Author Topic: A Note On Posting Music (No pun intended!)  (Read 2428 times)

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You can post your music in this forum, please take note of the following points before you do!! Posts that don't comply with this request may be deleted or edited.

Please state in your post whether your music can be included in other peoples projects or whether you're just looking for critique.

If you are using any music from this forum, please credit the author in your production!

On attachments..
If your music is on your webspace, simply post your file using the [ URL ] tags and it will appear as a link in your post.

If you do not have webspace, please archive your music using winzip or rar, .zip and .rar attachments are allowed, though for now you are limited to a file size of 200kb for each attachment you post.

When you attach your music it will be uploaded onto the DBF server and this way you will be able to keep count of how many times it has been downloaded.

Attaching music in this way has the advantage of ensuring that it will be available even if your webspace goes down because it will always be on our server (which is backed up each week).

Because modules can have a tendency to be large files, you may find it more useful to use this facility for hosting tracker files, mp3's and .wav's would be better hosted on your own webspace.

For small demo modules however, the 200kb limit should be more than enough for most modules (when packed!).

Any non packed music files uploaded onto the DBF board will be deleted immediately because of concerns for bandwidth and server space so please make sure you pack them before uploading!
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