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Projects / Special FX CD 70 remake
« on: February 23, 2021 »
Just discovered Special FX cd cracktros so here's the first of a few i'll be doing to keep my brain working during lockdown.
This turned out to be a bit trickier than I thought it would be again. It took ages to rip and rebuild the big font but worth is as it 's really nice.
16x16 top and bottom border scrollers
128x140 central disting scroller
flashing logo that can change colour and be shown 'behind' the disting scroller (very complicated to work out in PB!)
3 channel vu meter
Test it and let me know if it works ok.  ;)

Projects / Automation 450 remake
« on: February 18, 2021 »
Been putting this one off for a while as it after ripping the music and gfx it wasn't as straight forward as I thought it was going to be. 

Cracktro consists of the following:
Large disting logo
Rastered vu meters
Top and bottom 16x16 scrollers (ridiculously fast!)
64x50 central bouncing scroller
64x50 left vertical scroller- also rastered

I've tried to get the disting main logo as close as I can but could do better so this is the first versio before i try ot get it even closer to the original.  Not really a sine table as such to rip from the original prg file so i've created my disting effect.  I'll release the source once i'm happier with it.
And yes, the top and bottom scroltexts are really that fast in the original and pretty much unreadable - and the lower one is upside down too!
Let me know if it runs ok.

Purebasic / Re: 3D Starballs Library
« on: February 14, 2021 »
how you make the lib for x64 ?

..tailbite still allive?
Yes, tailbite is still alive but i've only had luck with a specific version, 1.4.17.

Purebasic / PB Cracktro source
« on: February 12, 2021 »
Just finished another cracktro remake and have zipped it up ready to load into PB and run.  It's quite a straightforward intro with big bouncing rastered scrolltext and nice sine balls.  I thought I would at least try to keep my brain working during lockdown !
All ripped gfx and music here along with all the includes etc, just load and run. The source It will only run for x86 PB because of the OSME replay routine though.

Projects / Re: Just a quickie...
« on: January 06, 2021 »
Here you go then ttemper.  The commented source for the Airbus cracktro with ripped music and gfx.   Load up into PB and run, x86 only for the OSME though.

Projects / Re: Just a quickie...
« on: December 23, 2020 »
Yeah. I hurt my back this year at work and couldn't sit down long enough to code anything.
l can post the code for this one over christmas if anyone is interested?
I'm also doing a christmas greetings intro, oldskool of course, that I'll post as soon as I finish a new scroller effect.

Projects / Just a quickie...
« on: November 17, 2020 »
I was bored today so i knocked up a quick remake in a couple of hours seeing as there's not been a great deal of activity here for a while and after I upgraded my current home PC.
Holy cow, everything is soooooooooo much faster now.    i7 6700K @ 4.00GHz with 16gb ram, 1tb ssd, Nvidia GTX 960.  My Bitmap tunnel even runs flawlessly now !
Anyway, here's the remake from Elite/NoExtra

Projects / Re: Bitmap tunnel
« on: September 11, 2020 »
Link to my facebook post for video and exe.

When I get more time I want to have a selection of screen sizes to run it. Only 800x600 for now though as I was rushed for time.

Projects / Bitmap tunnel
« on: August 19, 2020 »
Been messing about with some code recently and turned it into a Purebasic library for my own amusement.  Fixing a few little niggles but will post it when I get back off my hols to Scotland soon.
Here's a couple of screenshots in the meantime.

Projects / Omega Teradist screen
« on: August 02, 2020 »
A remake of a classic screen from the Sowatt demo featuring lots of configurable sine dots, a multiple disted scroller and a nice vu.
I've changed the flashing ST disk light for the CAPS LOCK on one of the vu's.
Lots of keys to press on this one:
1 to 9 - preset dot forms.
F1-F2 music
Change dot form variables with the following keys:
Cursors keys Up/Down/Left/Right, with or without SHIFT pressed

Purebasic / Beatnic Purebasic source
« on: July 15, 2020 »
After watchiung the original demo screen many, many times i've changed a few things in mine like more accurate object origin points and a longer delay between objects.  Also animated the green alien tail like thee original.
All of this would not have been possible without the excellent 3D routine by STARGÅTE and the original CODEF converison by Newcore.  Credit where credit's due.  :clap:
I've included the latest version (1.1) and source for this screen here too for you to delve into and use at your leisure. Don't forget to put the contents of the userlibraries folder into your own for the OSME.
Hope you enjoy.

KrazyK  :cheers:

Purebasic / Re: The Lost Boys Beatnic screen
« on: July 08, 2020 »
This one uses simple Sprite clipping animation but I do have some code that does it.  I'll dig it out and post it later.
It involves drawing a checker image on a Sprite then doing a transform on it. It works really well.
Check out my star wars scroller remake as it uses the same technique. ;)

Here's the code for the checkerboard from my Equinox Castle Warrior remake and v1 of the Beatnic screen.  Still fixing a couple of things.

