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Ok then here goes again, learning all the time guys.
You know when you've tested and tested a piece of code over and over again and got completely bored with seeing the same thing and hearing the same clip of music?
Well that's what's happended here so i've changed the demo again.

Made the reflected top scroller more transparent.
Replaced wireframe spheres with mapped cubes.
Added oldieskoolie raster bars.
Moved the starfield from the centre to behind the bottom scroller.

You should hopefully still get the same framerate as before.
I reckon this is it now, no more changes.....he said looking at the glitch he's just spotted. ::)

Oh, and try F7/F8 to toggle a really cool effect.

updated exe attached now - no cursor  ;)

Thanks for the feedback guys, I've modified it a bit now:
Only 3 sine scrollers but with different fonts.
Made it proper fullscreen now, no title bar.
Changed the copper efect on the top to nice gold one.
Added F9/F10 to toggle vsync to test maximum framerate - this really screws up the spheres though so you will have to run it again.
...i'm off to look at for some inspiration now.

with 3 sine scrollers: windowed 47-51 FPS     Fullscreen:45-48 FPS.
I'll re-compile it later in the week when i've made the improvements.  :cheers:

Thanks for the info.  it's the 8 sine scrollers in the middle that kill it on slower pcs.  I can't get it to slow down on my main pc.  It's just my laptop that runs at 29FPS when the middle scrollers come on.
Just tried it with 2 and it's running at 58FPS but doesn't look as good.  I'll modify it to check frame rate and adjust the number of scrollers if below a certain FPS?

Ok, here it is then, as finished as I think I can make it - my first oldskooler in PB. 

Important: ** You need at least the latest DirectX 9c to run this demo or you will recieve an error warning **

Press F12/F11 to turn on/off frame rate display during the demo.  My main PC runs at 60fps while my laptop only runs at 29 and it looks crap slow.
Let me know if it runs ok or if there are any errors etc or suggestions on how to improve it. ;)

Thanks for the input guys, i can see how this works now and will try to use it in my next project.
In the meantime here's a screenshot of my first PB oldskooler that i've almost finished as i've just figured out how to wibble my main logo thanks to messing about with sin/cos functions.

Hi all,
I'm pretty new to democoding since I bought Purebasic recently and need help with the code in plotting a sprite along a hypotenuse path.
If I wanted to plot a path from x1,y1 to x2,y2 how would I go about it?  I know how to get the length of the hypotenuse but am a bit lost figuring out the path plotting when it comes to sin/cos/tan/deg functions etc, i should have paid more attention in school really! :-[
I'm sure it's a simple question for some of the talented people here and hope to learn from you.

General chat / Re: The Welcoming Comittee
« on: March 13, 2011 »
Hi All,
I registered ages ago to see what was going on here but have only just got back into coding after many years of my brain wasting away so I thought i'd say something before my account got deleted!
Owned an Atari STe/FM in the 80s/90s and started, as many did, with ST Basic then went onto GFA Basic and did  lots of original stuff with STOS and 68000.  Cracked, trained, ripped, and modified loads of games back then and now that i've recently got my brain back into gear i've found I can still do the same on my PC.
I've started using Purebasic as I really like the syntax and there are some really good user libraries out for it.  I did try Freebasic afterwards but couldn't quite get away with the way it worked.  Maybe i'll try again if someone can persuade me it's easied then PB.
So, i've started on my first oldskool demo written in PB and could really do with some tips on some effects i'm trying to duplicate.

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