dont know what this is for and why does this happens... When i add some more code to this project, some more undefined bytes will be flollow here. Probaly the exe may get one more 512 byte section, which is called .data - again i dont know why nor when does this happens.

I checked the compiler settings and due fact there are so many options, i am not sure if all the options for this project are okay or if there are points, that should be changed.

Thanks! I am not sure if TextOut() requires a NULL terminated string or not...
However, it seems to work ;) K++

Projects / Re: Tiny Speech Tests
« on: June 07, 2012 »
Tested under Windows 8 x64 CP - Sorry, i dont hear here anything.

Cool! Many thanks for your help, it works fantastic now! This problem has cost me some hours ^^

For my Win32 project i want like to draw special chars with something like TextOut()... I will define the special chars as WCHAR and set its HexValue like following codesnip but i cant get it work. Any idea how to solve this? Thanks!

Code: [Select]
WCHAR testchar = 0x00A9;

TextOut( hdc, 20, 10, TEXT("A"), 1);        // Works fine !
TextOut( hdc, 80, 10, (WCHAR)testchar , 2);   // Does not work :(

Btw yes, the project is compiled by using unicode charset!

Projects / Re: Disco ball
« on: June 07, 2012 »
Wow, screenshot looks really nice... would really like to see it in action....
Btw, i need to download and install your latest version to see whats new and your progress on this tool. *thumb up*

I managed it to get it work again... I will upload my latest version soon...

C / C++ /C# / Problem with tiny VS Win32 project
« on: June 04, 2012 »
I am trying to code a small tiny Win32 project with VS11beta, which should open a window with a button as test. On the web i found a lot of different ways how things are done. On the one side people are using WNDLCASS... some others are using WNDCLASSEX... For my project i will use CreateWindowEx... I tried some changes but i can't compile anymore and i have no idea why does WNDCLASS causes an error... :( Maybe someone can take a look to the attached zip? Thanks.

Btw, which version of the EventLoop is correct?

Code: [Select]
while( GetMessage( &msg, NULL, 0, 0 ) > 0 )           // Some sites are talking to use > 0 and some others not...
DispatchMessage( &msg );

return 0;

Code: [Select]
    while (GetMessage(&msg, NULL, 0, 0))        // Another version which does not return just 0

    return (int) msg.wParam;                 

C / C++ /C# / Re: Visual c++ code optimization.
« on: June 04, 2012 »
thanks! K++

thanks! K++

I think with ASM the size in this case will not be smaller, because afaik the size is as follow:

1024 PE Header
 512 Section text
 512 Section rdata
 512 Section reloc

Total: 2560 bytes

Maybe it would be possible to merge sections, so you could gain 512 or maybe up to 1024 bytes but i am not sure how compatible the exe is after this.

C / C++ /C# / Re: Visual c++ code optimization.
« on: June 03, 2012 »
Thanks a lot. I have tried your tips but i get always two compiler errors:

Error   1   error LNK2001: Nicht aufgelöstes externes Symbol "@__security_check_cookie@4".   e:\SourceCodes\Tiny\winbase\main.obj   winbase
Error   2   error LNK1120: 1 nicht aufgelöste externe Verweise.   E:\SourceCodes\Tiny\Release\winbase.exe   winbase

Any idea what's wrong?

C / C++ /C# / Re: Visual c++ code optimization.
« on: June 03, 2012 »
K++ @ rain_storm...
Btw, could you help to optimize a tiny Win32-Window project in its exe size - but without using crinkler nor using asm stub? (It compiles to 7680 bytes atm and is using MSVCR110.dll)

Many thanks in advance. Best regards...

Purebasic / Re: Chaos zoomer
« on: June 01, 2012 »
Really cool! Nice work you did there - even its with purebasic and you are releasing the source is an extra-thumb worth ;)

Btw, maybe you can get some more performance speed, by using an 512x512 array, calculate and write each pixel color to this array and when one frame is calculated, you could write the buffer of the array to a bitmap, you blit then. So you dont have to call 512*512 times each frame the slow SetPixel_ API. Keep on your nice work. Best regards

General chat / Re: schwerer verkehrsunfall
« on: May 03, 2012 »
Things are looking anything else as good atm. Today i had a talk with specialists and i have to go as fast as possible into the hospital. It was planed to be there from tomorrow morning for about 1 week to check some very damaged and bad looking things. Because i cant go tomorrow, i have / will be in hospital from monday... The checks are very risky but are highly needed... All the specialists told me, that i will be for nearly 100% sure paraplegic next time - if they are not doing the risky check and probaly a OP or even a emergency surgery. Even if its not easy, i am trying to think positiv and esp hoping that all goes well without any or to much complications nor a OP nor beeing paraplegic after this session. Best regards

General chat / Re: schwerer verkehrsunfall
« on: April 22, 2012 »
Posted in another thread a few weeks after this, so hopefully all is well.

