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QBASIC demoscene?


I'm a new demoscener (is that what they call them?) and I've been programming in QBASIC for a while, and I was wondering, are there any demos programmed in QBASIC or QB64?

Sorry for the late response but there used to be plenty of QBasic code available all over the net, many of the sites have faded away but a few can still be found. Heres a good place to start

There used to be a Qbasic scene (which dissapeared because people went to Freebasic or QB64 but mostly producing games and other stuff) and I was doing a lot of demos back in the times. Sometimes I feel like I need to run the old qbasic ide and try something again just for nostalgia.

It's great to see someone is still interested for qbasic demoscene.

p.s. There is also that old article which is interesting for historical reasons
p.p.s. I was even thinking of archiving some of these qbasic demos and older historically but for now I added mine and two other classics on youtube


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