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i can provide a sinus generator for windows:

it calculate your values and give a preview. the output can be exported for further usage in C or C++. I used this Gen. back in the late nineties for Playstation 1 C++ coding for Sinus Scrollers and effects / wobbler :D

ArtRage is really cool. I bought it last year.  The pics are also painted with it :D

No need for Corel Painter.  I also use PhotoPaint since 1996 or so because i hate Photoshop,  don't know why.

Yes, not bad.  which program do you use?

Here are some digital paintings that i made in the past:

General chat / Re: The Welcoming Committee
« on: June 08, 2018 »
Hi there,
i subscribed in February 20, 2016 but i haven't written anything about me till now.
I'm coming from germany.
In the early 80th i got an c64 and i started coding gfx and animations on it.
Sadly i never had an Amiga.
In the beginning 90th i started to code on  PC.
I studied IT and became a professional coder. My languages are VB.Net, C/ C++, C#. For hobby Blitz3D, BlitzMax, FreeBasic, PureBasic, C++ with SFML, OpenGL, DX9.
I want to code demos, cracktros keygens but i still train gfx effects ;-).

Best regards,

spliffer, have a look at my new project:

maybe you like it.

i'm looking for a skilled coder who can handle sesion id's in Purebasic. just try to code a upload tool for Rapidgator. the point is: receiving the uploaded shortlink.

maybe you can help? :)

ahhh ... and welcome

Purebasic / Re: Introducing a first Look
« on: June 01, 2018 »
Will you be making this tool open source at some point? Just curious.

Anyway, I'll be looking forward to the initial release that produces usable code. It's looking to be a convenient little time saver.
I really like being able to adjust the various values and see how it looks so quickly and easily.

i think yes, it could be a open source project. latest if i'm heavy stuck :D looking forward.. and yes, later it would be possible to export the settings into PureBasic SourceCode.

I've uploaded a newer Version.

see 1st Post

Purebasic / Re: Introducing a first Look
« on: May 24, 2018 »
More Information:

I've uploaded a newer Version.

see 1rst Post

CODEF2EXE produziert doch keine MacBinaries oder? Ein G4-Mini kann ja leider kein Windows ausführen.

No it doesn't. It creates x86 win binaries.

Oder meinst Du direkt im Webbrowser mit Java die Dinger anzusehen ( Muss ich da noch mal nachlesen.

Yes, the exe file communicate with a web based code
War eigentlich dieses INC-Logo mit dem Punkt also (INC.) für PC/CGA anno 1987? auch von Dir?
Hab das gestern erst am EuroPC mit 1084 gesehen :) dat hier =>

Zu blöd dass die keine Ahnung vom coden habe, das hätte mir bei PureBasic sicher geholfen...
so fische ich halt im Trüben...

No sorry that's not me, the very first inc logo that i made was a DOS Logo that change its colors. It can be found in a original bbs release by Monkey Island 1 , called

cheers ;)

Das codef2exe ist von mir. Das sollte locker auf dem Mac laufen. Alles andere, was das codef Projekt angeht ist unter der Führung von whitewolf entstanden.
Genauere Infos sind in unserem Forum zu finden.


kleiner Tipp:

statt pdf kannst du auch direkt Bilder hier einbinden ;)

zb als hoster

i understand your point, but why doing this if all the stuff exist for windows? :)


I already recognized that is not that easy to download cracktro sources for PB and compiling a runable OSX-PPC-Binary.
I tested nearly all the stuff that is available for download here. None worked.

because it was a DOS based scene around 1990 until w98. Purebasic for Democoding is a windows thing so far ;)
but i wish luck in discover some ways to get demos out of a mac .

I will have to complete my environment with librarys that are needed in order to get "music" played and gfx "displayed".
Hopefully some of them exist on the mac-plantform.

i don't think so. the Libs would only support Windows

Purebasic / Re: Introducing a first Look
« on: May 02, 2018 »
Thank you for the share inc. , always high quality !

is it MP3D based ?

no, MP3D is dead. I do no longer use it.

this new Maker will only base on PureBasic Code. Later it will have a option to export all the creation as SourceCode for own and further coding in PB. (but will also have exe export to demo ;) )

Purebasic / Re: Introducing a first Look
« on: May 02, 2018 »
another Update yet:

get it from my own ftp (30 MB because of its included images and demo sounds): inc_PB_Demo_SC_Creator.rar

Purebasic / Re: Introducing a first Look
« on: May 01, 2018 »
Another slight progress.

Changelog May/01/2018

- load xm and mod music (also show the loaded filename)
- load another logo (add a first simple effect via checkbox)
- now possible to enter own scrolltext into the inputfield (activate the new line with Enter or the Button)
- demoscreen resize possible if entering new x/y coordinates (standard = 800*750)

- resize demoscreen is not bugfree yet

more to come ;)

get it from my own ftp (30 MB because of its included images and demo sounds):

I've uploaded a newer Version.

see 1rst Post

Purebasic / Introducing a first Look
« on: April 26, 2018 »
Hi folks,

after a longer break, i would like to present a very first alpha? demo making tool

This will help you to create fast and easy sinus or plain scroll text to export the code for PB usage and sooo many more.

first ideas:
- exe export directly from the tool
- support for sound
- logo effects
- 3d effects
- hlsl & glsl support
- custom screen resolution
- sinus and typer Text support
- bitmap font support
- windows font support

and many more.

this version is only for playing around to have a first look on it.

More Information

- all features can be changed in realtime

- on start, it is possible to enter the desired demoscreen resolution
- Sound Support: XM and MOD (many more soundfiles will be play soon)
- Logo
- Sinuous or Plain Scroll Text
- Windows Font can be used (color can be changed via colorpicker)
- Bitmap Font usable
- Typer Text Effect instead of sinous scroller
- Scrolltext: load from text file
- Scrolltext: enter with your keyboard
- free options to choose sinuous behavior for the text scroller
- choose own Demoscreen Window title + year
- save the whole settings as PureBasic Source Code
- save demo into 1 single Exe File
- if wanted, remove the frame from the demo screen window
- Demo window Frame and header's color customizable (color can be changed via colorpicker)

- DirectX 9 or OGL GLSL Shader Support
- GLSL Live Editor
- 3ds Objecs
- Logo Effecs

NEW UPDATE  June 10/2018

- 3d Starfield
- Change Color of the Demo's Window via Colorpicker
- Change Color of the Demo's Window Title via Colorpicker
- Hide/ Show the Settings Button
- correct display-effect when checking the Logo Effect Box

In Progress:
- Colorpicker need to be centered on Screen

Start Resolution Requester

Demo Live Preview

Settings Screen



General coding questions / Re: voxel waves
« on: April 04, 2018 »
Can you upload a picture by this effect?  I think i did this back in the days on PlayStation 1 in some Cracktros.
If it is the same,  i can provide code


Projects / Re: Had a bit of fun making this patcher
« on: March 17, 2018 »
Do you write new registry keys while patching or is there more?
I did something similar in this one:

Will have a look to yours later.

Purebasic / Re: [Retroremake] Amstrad CPC for fun
« on: February 16, 2018 »
 delete the attachment,  create a new zip with all needed files and attach it to your created post while Click on modify.


in 2016 i have done a patcher for DVT ( not the finest code but good enuff )... you can use the Form if you like it. It's all included in the attached rar file.
The wired 3D Qubes moving to the music...

to compile the source outa Pure Basic, you need installed the MP3D Lib. See description in the source


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