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[Processing] my first attempt at graphics :)

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i've been learning processing for two days or so , and wrote this little piece of code , which i thought was cool so i decided to post it here :)

I know it's nothing special at all , but it's my first attempt at drawing stuff on the screen without using a mouse , so would you guys please tell me how it is ?

Very psychedelic once the colours are activated - a brilliant first effort! :D

Which programming language did you use?

i used processing 1.2 ... the older versions do not run on my machine for some reason :(

thanks for checking it out :)

Good stuff newbee, looks awesome and it ran well in the browser on the ipad here!  :clap:

K++ for your first processing project. I'm slowly getting addicted to couch coding on a tablet, so I've been meaning to look into processing as well.


thanks for the reply , Kirl ! I'm glad you liked it :) I hope i can code something really beautiful like you guys some day :)


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