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General Code Forum Guidelines.


Please feel free to use this forum for any of the following reasons;

1: You want to discuss a general programming technique that isn't language specific. For example, you may want to know how to detect a collision between 2 spheres, the formula would be the same no matter what the language so if it's just the formula that's needed and not the code, it would be fine to ask for something like that here.

2: You want to discuss a programming qustion that doesn't fit into one of the language specific forums, for instance, there is no web design forum but you may have a problem with CSS or perhaps you're using a language that isn't covered by one of the other categories.

3: It is a code question but it just won't fit into the other categories.

 ;D tnx Shockwave

No problem :)

I'll try to help with any web coding issues.

Nice one :) Thanks Combatking.


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