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Nice effect, and i love this song :)
Heard it before in a demo about someone leaving earth to find a new planet. Anyone remember what demo that was? link?

Edit: Found the link, "The last mission" by rdc (?),1287.0.html
But where can i download?

General chat / Fun little game
« on: July 11, 2009 »
Found a game called my brute, where your brute fights other brutes. Totally pointless, but interesting anyway. Heres a link to sign up (and give me an extra experience point :)). have fun

General chat / Re: Microsoft 7
« on: May 25, 2009 »
I'm using windows seven and I think it's great.  There are many great features, and many of the included programs are upgraded.
I'm actually writing this and browsing this page using the built in speech recognition.  It's more practical using the keyboard but this is more fun.  And hopefully the computer will learn the more I use it.  ;) post

Projects / Re: Same as Screenshot?
« on: January 17, 2009 »
Only problem is that my head is spinning :)

Blitz / Re: Pathfinding problem
« on: December 29, 2008 »
Fixed it
Instead of using blitz' for a.square=each square I manually kept track of the square before each square and then by getting the last square I can iterate through the list backwards.
Code: [Select]
Type Square
Field prvs.Square
End Type

o.Square=Last Square
While o<>Null

Delete oo

Blitz / Pathfinding problem
« on: December 29, 2008 »
I'm making a pathfinding code. The problem is that it gets slower and slower the more I use it. I've isolated the slowdown to these lines of code, but I find nothing wrong with them. It gets so bad that it only manages 2000 iterations a second.
Edit: Fs() is an array
Code: [Select]
Const t0 =2^0
Const t1 =2^1
Const t2 =2^2
Const t3 =2^3
Const t20=2^20

Dim Fs(2^20-1)

Type Square
Field x,y
Field F
Field G
Field H
Field n
Field n2
Field Previous.Square
End Type

For o.Square=Each Square
p=t19+((o\F And t18) Shr 17-1) Shl 18
p=p  +((o\F And t17) Shr 16-1) Shl 17
p=p  +((o\F And t16) Shr 15-1) Shl 16
p=p  +((o\F And t15) Shr 14-1) Shl 15
p=p  +((o\F And t14) Shr 13-1) Shl 14
p=p  +((o\F And t13) Shr 12-1) Shl 13
p=p  +((o\F And t12) Shr 11-1) Shl 12
p=p  +((o\F And t11) Shr 10-1) Shl 11
p=p  +((o\F And t10) Shr 9 -1) Shl 10
p=p  +((o\F And t9 ) Shr 8 -1) Shl 9
p=p  +((o\F And t8 ) Shr 7 -1) Shl 8
p=p  +((o\F And t7 ) Shr 6 -1) Shl 7
p=p  +((o\F And t6 ) Shr 5 -1) Shl 6
p=p  +((o\F And t5 ) Shr 4 -1) Shl 5
p=p  +((o\F And t4 ) Shr 3 -1) Shl 4
p=p  +((o\F And t3 ) Shr 2 -1) Shl 3
p=p  +((o\F And t2 ) Shr 1 -1) Shl 2
p=p  +((o\F And t1 )       -1) Shl 1
p=p  +((o\F And t0 ) Shl 1 -1)

Projects / Re: textmode please test on vista
« on: June 19, 2008 »
No probs running from zip(7-zip) and quits as it should with esc

Projects / Re: textmode please test on vista
« on: June 19, 2008 »
Hello World in lots of colours.

Works fine :)

Are you running the program in fullscreen? If not windows might not update your window as often as you would like.

General chat / Re: End for software rendering?
« on: June 05, 2008 »
A computer with 4 Nvidia 9800gx2 that performs almost as well, or even better than a supercomputer with 512 celeron processors at least in their Tomography tests.

Projects / Re: Sweetie Intro!
« on: May 15, 2008 »
Very good, but missing a textscroller?

Challenges & Competitions / [PROCEDURAL] Flame
« on: May 15, 2008 »
Here is an effect that from the beginning was supposed to be a leaf, but i got off track and it changed allot.
It's a little slow, but its well worth it :)
Press space to render a new image.;dl=get68

Made another version that feels more alive.

nice, works under linux(wine) as well as Windows :)

when i start it plays the music and i get a MAV.

Blitz / Re: [BMAX] Maze generation problems.
« on: April 05, 2008 »
I haven't got time to look at your code, but you could just crop the image after it's done, just ignore the first line of pixels?

First exe works fine with dos box, and the second one runs as it should in vista.

Nice transitions, good blending.

in dosbox it lagged like hell though, probably because Dosbox stopped it from getting 100% cpu power, does anyone know how to fix that?

this system doesn't support fullscreen mode. bla bla bla bla!

I cant run it at that resolution, any chance of a windowed version? please :)

Thx for your offer jerstlouis, but i got it working :D
First(dont know if this step is necessary) i installed a new candidate version of mingw under ECERE SDK\mingw.
Then I downloaded this and unpacked(with winrar) in the same folder... and it worked :)

I got the tip from this topic over at

Tried some of the samples, both the chess and clock are good.

I installed the candidate version of mingw, not the ordinary version as i wrote first.

wops, meant uac, user account control, what vista has to limit application privileges.
Hope we find a solution because i really want to try this :)

Hi jerstlouis!
Looks really cool, so i had a go at it.
Unfortunately i had a few problems...
First i got this error when compiling "gcc: installation problem, cannot exec `cc1': No such file or directory     ".
But after moving cc1.exe to ECERE SDK\mingw\bin i get this error: "Fatal Error: child process terminated unexpectedly     "

I'm running vista 32 with vac turned off.

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