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Yoo, Rbz! :D thanks for your reply; i already found the solution and it turned out harder than i expected

had to use the WinMM.Lib that come in the Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 instead of the one bundled in the ufmod-1.25.2a-win32.7z for it to work! :D that ufmod version comes along this zip too = p

also used the ufmod.h from \Example\C\WinMM\src folder and the ufmod.lib frfom the \Example\Masm32\WinMM folder! :D just copied them to the project folder, linked them and it works like a charm! =' D so i uploaded a working project example of uFMODLib on Code::Blocks for everyone else that is struggling with this! +O+


I linked both WinnMM.Lib and ufmod.h to the project using my own full paths! you must delete them in the Project tab > Build options... > Linker Libraries and add them both once more from there BUT using you own paths to the library this time for it to work!

thanks for your help too, and if you ever are into C++ programming, i'd totally recommend you Code::Blocks IDE! x3 it is the best one i have used so far, any doubt anyone have about this example please reply here and i'll try to answer asap :) hope this helps! x3

Hii, there's been a lots of obstacles on my first intro making BUT most of them have been resolved either by trying hard or looking for threads on forums

BUT this time i can't find the answer anywhere, so i ask your help to solve this puzzle

on my main.c project (Code::Blocks always create it with .c when using the OpenGL Project template BUT i still use C++ on it) i have included this ufmod.h header: (Note that it specifies Compiler: Visual C, Dev-C++ BUT i want to use Code::Blocks :c)

and have this function to play music
Code: [Select]
    /* music function */
      void play_xm(){
      uFMOD_PlaySong((char*)1, 0, XM_RESOURCE);

and of course, call it inside of the main() function with play_xm();

also i have included a main.rc resource file to the project with not much besides the xm song data i want to play is the one that comes in the jmp2pat.rc of the uFMOD examples, also i kept the example's comments on it for now

and when i run it, it pops the following error at building

Code: [Select]
||=== Build: Release in test (compiler: GNU GCC Compiler) ===|
obj\Release\main.o:main.c|| undefined reference to `uFMOD_PlaySong@12|
||error: ld returned 1 exit status|
||=== Build failed: 2 error(s), 0 warning(s) (0 minute(s), 6 second(s)) ===|

though, if i comment the play_xm(); function on main() it compiles with no errors nor warnings

can someone help me please? thanks a lot in advance! :D

General chat / Re: Hello there!!
« on: January 03, 2018 »
woohoo! an amiga fellow has arrived! :D i also love amiga demos! x3 and happen to follow the old school amiga demo intro for my own works :) the Spectrum and C64 ones are also great inspirations too! :D

welcome to the family! \o/ also, looking forward to see you blasting in a demo!~ x3

General chat / Re: Hii!
« on: December 31, 2017 »
that sounds really cool! x3 encryption and obfuscation can be pretty fun! :D also thanks a lot! x3 i'll ensure to post it here whenever i found myself stuck! :) thanks you a lot for the warm welcoming! = D

C / C++ /C# / Re: [C++/C#] OpenGL 1.1 example
« on: December 31, 2017 »
i have stumbled on all those before BUT now i can see posts attachments!!! i'll go all my way back to check all the attachments missed on posts with tutorials i wanted to check :D

i detailed more as for why i might could not see attachment, here: seems i had to be logged in to see them BUT by default, i was automatically logged out after a while everytime without noticing = p

also thanks a lot for sorting them here, Rbz!~ i was the most interested in that one when i found it! :) gonna follow all the 4 tutorials asap, thaanks!~ x3

ooo, now i can see attached files!!!11 1 11! it might be that before, i were automatically logout after some time without noticing :) had to login a couple of times a day LOL so a while ago i found a way to keep logged in for way longer! x3 now i can finally look out for so many tutorials i am hyped for! this is delightful! =' D btw thaanks a lot, Rbz! x3 gonna dig em' codes asap!~ :D

C / C++ /C# / [C++/C#] OpenGL 1.1 example
« on: December 31, 2017 »
Hii! :D i am into making my first intro, i hopefully be able to pull it in less than 20 days to submit it on a compo :) BUT if not, i'll still keep with this for fun

thing is that i want to use only this old opengl to support all graphic cards and even really old OS, mostly to just have everything in one exe and no extra dlls on folder aka some glxx.dll to run it

i have seek on all threads on this forum section to see find something helpful BUT mostly i find ones where they said they attached an example BUT i can't see any attachment on posts for some reason :C i posted screencaps of what i see here:

so i am stuck in two things:
i want to do a Sine Scroller what would be an intro without it? = p using the old opengl on any C++/C# BUT can't find any example that teach me how

the other thing is that alright, i can pop a geometric figure on screen BUT i can't find an example on how to sequence animations (how do i trigger that my opengl rendered say, triangle; moves to the right after 5 seconds and when that animation ends, it triggers another triangle spawning in the place the other one was before?)

have done those kind of animations on javascript before, so i am familiarized with that approach

i am using Code::Blocks, and it allows me to create a ready to use template for OpenGL instantly! :D this is what it start with:

i have messed around a bit with it so i feel comfortable with what i see there = p

on another note, i seeked for an old OpenGL documentation in the official site and they only hands the one for OpenGL 4.5 :C my idea is to stick with OpenGL 1.1 as much as possible for compatbility and no extra dlls on folder/installs = p so i found and have stick to these documentations for OpenGL 1.1, i have had a good read so far :)

any kind of help is really appreciated! =' D

General chat / Re: Hii!
« on: December 30, 2017 »
i'm glad you have come back, combatking0! x3 this is indeed a very cool community for what i've seen so far :) and thanks a lot for the kewlcoming, combatking0 and Rbz!~ :D

hii, Rbz; thanks for the response! apparently i can't see any attached file in any post there are other posts that claim to have attached files BUT i also can't see them

this is how i see the first post
Code: [Select]
and this is how i see the link on the post
Code: [Select]
is there anything i should do to see attached files? :c thanks!

there was already a bump from 2008 to 2013 so i though why not?

the link has once more felt and now shows a 404 :c someone please can upload a mirror? :)

thanks a lot in advance!~ i was hyped to study hellfire's of this demo :D

General chat / Re: The Welcoming Committee
« on: December 27, 2017 »
oh noes! i realized of this thread just after i posted my introduction :c anyway, the folks of this community seems to be very cool! :D can't wait to get involved here :) my favorite programming languages are C++ and C# so far and plan giving some love to plain C as well someday x3
looking forward to meet the community and hopefully be able to help someone :)

General chat / Hii!
« on: December 27, 2017 »
Hello, DBF community! x3 i am new here, got to know you after i stumbled on a C++ help thread about sine scrollers :)

My favorite programming languages are C++ and C# for now plan to get the grasp of plain C as well :D

as for me, I am raw vegan so all i eat is raw and fruit vegetables; i like module music, specially amiga mods :) and try hard to get better at composing those, without very noticeable improvement so far = p

look forward to meet you all! you seems to be a really cool community!~ :D

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