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General chat / Re: Just a quick hello all
« on: March 11, 2013 »
Why is so difficult to register in this forum? '-.-
Well, hello everyone!

That would be my fault if you want to blame anybody.. Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there who want to abuse our Google rank to advertise all sorts of crap and the measures were introduced to get rid of them and to hopefully encourage people to introduce themselves instead of lurking.  Apologies if you found it awkward to sign up, but I'm glad that you joined so a warm welcome to you MaskBoy.

Well, I'm afraid it has nothing to do with demos but I'm using my FB Gfx library to do it so does it count?

Ok... Maybe not!

ASM / Re: Wolfenstein 3D in 128 bytes
« on: March 10, 2013 »
I think this is a really nice intro, Baudsurfer amazing that you squashed it into 128 bytes!  It ran fine on my old laptop with XP.

Projects / Re: Sundowner - Intro Sourcecode
« on: March 09, 2013 »
Really stunning intro, it suits the music perfectly.

K+ for releasing the source code too :)

Projects / Re: remakes
« on: March 09, 2013 »
Really excellent remakes Krazyk, thank you very much for posting them.

I don't know why but the scrolline massacre demo has just about the smoothest vsync I've ever seen on my crappy monitor, thank you for the greeting too, much appreciated :)

Lately I tried to find some general compression algorythm for x86 512b code (the size of a master boot record incidentally).
I got  some code working just up to the point I figured my choice for an old apple II compression scheme could beat apack, lz77
and lzss when you count the decompression stub, but it is useless nevertheless for it can't beat handcrafted opcodes.
It's one of those things I retry every two years or so... If anybody wants to pick it up (needs to debug the stub) it's here :
Aside from that I have a some 70b 4bit miditracker player but I can't release it as such elsewise nobody will notice its real use, so I'm
waiting for some prod to pitch it in. I did a gui tracker under VB6 for it, almost finished. Aside from that I've started a space harrier remake, but it's already >700b without any sprites, and I don't know if I will pursue it. Aside from that I am trying to crunch in the doom effect in 128 bytes (I'm at 150 atm and it's fugly). I also have a 256 intro ready, just not satified with camera path yet, and no party in sight (seems more and more demoparties just throw everything that isn't an openGL 64kb windows prog in the wild "combined" category). Also I am in the background thinking of any use for or TLDs.

I was browsing your intros on Pouet the other day.. Unfortunately I've got windows 7 so I need dosbox to run anything that uses 13h which is the only reason I haven't commented on them.  I'll have to take a look next time I use the laptop, it's XP and it runs these kind of intros quite nicely.

Hugi used to run some competitions for tinycode.. Going by the screenshots on Pouet and the fact that you're using sound I think your intros are quite an achievment.

General chat / Re: Just a quick hello all
« on: March 06, 2013 »
Hi Mivver, thanks for saying hello and hopefully We can help you get up and running :)

General chat / Re: I just updated my site!!!!
« on: March 05, 2013 »
I haven't browsed your site for a long time Rel I must admit, it's good to have a nose around there again :)

Thanks!  Btw, convex wars looks bloody excellent.


An explosion effect for a little game project.



Well, the Karma and sigs have been given and the prize PM's have been sent out :)

I really love how this community comes alive when there is a coding challenge, thank you so much to everyone who entered, voted and commented - You really help to make DBF what it is :)

Just got back from an evening out with the family, I had to log on and check the results though and what a buzz!!!  I am really happy to have come first this time, I didn't think I would and the same feelings are here this time that are there with every other challenge, whether I'm placed in the top 3 or not - It's a real pleasure and an honour to participate amongst you.

Congratulations to Combatking and Nuclear for 2nd and 3rd places respectively and to everyone who participated in the challenge and voting.
I'll look forward to finalising tomorrow evening (Karma, Prizes, Showcase).

See you in the next one :)

According to the stats, this topic is the number one reason people find us these days!

I'm really surprised and very thankful for all the nice comments!  Thank you :)

Whether you find this immoral or not, it's really amazing!
Imagine if we were able to link our minds in this way what we'd find out about ourselves and what problems we'd solve!


Back in the 80's and 90's it was nearly always the Crack intros which sparked the interest in demo programming (well it was for me at least).  Nowadays who knows?  Maybe it's people like yourself, Canopy who remember the old cracktros and the nostalgia is enough to spark a search on YouTube or the internet and perhaps some people find their way into the scene that way...  Or maybe not...

20-30 years ago the intros often looked better than the games that they were attached to, these days it's never the case, and I'd go as far as saying that nearly all modern demos offer little or no improvement compared to today's in game visuals and music... Be honest, how many demos do you know that offer better visuals than can be produced with the Unreal 4 Engine for instance?

Quite a few of the old guys from the C64 and Amiga days are still around, most of the people I know are tired of their intros having the shit kicked out of them by today's effect junkies when they're posted on places like Pouet and in it's understandable too, a lot of the top programmers are employed in the games industry so it's not in their interests to promote anything to do with piracy, it would be career suicide for them.

If we did a poll of ages of people here who actively code effects, I wouldn't mind betting that nearly all of us are over 30 years old.

I think that people are mostly here because they saw some effect in a game and wanted to learn to program it, or they are middle aged and nostalgic, or they've never really left since they started..

There's definitely no going back to the old days, and believe me, there is no way today's warez group leaders would risk having an incompatible intro embedded in their release in the same manner as a cracktro on a game disk in the old days for fear that the release would get propered by another group - So the only underground stuff that seems to prosper these days are the ASCII's and Keygens which are very basic.

Also most of today's PC crackers don't know how to code...

Freebasic / Re: Null.dll Missing
« on: February 25, 2013 »
Sounds like an FBEDIT issue as I'm using FB on Windows 7 with Fbide and it seems to be working fine here mate.

Entry Name: Afternoon Voyage
Author : Shockwave


Description :

You will find a selection of well known effects including vectors and chequerboards in this entry, all software rendered out of round UDGs that are supposed to look like little LEDs.

Entry Name: Canopy’s Entry
Author : Canopy


Description :

You have to take your hat off to Canopy who used this challenge to create his first ever demo, you get an intro screen containing some large text which then progresses to a Green scroller over a silver bar background.

Entry Name: Retro Rorschach
Author : Kirl


Description :

Using a selection of random blocks which are created at start-up, you can draw your own pattern and run it through a variant of the famous life algorithm.  The results are a pleasing selection of organic patterns which look like alien creatures.

Entry Name: Hammer Time 3D
Author : Padman


Description :

Who would have thought that you could fit MC Hammer and his parachute pants into just 16 little blocks?  In his own inimitable style Padman has done just that and thrown in a few other pleasing effects for good measure.

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