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General chat / Re: The Welcoming Committee
« Last post by ablablablablabla on September 09, 2018 »
hello.. i am a noise artist specializing in shitcore. i make terrible websites, "music" and such..

i'm here for the freebasic info.

Purebasic / Re: Bitmap Sin Scroller.
« Last post by aNdy on September 01, 2018 »
Apologies for resurrecting this old thread...

I completely forgot to mention in other threads I started for my recent releases that knowledge gained from the posts above enabled me to write my own scrolling message routines, leading to eventually heavily rewriting and adding various effects.

My modified and enhanced code can be found in the downloads (sources included in the downloads) in the following threads; I hope someone finds them useful:

A  - --H U G E-- -  thanks to 'Shockwave' and 'va!n' for their posts and idea and humble apologies for not mentioning them in my scrolling messages. I bow down before your greatness! ;)

General chat / Re: Hi
« Last post by thehay95 on September 01, 2018 »
hi, pat, i'm new
but i see the forum very a lot peopel
General chat / Re: Hi
« Last post by boogop on August 29, 2018 »
A lot of my fascination with this stuff comes from 'wtf how did they do that in freaking assembler 30 years ago?'
General chat / Re: Hi
« Last post by Shockwave on August 29, 2018 »
Welcome Pat, hope you find plenty to keep you intetested here :)
General chat / Hi
« Last post by pat on August 29, 2018 »
hi everybody,
born in 1970 I grew up with all sorts of computers... started with a zx spectrum, got an amiga 500 by the age of 13. did some coding first in c then in asm on the amiga (fumbled around with the copper and blitter). did some little demos as JoyDivision. never got very far because documentation in the ages before internet was hard to get . but had a lot of fun at copy parties mostly in the netherlands .... got a pc afterwards and now i code mostly in python. never lost interest in gfx. stumbled into this place after messing around with blitzmax and plasma stuff. trying to understand how some of the old amiga demos worked (afters 30 years ...) )
Projects / Another remake...
« Last post by Bobo220673 on August 25, 2018 »
Hi !
Here you find my new Intro/Remake...

Sorry, but Windows 10 Defender don't like it  :boxer: , you must add an exception. There is no Virus or Trojaner.

Here the Link :
ASM / Re: sine generator in TASM
« Last post by boogop on August 21, 2018 »
Cool stuff, Rbz!

I probably have all the effect source from Hornet Archive and I've never seen a sine generator like that one. Mostly people seemed to be generating them externally and using a list of constants. There are a few that use fi[blah] commands to produce one.

Starport II (1993) had an interesting one but didn't create a table, it calculated it on the fly. SHRD was a 386 instruction, not sure it was available on the 286?

Code: [Select]
;北北北北北北北北 sin/cos 北北北北北北北北
;entry: ax=angle (0..65535)
; exit: ax=muller (-127..127)
addwcos:add ax,ds:[bx] ;optimized entry for wavesets
mov ds:[bx],ax
cos: add ax,16384
sin: mov bx,ax
mov cx,bx
and cx,1023
neg cx
add cx,1023
shr bx,10
mov ah,ds:sintable[bx]
xor al,al
imul cx
push ax
push dx
mov ah,ds:sintable[bx+1]
xor al,al
neg cx
add cx,1023
imul cx
pop bx
pop cx
add ax,cx
adc dx,bx
shrd ax,dx,11

but SPII also included a sine table, so further investigation is needed

Code: [Select]
sintable LABEL BYTE ;sine table (circle is 64 units)
db 0,12,24,36,48,59,70,80,89,98,105,112,117,121,124,126,127,126
db 124,121,117,112,105,98,89,80,70,59,48,36,24,12,0,-12,-24,-36
db -48,-59,-70,-80,-89,-98,-105,-112,-117,-121,-124,-126,-127
db -126,-124,-121,-117,-112,-105,-98,-89,-80,-70,-59,-48,-36
db -24,-12,0,3,6,9,12,15,18,21,24,27,30,33,36,39,42,45,48,51,54
db 57,59,62,65,67,70

ASM / Re: sine generator in TASM
« Last post by Rbz on August 19, 2018 »
And here is the Freebasic port for the sine generator part, for anyone who wants to investigate how it works.

Keep in mind that this generator was done for old computers without FPU (old PC 286 computers I believe), but it's an interesting piece of code that shows how those old coders did their stuff, might be useful for someone making demos for other kinds of old school  computers ofcourse.

Code: [Select]

    dim shared bx(16384) as short

    dim as short cx = &h783F
    dim as byte ch = 0
    dim as short si = 0
    dim as short ax = 0
    dim as short dx = 0
    dim as short b = 0

    width 80, 25

    dim as integer i = 0
    for i = 0 to 16383
      ax = -39  '65497
      dx = (cx * ax) shr 16
      si += dx
      cx += si

      ch = (cx shr 8 ) and &hFF
      bx( i ) = ch
      b = bx( i )
      bx( i ) = b shr 1

      print bx( i ); "  ";
   print "press any key to exit..."
   dim as string clearkey = inkey
General chat / Re: What are you working on at the moment?
« Last post by aNdy on August 18, 2018 »
Continuing my learning in PureBasic, so converting to PC a Cosine game called 'Blok Copy' that has previously been released on C64, C64DTV, Atari 8bit, Commodore PET.

Main engine all functioning, just working out a way to animate the blocks which involves building sprites on the fly and then moving them.  Getting there...
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