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Title: GLSL shaders not displaying with Inter HD GPU?
Post by: Omnikam on March 15, 2019
Hi Guys i know its been a while but ive had no computer for awhile now, but that`s fine as ive just bought a small tablet
Im having issues though with GLSL shaders not displaying, The example here http://www.dbfinteractive.com/forum/index.php?topic=6674.0
I See the Scroller and the textured Quad, but no shader. You might think its some driver limitation, but it`s not As ive  been able to run GeeXLab and compile and see the shaders on it. This Issue seems like purebasic only,
If Anyone might take a quick look at it, perhaps the solution isnt hard. My linked example only works in vs 5.44 with uni code executable unchecked
I was in the proccess of updating my code to work on the uni only 5.70 but cannot see any results. I have set sub systems to OpenGL
But like ive said GLSL shader are working , just not in purebasic on Intel HD gpus
Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, but you are my last hope a getting it working