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Purebasic / Stax - Anarchy Intro Source
« on: March 14, 2016 »
As promised, here's the fully commented source for the Stax - Anarchy intro along with my OSME replay library adapted from Zippys original so it doesn't use any exernal dll.
Copy the contents of the UserLibraries folder into you own and restart PB before loading the code.


Projects / Re: Stax conversion
« on: March 11, 2016 »
Here's the hopefully final version of the remake.
I'll add the source just as soon as i've commented it over the weekend.

Projects / Stax conversion x 2 + Source
« on: March 11, 2016 »
Started another remake/conversion from Stax.  An Intro which is also a conversion of an Amiga intro by Anarchy.  My first double conversion  ;D
Almost finished it as I just need to tidy up the palette swapping of the Stax logo.  When it's done i'll release the source for it too in the Purebasic section after I comment it.  .... It's good to share  ;)

Projects / Stax menu remake - Projekt Prometheus
« on: February 28, 2016 »
Another remake from Stax this time with a nice twisty scroller that winds around a static bar.  Took a while to figure how this effect was created but finally sussed it in a Eureka moment.  Also a simple starfield, and big bouncing logo and menu text changing colours.  Cool music from Jess of the Overlanders too.

Projects / BBC Menu 46
« on: January 30, 2016 »
Been busy lately and finished another remake from the Bad Brew Crew.  A nice intro with lots of 3D vector objects with a nice reflection.
it looked straight forward to do but involved lots of timers and syncing and re-creating the objects from scratch.  Looks neat though.  :kewl:

Projects / Re: Labyrinthe de Lexicos Intro remake
« on: January 27, 2016 »
I must have compressed it so much it it is

Projects / Labyrinthe de Lexicos Intro remake
« on: January 26, 2016 »
Ok, another one from Atari Legend as I think their intros were really cool.  Still a few more to do too  ;)
This is the STe version with a nice mod this time by maktone rather than the STFM Big Alec chiptune.

Here's the latest (finished?) version of the new intro.  Jeez that was a lot of effort ripping and pulling it all together having to re-create all the object and font manually and convert the 16 colour interrupt palette!
Still i'm pretty pleased with the result and will hopefully use my new vectorlines library in a few more intros now.
And all written in lovely Purebasic.  :kewl:

Started on another remake a few days ago and at first sight it looked a bit daunting with 10 3D wireframe objects to rip or re-create as data points.  It also has a 64x64 bouncing raster font scroller created using data points,a 3D rotating starfield and a full screen flashing logo.  A LOT of work.
Here's a screen from the original intro and what I have so far......hopefully i'll be finished soon.........  ???

DemoZoo link:

Challenges & Competitions / Re: CHRISTMAS CHALLENGE?
« on: December 20, 2015 »

A black and white intro with a 3d object made up of 1500 snowflakes and more gently falling all around.  Oh, and a scroll text obviously.
Windowed mode only.  Press cursor left/right to change objects.

:snowman:  Merry Christmas :snowman:

Projects / Re: Lots more remakes
« on: November 19, 2015 »
I have a number of different PCs and laptops that I use that all run these intros fine, but they all have Win7/10 with +4Gb ram.
I don't know the minimum spec which they run ok at but I did have a crappy desktop pc at work with XP and 2GB ram with a poor inbuilt intel video adapter and my previous stuff ran ok on that - just.
That's probably the minimum spec i've ran anything on.
I'm sure others here could confirm if they've tried other lower setups.

Projects / Re: Lots more remakes
« on: November 18, 2015 »
Sorry, there isn't going to be any re-writing for DX6 as PureBasic doesn't support it.  I think you're going to miss out on a lot of the stuff on here using that old machine.  :-\

Projects / Re: Lots more remakes
« on: November 16, 2015 »
Unfortunately they will not work on your retro PC as they require DirectX 9 to start with.

Usually goes in the windows\system32 folder.  I think the d version file is the lastest one so if you maybe have an older installation of directx then it probably wouldn't have been in the setup.
The web installer will check all of this though and download the required files and install them for you.

That's just a standard directx dll. Should be on your system if you have directx 9 installed.
Never needed to include it before but might be able to dig it out, not unless someone else can post it before I get back from work?

I don't have _45, I think you may mean _43.  Attached here.

Purebasic / Re: My First Demo
« on: November 03, 2015 »
Nice first effort.
Just a couple if tips from another PB coder for this demo though:
You only need to set the transparency once after you load the images.
And you can display the c64 image outside at the end of the scroller display loop rather than display it 25 times per loop.

Keep going though and trying other pieces of code as that's how most of us started.   :)

Here's my late entry for this years Halloween comp. This time in 3D !!!
3D pumpkin, samples (lots of hence the large file size), and images all takes from various online sites.  The  eyeballs are my own though  ;D
Just use the selector for windowed or fullscreen - or just quit   ;)
I'm off out now to a Halloween party, so enjoy - if you dare !!


Well done guys, I enjoyed all the entries in this one.   I gather nobody found the hidden screen then? ;)

I've had the odd crash and I think it's down to using PBs built in mod replay.  I've never used it before an debugging it pointed to that function when it did crash.  It also made the file size huge in comparison to what i'm used to.  Note to self...stick to using OSME instead. ::)  Good luck with the hidden screen  ;D

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