Hi. I am still using my PC nearly everyday to listen to some internet-radio and reading about some tech news. I think the PC with internet helps me to be not totally isolated from the world and it helps me to shut down a little bit to forget things for a small moment.
However when i am saying, i feel good, because its a wonder i am not death and i am lucky that i can walk, speak and understand (cumunitcate with ppl), so the truth is, that my life completle changed and my health is'nt really good atm - because am in a more danger situation as i would like to be. I have had three danger fractures at my neck invertebrate and one broken spike approach on my neck invertebrate - which is really extremly danger and ends very often fatal ! The recovery of the danger fractur at the axis-vortex seems to be okay... But the others are not looking good... So my complete cervical spine is no longer bent - its completely straight (slid over each other invertebrates) which courses a lot of pain too.

The biggest risk atm is that the completely straight part is totally instable and could be slip, so i would be paraplegic for ever. I am wearing now for over 2 month a fixed neck collar (24h/day) and i cant remove it nor get a shower. I have to visit some more specialist next days and they will sit together to advise to discuse what happens next to me. But atm it looks not good for me, so they have to operate me, even if the operation is a bit danger too... Even if i am not lucky about the situation and the pain... i think its better to risk the operation and having again a safe and fixed cervical spine (fixed with screws and steel) instead of a wrong movement in future (slip of the vortex and to be paralyzed). But first i have to wait and see what all the specialist decide... I am trying to think positive and looking forward all the time... (It could have been worse) The fact i am still alvie and i can walk, speak and comunityte with ppl is the only thing that give me the needed energy atm...

Best regards to you all....

Nice one and thanks for sharing the source ;)

General chat / schwerer verkehrsunfall
« on: February 23, 2012 »
Hallo Leute.
Möchte auf diesem weg nur mitteilen,dass ich wohl schon wieder für längere Zeit nicht mehr hier sein werde,da ich am SO Abend als Mitfahrer einen schweren Verkehrsunfall hatte.

so waren wir auf einer landstrasse unterwegs,wo plötzlich blitzeis war.wagen hat sich plötzlich mehrmals gedreht,seitlich mit 100 kmh vor einem Baum geknallt und direkt mehrmals überschlagen in einem graben/böschung herunter und vor nächsten Baum.

Die anderen beiden säßen Links und hatten verdammt viel glück und nur ein paar Prellungen.bin froh das wir dort überhaupt lebend herausgekommen sind,da PKW Totalschaden.

Ich hatte leider nicht so viel glück und kann hals/nacken/rücken nicht mehr bewegen.diagnose drei Brüche der Halswirbel  lt Ärzte ist es ein wunder,dass ich nicht querschnittsgelähmt bin,da ich genau das gleiche - auch von der schwere her habe,wie Samuel koch.

Ansonsten geht es mir soweit gut... Ich kann laufen,bin ansprechbar und kann sprechen!! Schöne grüße aus Klinikum Minden (200 km von zuhause entfernt)

Genug geschrieben,anstrengend genug...

i am using C# as language (not sure if there is something different) and i use byte as data type for the array and its values.

     public byte[] iData1 = new byte[ 32768 ];
     public byte[] iMask1 = new byte[ 32768 ];

Thanks for your fast replay. I have tried myself something without luck, so i have tried your ideas....

Code: [Select]
iMask1[i] = iData1[i] > 0;
iMask1[i] = (iData1[i] > 0);

VS2010 C# Error - Can't convert type bool into byte... and writing (byte) == converting costs time too and it still does not works/compile ^^

Btw never saw something like       > 0    without an If() codition before... So what happens here exactly?

When having an array filled with values between 0 and 255 and reading its values... i want just only get 0 if the value is 0 or 255 if the value is > 0.
At the moment i do this with a If() condition and save the result into a temp array, because for my needs the If() condition is to CPU expensive (very low machine).

So i thought if there is any way without a temp array and without the need of an If() codition to do the same thing, for creating a mask?

Code: [Select]
This works... (suprised)

                if (iData1[i] > 0)
                    iMask1[i] = 0;
                    iMask1[i] = 255;

while this ends up wrong results for later processing...

                if (iData1[i] > 0)
                    iMask1[i] = 255;
                    iMask1[i] = 0;

General chat / Happy New Year 2012
« on: January 03, 2012 »
Cant find any happy new year 2012 topic. So i starts this one and wish you all and esp the team behind dbfinteractive-forum all the best for 2012. Best regards

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