Purebasic / The Lost Boys Beatnic screen
« on: July 06, 2020 »
I have finally converted this screen for Purebasic after looking at the CODEF remake by Newcore.  The 3D vertex data took some working out and converting, but i've written a tool to convert it now.
I ended up using the Drawing3D module from the Purebasic forum as the MP3D library is now dead and does not work on PB 5.50+
Still a few bugs and some tidying up to do but will releasing into the wild very soon.
Quick screenshots of work in progress.

Purebasic / Re: ST Connexion screen PB source
« on: June 28, 2020 »
Here's the full PB source for the ST Connexion Twist screen.
Have fun and make something cool with it.

Also the finished cracktro that I started with STOS many, many years ago.  :o

Purebasic / Re: ST Connexion screen remake
« on: June 25, 2020 »
Here are some new remakes.
These remakes have been converted from the COEF remakes by Dyno, Ayoros and Shazz.  Without their initial code and ripping it would have taken an awful lot longer to figure out how they these screen were done.  Many thanks to them for their excellent code.  ;)

ST Connextion - Lets Do Tthe Twist Again screen.  This was awesome when it first came out.  It's still pretty awesome now!
Pendragons  - Fullscreen & Other Shit screen from the Lightning Demo.
ULM Intro - This was a pre demo for another screen they were to use in in the the GEN 4 demo comp in 1990.
Equinox - Castle Warrior cracktro. 

And one more that i've always wanted to finish but could never work it out.
It was one of our groups cracktros, TCD, that I started writing in STOS because I was never any good at 68000 assembler.  i could crack and file games but the dark art of cracktros always eluded me.  ::)
Anyway, I found the original STOS code and decided to have a go at finishing it for Windows with most of the original feel and text.
A starfiled, a bendy scrollerIt's, twisted pillars, and a text writer that flies around the screen and spits out the letters as it flies around.  Looks very cool and i've finally worked out how to do it.  I'll create a PB library for it to make it easier to use soon.
Screenshot only for now as I need to add a nice selector for this one.

Purebasic / ST Connexion screen remake
« on: June 16, 2020 »
Working on a two ST remakes again after digging the laptop out after 6 months, one in particular by ST Connexion. The Lets Do The Twist Again screen from the Punish Your Machine demo.
Here's the link to the online Codef version that I'm busy converting to PureBasic.  Not long to go so when it's done i'll post the source if anyones interested?
The other is by the The Pendragons which just needs the screen selector added.

General chat / Re: Merry Xmas
« on: December 25, 2019 »
Here's the unscrambled version that Avast won't bitch about.
Merry Xmas

General chat / Merry Xmas
« on: December 23, 2019 »
Merry Christmas to everyone here at DBF.
As is tradition, here's a little something oldskool i knocked together last week - when I was supposed to be working.

Here's the transparent image drawing code from a previous post.
Code: [Select]
Import "msimg32.lib"
TransparentBlt( hdcDest, nXOriginDest, nYOriginDest, nWidthDest, hHeightDest, hdcSrc, nXOriginSrc, nYOriginSrc, nWidthSrc, nHeightSrc, crTransparent )

ProcedureDLL KK_DrawTransparentImage(DestImage,SourceImage,xdest,ydest,transcol)
hdcSrc2 = CreateCompatibleDC_(DestImage)
SelectObject_(hdcSrc2, ImageID(SourceImage))

It is kind native as 'Import' is  a native command. ;D  I suppose what I mean is that it doesn't use other libraries like MP3D, SDL etc.  I use the above code as I can never get the DrawAlphaImage command to work correctly no matter what I do.  Need more practice with it I guess.

Purebasic / Aggression / D-Bug remake
« on: November 09, 2019 »
A long time ago, in a living room far, far away...

Actually back in August 2015 I downloaded this really cool fullscreen ST cracktro and thought I would have a go at remaking it but I never quite managed to pull it off as it had a big scroller that bounced in sync with a beat on one of the music channels.  Try as I might I couldn't work it out. It always started ok but soon got out of sync.  Lots of mathematical calculations were deployed and lots of hair pulled out.  So last year I got in touch with the author, !Cube, who sent me his original 68000 code to look at and explained that the tune had a control code (zync code) that controlled the y position of the bounce!  Dammit!!
I had already ripped the fonts and bounce data and coded the cool text writer before I got my hands on the 68k code but looking at it really helped but I still couldn't get it right.  >:(
I've actually lost count at the number of times i've dug this remake out and put it back down again - but one day at work last week, when I was supposed to be working, I had a brainwave, and the second I got in from work I tested it out and  - Hoo-Fookin-Rah!  It worked!!
Tested it on 2 completely different PCs and it's working ok - let me know if it works on yours.

Once i've made sense of my very old PB code, as it's been a while since I started it, i'll comment it and post it.  There's lots of crap in there that doesn't need to be there, i'm sure.

noticed a slight error in the text writer that is now fixed in the new exe.

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