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Projects / Re: Lots more remakes
« on: November 18, 2015 »
Sorry, there isn't going to be any re-writing for DX6 as PureBasic doesn't support it.  I think you're going to miss out on a lot of the stuff on here using that old machine.  :-\

Projects / Re: Lots more remakes
« on: November 16, 2015 »
Unfortunately they will not work on your retro PC as they require DirectX 9 to start with.

Usually goes in the windows\system32 folder.  I think the d version file is the lastest one so if you maybe have an older installation of directx then it probably wouldn't have been in the setup.
The web installer will check all of this though and download the required files and install them for you.

That's just a standard directx dll. Should be on your system if you have directx 9 installed.
Never needed to include it before but might be able to dig it out, not unless someone else can post it before I get back from work?

I don't have _45, I think you may mean _43.  Attached here.

Purebasic / Re: My First Demo
« on: November 03, 2015 »
Nice first effort.
Just a couple if tips from another PB coder for this demo though:
You only need to set the transparency once after you load the images.
And you can display the c64 image outside at the end of the scroller display loop rather than display it 25 times per loop.

Keep going though and trying other pieces of code as that's how most of us started.   :)

Here's my late entry for this years Halloween comp. This time in 3D !!!
3D pumpkin, samples (lots of hence the large file size), and images all takes from various online sites.  The  eyeballs are my own though  ;D
Just use the selector for windowed or fullscreen - or just quit   ;)
I'm off out now to a Halloween party, so enjoy - if you dare !!


Well done guys, I enjoyed all the entries in this one.   I gather nobody found the hidden screen then? ;)

I've had the odd crash and I think it's down to using PBs built in mod replay.  I've never used it before an debugging it pointed to that function when it did crash.  It also made the file size huge in comparison to what i'm used to.  Note to self...stick to using OSME instead. ::)  Good luck with the hidden screen  ;D

That's a really nice effect, never seen that before and nice choice of music too.  I must have watched it for 15 minutes until I realized my pizza was burning in the oven.   :clap:

Great little game Padman. How long do we have to wait for the full version then?  ;)

Here's my entry for the Amiga compo after just changing some of the music in it, hence the larger size this time. I didn't have loads of time but put together some effects I was thinking of using in other intros.  Probably still a few bugs but can't spot them just yet  ;D
Now back to work.....

Projects / Re: New D-Bug remake
« on: August 30, 2015 »
Yeah, I'll take a look...won't be until next week as I'm away for a week now.  :(

Projects / New D-Bug remake
« on: August 29, 2015 »
Just spotted that D-Bug /Aggression had another new intro on  I really like this one with the floating bubbles and nice tune.
I quickly took it apart and have remade it as I was having withdrawl symptoms being away from my laptop  ;D
Almost screwed it up by installing Windows 10 on it though when it disabled the Administrator account! - but that's another story.  :o

Projects / Re: Flod meets Purebasic
« on: August 18, 2015 »
Works nicely on both my machines here,  32 and 64 bit Win7.  Nice demo.

Projects / Re: Lots more remakes
« on: August 15, 2015 »
Thanks, I thought about making a library for Purebasic of the textwriter on the BSW menu but I can't even understand my own code after looking at it again.  ::)  That one will take some commenting when I get round to it.
The 3D cubes on Lemmings is a library I made though so I can post that if it's of any use to anyone.?
 I also have some unfinished remakes that are bugging me at the moment, particularly one of the Aggression menus with a huge scrolltext that bounces in sync with a sound channel.  I've got it very close, but it's not quite right.   It'll come to me eventually though..  ;D

Projects / Lots more remakes
« on: August 14, 2015 »
I've finished a pile of cracktro remakes recently as i've had a month off before I start a new job.  I doubt i'll have much time once I start on Monday to do more in the near future. So, here goes:

Atari legend - Spirit of Adventure.           Nice  3D filled cube.  Starts off black so be patient!
Blue Software CD 107.                            Starfiled with a nice (complicated to code) font writer
Cobra CD 27.                                          Starfield with vectorball numbers + reflection.
Lemmings 25.                                         Fullscreen rasters, scrolltext, moving VU boxes, bouncing sprites
Lemmings 26.                                         Scrolltext and lots of coloured 3d boxes. No sprites were used in the making of this remake!
Pure Energy 36.                                      Multicoloured vectorball waving square + reflection.

Here's the dropbox link to the zips as I can't post more then 10 files.


Ok, here's the latest version of the vectorbobs library (v0.12) with a new features and a small demo I put together showing some of the objects I managed to create.

First of all we now draw the object directly onto an image so it can then be manipulated later.
Code: [Select]
CreateImage(10,640,400) ;draw the main object on this image. must be large enough to draw the bobs on
KK_BobSetImage(10) ;must define this image here!

We then pass the object address and the length to another function which then returns the number of points in the object
Code: [Select]

And then define the position of the object.
Code: [Select]
KK_BobSetCentre(320,240,512) ;set the centre, x, y, z

In the main loop of our program we simply call the following function then draw the Image we have created onto the screen.
I have included my transparent image routine which works the same way as the DisplayTransparentSprite where you can define the transparency colour.
Code: [Select]
ADDR=KK_BobDrawBobs(Xang,Yang,Zang,1)   ;this will draw the object on the defined image we have created and return the address of the object data points (see example)


See the example in the zip file and copy the relevant libraries into the appropriate locations to test.
Tested with PB 5.31.

Purebasic / Re: Vectorbobs library for Purebasic
« on: July 30, 2015 »
Thanks all, glad you like the early version.
I have been updating it quite a bit now and have added the option of drawing the bob object directly onto an image so you can then manipulate the image before drawing it on the screen.  This is very handy if you want to do a nice mirroring effect, of which I have an example I will post tomorrow along with v.02 of the library.  ;)
In the meantime though I wrote a quick bob creator that I used for my latest remake for NEXT. It's very simple and only does flat objects at the moment, but if I get more time then it may do simple 3D ones too. [scratches head]
Here are a few screens to look at to show you what can now be done with the new version.

Also, here's something else you can do now that you have access to the points data.  8)


I haven't forgotten about the new library. I'm just tidying up the mirroring and putting together some examples and a quick demo. Soon....

Projects / NEXT 2nd Charts Intro
« on: July 29, 2015 »
Another remake using a modified version of my new vectorbobs library that I will be posting soon.  A new group this time for me and quite a nice little intro with vectorbobs, a starfield and a vertical message text and all reflected in the lower half 'water' of the screen and nice Mad Max tune. Tricky but worth doing as I think it looks really neat.

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