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General chat / Re: The Welcoming Committee
« Last post by Rbz on April 14, 2019 »
 :hi: ultimate
General chat / Re: The Welcoming Committee
« Last post by aNdy on April 09, 2019 »
Purebasic / Re: [Application] ChillED
« Last post by aNdy on April 09, 2019 »
Looking good mate!

I did mean to release it by now, but after using it for a while, I've decided to incorporate a few more tools. I've also been using it to create a few PETSCII logos for a BBS after an online request. Extensive testing is a good thing, no?!

Here I am editing one of my logos. Note, I switched on the char grid on the screen display to help line things up.
General chat / Re: The Welcoming Committee
« Last post by ultimate on April 09, 2019 »
Hi all,

I'm just registering now and I find this place promising. I'm a programmer and use to program in C, javascript and assembler  plus several weird languages such as rebol, tcl or scheme

In my spare time I program games and little tools mainly for own use

Hope to learn here and give help as far as I know

Projects / Re: Fashion - Fashionating (1988)
« Last post by vtlmks on April 07, 2019 »
Thank you Rbz!

Yes, I read that the retro-remakes site will change administration, however I just wanted to show that there are new remakes coming still, so that whoever takes over knows that there are things to look forward to, even if it's not like in the past.

I hope some more people get interested in making remakes, I will help if needed with C or assembly code, even if there is a need for resourcing amiga-code, my source that I released here isn't very readable unfortunately.
Purebasic / Re: [Application] ChillED
« Last post by Rbz on April 07, 2019 »
Looking good mate!

Projects / Re: Fashion - Fashionating (1988)
« Last post by Rbz on April 07, 2019 »
You did a great job here vtlmks, well done!  :clap:
Looking at source code download counter, people sure are very interested on this :D

I've uploaded your remake to, even though, as you can read in the BBS page, RR site is going to change it's administration, don't know what will happen in the end, hope for better future.
General chat / Amiga and C64 Music Albums
« Last post by va!n on March 30, 2019 »
Hi guys,,

beginning 2016 i created my own little mediabox based on the raspberry pi 3 ...  i added my private music section with all my favourite music albums, esp. amiga and c64 relatex (remix/rearanged) albums... So, are here any ppl collecting amiga/c64 related music albums too? Wanna show us your collection?

Btw, i think next i may buy the amiga immortal collection...

Here is my actuall collection...

The blue/unmarked albums are no scene/electro/synth genre... so i just marked out...

Purebasic / Re: [Application] ChillED
« Last post by aNdy on March 30, 2019 »
My PureBasic coded C64 screen editor is undergoing pretty intensive testing.  I've used it to pixel some C64 screens, exported the screen and colour data, wrote some quick C64 assembly code to display the data and have tested in the WinVice C64 emulator on my laptop and on my C64Mini.

The Ninja image is grabbed from WinVice and the R2D2 image is running on my C64Mini.

I LOVE PureBasic!
Purebasic / [Application] ChillED
« Last post by aNdy on March 29, 2019 »
I've almost finished writing a PureBasic application that lets me design single screens/levels for the Commodore64.  It's called 'ChillED' and will be used to design levels for a C64 game I'm coding.

The application lets you load, save and edit C64 charsets and then edit screen RAM and colour RAM and then save the whole lot out to use in C64 games.

I'll plonk a link to download here in the next few days once it's undergone final testing.  In the meantime, as part of my destruction testing, I ripped a charset from a famous C64 game and recreated the title-screen using my editor.  In the screen dump attached, the screen being edited is being displayed using the 'Colodore' palette, with scanline and CRT emulation switched on.

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