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Who knows "Drunken Nanomites" or "C3lt1c" ?


Hi, I found some very nice looking Intros/Crackstros that should perhaps run on my RetroPC (DX6.1a, Voodoo3, Celeron 433)
But all the stuff is not downloadable. I have searched for a longer time, but I can't get in contact to him/them.
I wish I could download these Demos/Cracktros anywhere because I am collecting oldshool-stuff for my oldschool-machine :)

- "Drunken Nanomites" is perhaps a Crew and "C3lt1c" is a (former?) member of it ?
- "C3lt1c" has coded for this site too (Dark Bit ​​Factory) see comment1
- "C3lt1c" knows/knew "zerofl4g"
- I tried to get in contact with him over this thread, but it does not seem to work

Perhaps someone knows him :)

Please ask him to upload his cool retro-stuff again. That would be very nice!!!


seems that he is back from the dead...expecting to get the demos/intros very soon. Yeah!

Good to know he is fine  8)


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