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Title: [CUBES] FxCubes
Post by: Optimus on May 15, 2012
Time has come to release my own simple contribution.
As always, no time or motivation to polish with more stuff in the background, a music playing or a scrolltext, just the main effect I wanted to code.

It is something I wanted to tried many times before (I have already seen it in demos though), a 3d grid of shrinking and fading cubes, two effects running on the grid (if you let it run for a little while). I even use some shader to fade near the edges of each single cube and give lighten electric edges like tron or something. I could have used a texture but I like this direct shader method.

Title: Re: [CUBES] FxCubes
Post by: Raizor on May 15, 2012
Very nice Optimus. I don't think I've seen anything quite like it before. It looks like metaballs rendered with cubes :)

K++ for making something for the compo. Good luck.
Title: Re: [CUBES] FxCubes
Post by: jace_stknights on May 16, 2012
nice effect!

(dawn I have to hurry up!)
Title: Re: [CUBES] FxCubes
Post by: benny! on May 16, 2012
Wow ... I simply love this one. Awesome.

Although I can understand you that it takes a lot of more motivation to actually add a tune, scroller and maybe a logo to it - however this FX would make a perfect cracktro!

Anyway, great FX  :clap:
Title: Re: [CUBES] FxCubes
Post by: Kirl on May 16, 2012
Wow, fantastic effect!

Really cool, well done!  :clap:
Title: Re: [CUBES] FxCubes
Post by: Shockwave on May 16, 2012
Excellent choice of colours and nicely shaded line cubes there Optimus.  It's a nice plasma-like effect which I've never seen done before.

It's going to be hard to choose who to vote for!
Title: Re: [CUBES] FxCubes
Post by: combatking0 on May 17, 2012
It's how I'd imagine a prototype glass voxel based display to look during a test - very futuristic.
Title: Re: [CUBES] FxCubes
Post by: padman on May 22, 2012
Cool effect! Too bad you didn't have time for a complete intro ;)
Title: Re: [CUBES] FxCubes
Post by: Hotshot on May 24, 2012
Nice Shader Effect  :clap:
Title: Re: [CUBES] FxCubes
Post by: Pixel_Outlaw on May 25, 2012
Very very well done!

Those little slpha light blended cubes are gorgeous and it is so smooth!