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DBF : TERMS OF USE (Updated March 2011)
« on: March 13, 2011 »
Terms of Use
(Updated March 2011)


This place would fit into many categories.  It is a forum, it covers programing, there are lots of them on the web.  We'd prefer it if you looked on it as a community of coders who have an interest in the demoscene and want to discuss their coding projects and problems with like minded people.

You can ask about any demo related question and you'll get an answer, you can ask most coding related questions in fact and we'll still try and help.

Membership is free and we invite you to participate in the forum and hope that you become a friend and stay around for a long time to come.

The terms of use of this site that we ask you to abide by:

Regular Posting Policy:
Although we only ask that you introduce yourself when you join, this is a message board and as such it does not benefit from people who just lurk.  We would really like you to get involved wherever you can and contribute to the discussions that are going on, and to create new topics.  We reserve the right to remove accounts that have not posted for a long time.

Advertising a website/service in any of your profile fields or posts is forbidden here unless it is relevant to programing or the demoscene.  If this rule is broken, all moderators of this site have been instructed to immediately delete offending accounts and ban them from re-registering.  To be safe you should PM an administrator and wait for permission before you do this or you may find your account and all your posts are gone in the blink of an eye.

Multiple Registrations:
The forum will detect multiple registrations from the same computer (even if your account has been deleted) and you will only be able to register here once in your lifetime.

New Users:
Newbie bashing is not tolerated, you will be welcome here regardless of your post count or level of programming experience.

Zero Post Accounts:
We insist that all new users make an introductory post, accounts that have not posted are placed in the "Zero Poster" category which is deleted every couple of days.  If your account is deleted you will not be allowed to re-register by our software (this is to prevent spam).

We occasionaly send out notifications of new coding challenges and other site news. You accept that by registering here that you give consent for us to send you these notifications.

Trolling / Flaming / Bullying/ Discrimination:
Will get you banned straight away.

Any posts like this will be deleted by our moderators.

Please take the trouble to report back and let us know if a reply helped you.  Better still give them some good karma!  Rude people do not fit in here and are soon asked to leave.  Good manners cost nothing and improve the whole environment.

Plagiarism / Code from the internet:
You should not use uncredited code, graphics or music. It's considered lame to do so.  Also you should not cut and paste other people's code into the forum without their permission.  If you see your work on this forum unexpectedly, please report the post to a moderator and we will deal with it.

Topic Titles:
Please make them meaningful, we may edit or delete your topic otherwise.

You can attach files to your posts, this is ok and don't feel bad about doing so. It is intended for you to be able to upload your latest pic, tune, source or demo. The current file size limit is 2500kb per post. Please compress your file with winzip or winrar first!

Warez / Adult Content:
We don't care if you swear, be sensible though, we don't want any shock images, indecent, offensive or illegal items posted, our site is hosted by Xilo.Net and you should not post anything that infringes their terms of use.  If you have young children you probably shouldn't let them read this forum because it contains posts with strong four letter curse words.

Feel free to link to an off site avatar or upload one to our server, avatars should be 65*65 Maximum and as small file size as possible so that the board loads fast. If you go over the top on it (if your av is messing up the forum tables or if it's 100's of kb for example) we'll probably remove it.

You can have a graphic sig, please don't be silly about it, excessively large sigs in terms of file size and image size will be removed, or resized.

Off Topicness / Hijacking topics:
Please try to stay on topic and it's good manners not to hijack someone elses topic to post your own stuff inside, it's just as easy to create a new topic.

You can tell who these people are because they show up in green in the online list and have the user title "Senior Member" or "Founder Member".

Disputes with admin staff:
Sometimes a decision may be made that you do not agree with, if you would like to discuss anything like this, the way to do it is by PM or Email.

We cannot guarantee the validity of any links,content or files posted on this web site, although we do our best to try and make sure everything is ok, we accept no responsibility for any damage that may result from accessing anything on this site.
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Re: DBF : TERMS OF USE (Updated March 2011)
« Reply #1 on: August 20, 2011 »
Just a little note to add to the above, although this is not really a rule, it will help you get the most out of the forum.

Requesting Help by PM
If you think that your question would benefit other people, you should post it on the forum.
If you ask questions by PM then the answers will be locked away from the rest of the world where they could have helped someone else.  Please don't be offended if you ask a question by PM and you are asked to post it in the forum before it is answered.

Requesting Help
Please give us as much chance to help you as you can.  Post your question in the right area, give the topic a meaningful title and if your code is broken and you want to have help in fixing it, you should ALWAYS post your code.  Also there are code tags for posting source code, please use them.  This is how you do it;
(just remove the spaces in the tags)

[ code ] 
your code
more code
[ /code ]

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