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Projects / Re: 1st Intro/Demo!
« on: February 01, 2014 »
Thanks for the feedback everyone!
Punqtured, thank you especially for yours :D I took a lot of inspiration from D-Bug and Automation menus so yeah, 80's cracktro was the idea haha :D

Yeah I completely agree in regards to the simple composition, I spent days on and off putting together a few different melodies but by the end of it I was so paranoid about size that I just settled on the 2 phrase loop you hear in the final thing. I wrote it in MilkyTracker so yeah, .xm. From memory the main samples were all just square waves of varying pulse width with a couple of hand drawn drum samples. I was trying to go for something Atari ST-esque but I just wanted to get something finished :D

A quick update also: I've figured out how to get my plasma to work nice and smoothly, but the pay-off is a low resolution. But heh, I'll settle for a fast pixel-y plasma over a HQ slow one :D

My next prod could be a while away given I'm in my final year of high school so I probably won't have much time on my hands for some time. That being said I have a rough idea of what the next demo will entail, multiple screens and plasma is guaranteed.

Thanks again for all the feedback!

Projects / 1st Intro/Demo!
« on: January 25, 2014 »
Hey folks, so I finally got around to actually coding something that resembles an intro! It's taken me a week between one headache and another due to the fact that not many people use REALBasic for doing this sort of thing so I had to write/develop some things from the ground up (starfield mainly, that fecker was a massive pain in the arse for something so simple). It's not great, but it's something. Feedback highly appreciated. Apologies for shitty font (I couldn't figure out a way to use a bitmap font which bummed me out big time) and file size.

- 3 Layer Scrolling Starfield
- BOBs
- 3D Sphere Made out of Coloured Dots
- Copper!
- Moving Logo
- Sinusoidal Scroll Text
- Rainbow Things
- Shitty little tune I wrote

Originally had a pretty kick-arse plasma effect but it had to be scrapped because it slowed everything else to a near halt when opened on just about any computer except my own :( I'd love to know if I could optimise the code somehow :/
Also tried to make the copper wave around on a sine pattern a-la Automation 225 Menu except I just couldn't figure out how to get it to work properly.
I only just (as in like, 3 hours ago) figured out a method that might let me use a bitmap font in REALBasic, but I'll have to give that a go for the next project.
The logo used to distort sinusoidally but unfortunately this suffered the same problem as the plasma.

combatKing, I'll try messing around with that code, see if I can get something.

As for the code on that other thread, while it seemed hopeful, I got nothing but errors when I tried utilizing it, I don't know what version of RB they were using but it doesn't work with mine :/

Other languages / REALBasic / Related noob questions...
« on: February 03, 2013 »
Ok, so I'd look to do two things with the project I'm currently working on (I'd like to call it a demo but I don't know if it's quite amazing enough to go into that category) :

1. Generate a simple scrolling starfield. I have a rough idea of how to do this in terms of "pseudo-code" and C++ stuff, but I'm kinda stuck in regards to writing something for REALBasic (or even Basic orientated for that matter).

2. Be able to warp a picture, ideally into a sine wave shape.
2a. Modify my existing scroll text code so it's a sine scroller.

At the moment my scroll text is actually an image (that way I can have my custom font displayed on any machine) but I'd really like to be able to warp it so that it's a sine scroller.

If anyone can help, I would appreciate it. My project thus far is pretty boring and this would let me make it a bit more interesting.

Thanks in advance!

General chat / Re: The Welcoming Committee
« on: January 30, 2013 »
Hey folks! I'm a hobbyist/student, my background as far as programming goes is pretty much solid in Visual Basic, with a bit of knowledge in a variety of other languages. I also like to do pixel art and compose electro/lofi/chiptune music. In the recent months I've become enthralled by the world of the demoscene (no surprise really given my interests). I hope to start making some demos of some kind and currently have made all of: A text scroller and a rotating cube. Ideally I want everything I do to be cross-platform so I've been doing most of my stuff in Realbasic. I'd love any advice of to be put in the right direction if there's anyone out here who specialises in demo making a la cross-platform or in Realbasic. Cheers!

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