Author Topic: PURE BASIC 5.40 LTS is out  (Read 1208 times)

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PURE BASIC 5.40 LTS is out
« on: October 16, 2015 »
This is a LTS version (Long Term Support), which will be supported for bug fixes for 2 years, until october 2017. The previous LTS (5.24) is now deprecated and won't receive any new fixes.

Here is the final list of changes:
- Added: new Vector 2D library
- Added: new CGI library with standard and FastCGI support
- Added: Literal string escape support with the '~' operator (ex: a$ = ~"Hello\nWorld\n")
- Added: EscapeString()/UnescapeString() function to allow escaping operation on any strings (variables etc.)
- Added: EnumerationBinary to create bitmask enumeration automatically
- Added: database parameter binding to ease request construction
- Added: SetDatabaseBlob(), SetDatabaseFloat(), SetDatabaseDouble(), SetDatabaseLong()
- Added: SetDatabaseQuad(), SetDatabaseString(), SetDatabaseNull()
- Added: SHA2 and SHA3 (224/256/384/512-bit) support to Cipher library
- Added: StringFingerprint()
- Added: CRC32 support for StartFingerprint()
- Added: ReceiveHTTPMemory(), IsJoint()
- Added: RefreshDialog() to recalc dimension after a text change or similar
- Added: "group" XML attribute for 'option' dialog gadget, to specify explicitly a group
- Added: HTTPS and simple auth support for ReceiveHTTPFile() and GetHTTPHeaders()
- Added: Auto redirect support for ReceiveHTTPFile() and ReceiveHTTPMemory()
- Added: ASynchronous mode for ReceiveHTTPFile() and ReceiveHTTPMemory()
- Added: HTTPProgress(), AbortHTTP() and FinishHTTP() to control async mode
- Added: HTTPS/TLS support for SendMail()
- Added: FlushPreferenceBuffers()
- Added: CopyDebugOutput() to copy the debug output to the clipboard from code
- Added: 7z archive creation
- Added: tar (gz and bzip2) archive support for creation and decompression
- Added: Full path in IDE recent files menu
- Added: #PB_ProgressBar_Unknown for SetGadgetState() to indicate unknown progress
- Added: #PB_UTF8/Ascii/Unicode support to ReadCharacter() and WriteCharacter()
- Added: #PB_UTF8 support to URLEncoder() and URLDecoder (now the default mode)
- Added: Windows 8.1/10 and OS X 10.9/10/11 support to OSVersion()
- Added: #PB_Editor_xxx constants when using the 'Version' info on Windows
- Added: #PB_Program_Ascii/Unicode/UTF8 support to RunProgram()
- Added: linux/osx style flags for the commandline compiler on Windows to ease cross-platform scripts
- Added: #PB_File_SharedWrite support to ReadFile() and CreateFile()
- Added: 'IMPORTLIST' compiler interface to get all the predefined API functions
- Added: #Null$ special string constant to affect a real null value to a string (to free it completely). It can be used as well for API function which sometimes accept NULL instead of a string address.
- Added: #Empty$ constant
- Added: #PB_ByteLength support to MemoryStringLength()
- Added: #PB_Ascii, #PB_UTF8 and #PB_Unicode support to Create/Open/ReadFile() to set the default write/read mode
- Added: #PB_ByteLength flag for PeekS() and #PB_UTF8 (only)
- Added: CreateCone(), CameraCustomParameter(), ResizeCamera()
- Added: #PB_Entity_DisableContactResponse and #PB_Entity_EnableContactResponse for SetEntityAttribute()
- Added: #PB_Entity_ConeBody, #PB_Entity_PlaneBody
- Added: FreeEntityBody(), FreeTerrainBody()
- Added: ApplyEntityTorque(), ApplyEntityTorqueImpulse()
- Added: Added 'CollisionGroup' and 'CollisionMask' parameter for RayCollide()
- Added: Migration help page, to have a step by step migration guide between old on new PureBasic.
- Added: User guide in german (thanks to Andre and Vera)

- Updated: the Linux printer lib to use native GtkPrint instead of GnomePrint
- Updated: the Windows compiler to VC++ 2013 for better code generation
- Updated: SQLite to

- Fixed: Zip archive support
- Fixed: send mail and http request issues
- Fixed: 'CONSTANTLIST' compiler interface, now string constants are returned as escaped strings.

- Changed: The default GTK version is now GTK3 on Linux. A gtk2 subsystem has been added for backward compatibility.
- Changed: The default string format for RunProgram() read/writestring is not UTF8 instead of Unicode
- Changed: the Cipher lib to be modular (now UseMD5Fingerprint() and such commands needs to be used)
- Changed: ExamineFingerprint() to StartFingerprint()
- Changed: NextFingerprint() to AddFingerprintBuffer()
- Changed: EntityPhysicBody() to CreateEntityBody()
- Changed: TerrainPhysicBody() to CreateTerrainBody()
- Changed: the SendMail() 'Asynchronous' parameter has been replaced by the #PB_Mail_Asynchronous flag.
- Changed: DLLImporter has been removed and .pbl files are no more supported. New 'import library' files can be created using the '/IMPORT' switch of the pbcompiler.

- Removed: RemovePackFile()
- Removed: #PB_Packer_CompressedSize support for ZIP and 7z archives with PackerEntrySize()
- Removed: AvailableScreenMemory()

~ Ar-S ~