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My last blog post seems like a good fit in this section, here it goes:

It describes methods of generating multiple sub-pixel sample positions within the area of a pixel, for doing anti-aliasing, and monte-carlo rendering techniques in ray tracers.

I've written a few more tutorial-ish articles in the past, I'll post more of them here if there is interest.

Projects / Re: A game project I'm working on
« on: November 16, 2012 »
What programming language are you using? OpenGL? :)

OpenGL is not a programming language, it's a library that allows you to use the graphics hardware. And yeap, I'm using it. The language I'm writting it in, is C++.

Projects / Re: A game project I'm working on
« on: November 14, 2012 »
Are you going to do procedural textures and dungeon layouts?

Procedural textures no, procedural dungeon layouts yes I think that's a nice feature of most dungeon crawlers that adds a certain degree of replayability. The idea is to have pre-made "boss" rooms or any quest-specific parts of the dungeon, and generate the rest.

You might try a splash of color here and there to keep it looking like a 90's game (assuming that is what you are going for)

Not really, I'm shooting for photorealistic graphics with lots of effects thrown about. The dungeon tile featured in this video is a placeholder I did in blender. When the core of the project is pretty much complete I'll look for an artist to do proper detailed tilesets.

Projects / Re: A game project I'm working on
« on: November 13, 2012 »
That looks really cool nuclear. Reminds me of a modern day Eye of the Beholder game. I used to spend days and days playing EOB 1 & 2 back in the early 90s. Excited to see the finished product :)

Precisely! My main inspiration came from the way legend of grimrock used modern graphics on top of the old classic EOB gameplay. I want to take it a bit further by getting rid of the old style sidebar interaction and grid movement. Plus I want to add a little bit more variance to the dungeons down the road. I'll post updates when I find more time to work on this :)

Projects / A game project I'm working on
« on: November 12, 2012 »
Hey people!
I wanted to post something here, and I thought I'd post a video capture of a game project I'm working on. It has a long way to go yet, this is just a prototype to try out a couple of things:
- Deferred shading for lots of dynamic light sources (notice the specular highlights on the walls from the torches and the separately flickering light sources). The idea is that all effects in the game (spells, magic crystals, fiery monsters, etc) will cast dynamic light.
- Positional audio and streaming music with OpenAL
- An idea for layered tile-based dungeons (so base tiles with detail tiles on top, etc).

The only thing I didn't like so far is the tile system. Even with detail tiles, the square grid is too restrictive. I'll implement a much more powerful tile-based system idea I had.

General chat / Re: The Welcoming Committee
« on: November 06, 2012 »
Nuclear, if there was a prize for best avatar you would win it as far as i am concerned :-)

Thanks! But it's just my face crudely cropped out of a photograph and drop-shadow-ed in gimp :)
This style of avatar is very common in the free software/open source/linux community and it's called "hackergotchi":

I can't quite pinpoint the exact reason why this is awesome, but it is :) Probably the ambiance, the flat polygons, and the sound.

p.s. Love what you did with the forearms

General chat / Re: The Welcoming Committee
« on: November 04, 2012 »
Just a quick hello world post.
Hello everyone!
Nuclear of The Lab and Mindlapse here. Just checking out the forum, see if it's any interesting :)
My last prod was released in 2007, let's see if the old demoscene interest peaks again.

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